Putting together lawsuit. Victims please contact me.

You have read my other entries I am sure…. Hartz is denying receiving any bloodwork from me saying it is their product. I am getting things together to sue them so if you have any stories… let me know I will add it to my claim. Thank you
[email protected]


My dog is back in the hospital today cause he is NOT getting better and it has been 2 1/2 weeks.

Yet another instance.

I found a flee treatment the other day while cleaning up my laundry room. I put it on my cat Blacky. The next day my daughter told me to look at him. He was having a seizer. I picked him up and help him until it was over. I then washed the back of his neck until all the medicine was off.
He is still is having a hard time walking and his ears and face keep twitching. Just so you all know, this happend on 4-7-07. I feel guilty as hell giving it to him. I’m trying to keep a close eye on him. I think he had one other seizer last night while in my lap. All of a sudden he start shaking uncontrollably and fell from my lap. 2 minutes later he was back. Any suggestions on what I can? I don’t have enough money at this time to bring him to a vet.

Eric Koenig
Burleson, Texas

My Poor Alesie

I wrote here on August 18th about my 3 cats getting sick from the Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick drops. After several baths with Dawn dish soap to remove the crap, and keep the damn fleas under control, Im happy to say that 2 of the cats have survived and are almost normal again. But my white cat, Alien, never seemed to fully recover. He died on Friday September 8. I never took him to the vet because I suspected he would be ok, it was just taking a little longer for him. After weeks of being lethargic, that day he just started taking seizures and died about 45 minutes later. I will never forget his last yowling cry before the light went from his eyes. Do I feel guilty?? Yes…for not taking him to the vet, but financially was unable to. I feel more angry than anything at Hartz that this could happen. Im goddamn tired of hearing about these stories of the same things over and over while those bastards keep raking in the profits. What are they going to say, that its all a huge coincidence??? I think not.

I miss my buddy who was always there, now is not. My heart is breaking and Hartz would not care, or would deny responsibility for any of this. These poor animals who are members of our family and loved as such should not be subjected to their greed. I will fully participate in any class action lawsuits against this company


In response to any legal action to take against Hartz, lawsuits hurt them in their pockets, but it will never stop them from selling their products. If we want to get these products off of the shelves, each and every incident needs to be reported, not just to Hartz (they bury the reports that they they consider to be less severe and go unreported) but also directly to the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) who will investigate any and all reports. The EPA gets enough of these reports, they will force Hartz to stop selling their products, just like they did with the Advanced Care Flea Drops, now masking as the Ultra Guard flea product whose active ingredient will have the same horrible reaction the old product did. It has also came to my attention that Hartz is getting into the veterinary world and is going to try to sell flea and tick products (under the Sumitomo name) to veterinarians. (God help all of our pets if they accomplish that). But legal action, as I said earlier, hurts them financially because they will pay out to shut everyone up, but in the end, will not stop them from hurting, or even killing more of our pets, and that should be our goal. They paid out in the original class action suit, they paid out with Blockade, and they are still here, being allowed to sell these products. Only severe reactions are reported to the EPA by Hartz, the rest are buried. Its best to report to both Hartz and the EPA if we want them stopped.

Hartford, CT

Another cat victim

To whom it may concern,
I have a 2 year old male cat named Wilbur. About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I purchased a Hartz cat flea collar. Now he has some type of burns or something from this collar. Exactly the same a TJ on the home page but not as severe. Something has to be done about this. If a lawsuit is needed to stop the selling of these products because the company refuses, then we must do what needs to be done. If anyone knows what legal matters are initiated, please email me at [email protected]
Thank you so much.
Charles Carter

Ohio Resident Wants Action – Anyone With Me?

Someone please help get this crap off of the shelves! Right now my 14 week old kitten is being hospitalized at the vet because I used Hartz One Spot on him. Smoke, the kitten, was near dead when I found him. No pet deserves this. I now have $400 to pay in vet bills, and I just graduated high school. I want justice to be done. Not just for Smoke, but for every pet and pet owner that has suffered as a result of Hartz. I for one am OUTRAGED!! Hartz needs to be sued and the crap needs to be taken off of the shelves TODAY.

Toledo, Ohio

Class action Lawsuit?

Unfortuantely no one told me the affects of Hartz flea medicine. I’m college student and saw that it was so much cheaper than Advantage so I got it. The first time I used it in Dec. 2003 my cat went into seizures and had to be rushed to emergency costing me hundreds of dollars. I thought for sure she was gone. I found out today by my roommate that there was a lawsuit out and that I could possible sue because I have documentation on this. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this and finding out more info? I would greatly appreciate it! It disgusts me to find that this has happened so much and that it’s still available in stores. Thank you.

Poor Kitties

After finding this site I feel so lucky. So many of you actually lost your pet due to these products. How devastating. I have 2 cats that had fleas. After only 5 days of wearing Hartz flea collar, my cat suffered with a bloody ring around its neck. Its like the collar burned its neck; no hair, just bloody, raw skin. I have pictures! They needed steroids and antibiotics for the scabs. Not to mention I spent a lot of money on there other products to treat the fleas in my home which the vet says could have made even me very sick. I’m definately interested in joining a law suite against them. What are they selling? Lets stop them from hurting our lovely pets. Email me at [email protected]

some one let me know

some one tell me how i get in to the class action suit against hartz, i need help from anyone please, i want these bastards gone and done with


I need as many people that I can get to get a lawsuit against Hartz… Both of our persian cats died yesterday after putting flea powder on them. Princess and Romeo both died!!! I won’t stop until they take this stuff off of the shelves. My daugther Courtney and myself have grieved all night; these were two beautiful indoor cats, that were never sick a day in their lives until we used these products from Hartz..

[email protected]