My beloved dog, Lincoln is dying before our eyes

its been one week since we put Hartz flea drops on our dog. He collapsed, had bloody diarrhea, lathargic, wont eat or drink and is now dying. We do not want to see him suffer anymore and are putting him to sleep.

HARTZ, you have killed a member of our family. Shame on you.

I am too devestated to say anything other than our loss is great.

Hartz needs to be recalled!

I recently bought Hartz Flea & Tick Spray, not looking at the name, but only surprised at how insanely cheap this medication (or more like poison) was compared to Frontline. I applied it to both of my cats, a tabby and a tortoiseshell. As soon as applying the product, my tabby began foaming and drooling, running around the house like the poor thing was on fire. My boyfriend & I immediately took both cats into the shower and washed them thoroughly… my tabby and tortoiseshell seemed fine, until a day and a half later. My tabby has foamed and drooled now twice today.

I love both very much, but I’ve had my tortoiseshell for the longest and she has a much more special place in my heart.. she hasn’t had the same reaction as my tabby, but she has become very lethargic compared to the extremely “cracked out cat”  she once was.

I don’t have the money to take them to a vet, but if anything happens to either of them, I am suing. And from the looks of all the the posts I’ve read ( which was nearly all of them), you all should be too!

This shit is poison & it needs to be removed from ALL stores. The people that have spent hundreds in medical bills for their animals just to keep them alive  after using Hartz,  should be compensated!

After calling Hartz emergency hot line, and complaining to a woman about my poor cat, her response is “Well our product isn’t designed to kill animals.” No joke, that was her only response, and then she took my animals name for a case.

This is RIDICULOUS, and we all need to get together to get this shit out of stores, and away from unknowing consumers who pick Hartz because they’re trying to find a cheaper alternative to killing fleas.

Facial paralysis from Hartz 3 in 1 flea spray for dogs

to all out there who have furry family members, PLEASE take a moment of your time to read my story… and pray for my four legged child, sebbe (boxer).

my furry child (Seb) has been on frontline flea preventative for over 10 years now, with much success.. i have never noticed more than one flea on her, until this year. it has been very hot, and very dry–ideal flea romance weather apparently. needless to say, she has a LOT of fleas, and the frontline was just not cutting it, so my vet advised me i needed to supplement with some other method to help keep her comfortable.. she gave me many options, but i needed some time to think about it.

after much consideration, i really didnt want to give her anything else that may be potentially harmful to her, so i decided to simply bathe her more frequently (luckily i have no carpet-hence no house fleas) to try and rid her of the annoying itching. first couple times went GREAT.. killed and washed all fleas harmlessly down the drain… then i noticed within hours (after being outside) that she just picked up more, so i came up with this wonderful idea to get some flea spray to put very lightly on her legs to discourage the nasty blood suckers from jumping on her and hopefully extend the flea free afterbath for at least a couple days… off to the store i went..

i purchased Hartz 3 in 1 flea spray for DOGS.. at the local walmart (brand has been there for AGES, so i thought it must be okay)…. went home eager to help my bestest bud with her constant itching problems.. put Sebbe in the bath and washed away all those nasty fleas (once again) dried her off, and lightly (4 sprays) covered her legs from elbows down… within 15 minutes she COLLAPSED.. could not walk, drooling uncontrollably..  OFF TO THE BATH WE WENT.. i knew, from working at the shelter and the vet that she was having a reaction and washed it all off immediately!!!!

OFF to the vet we went… she was bathed several times.. and monitored closely for the next several hours. still drooling but seemed to be regaining her balance and walking ability–so she was brought home.

the next day however, the real damage reared its ugly head, [b]she is completely paralyzed on one side of her head[/b]. cannot blink, cannot hold her tongue in, cannot eat unassisted, cannot drink effectively.. the entire right side of her face just hangs several inches below the left. she is damaged beyond belief.

PLEASE, i dont care what kind of pet you hold near and dear to your heart… PLEASE do not use any of the Hartz products. the vet told me i am very lucky that she is alive!!

after the damage was done, i found several websites and stories related to the damage done my hartz products… a day late and a dollar short. this company MUST be held responsible for the blatant disregard for the health and safety of our pets–

please pray for sebbe, and all of the other victims living with disabilities from this monsterous product.

feel free to contact me by email with any information on joining a class action lawsuit.. they must be STOPPED!!

Hartz UltraGuard OneSpot almost killed my cat

My daughter got a 20 week old kitten from the local humane society, which cost us $90. We decided to keep it in the house, so I bought some Hartz UltraGuard OneSpot so we could keep the fleas away. After applying as directed, the cat became lethargic and just wanted to sleep.  I thought maybe he was just getting accustomed to his new environment.  I had to be out of the house for several hours the next day. When we came home, THE CAT WAS STRUGGLING TO BREATHE AND APPEARED TO BE ALMOST DEAD. I called the vet (after office hours) and he agreed to see the cat. He told us that the Hartz Flea Treatment has killed more cats than fleas. He gave him two shots and some oral medication. He told us to bring it back the next morning and we did. He gave it two more shots and more oral medicine. We have to go back in two weeks for more shots. He is one sick kitty. He has begun to breathe better but has to breathe through his mouth. He is still lying around and not wanting any attention. We try to get him up and he goes right back to his bed.  I sincerely hope he starts coming around because I’m really getting worried about him. This flea treatment has already set me back $150 and I will have to pay more when we go back in two weeks. I can’t believe this stuff is over the counter and so dangerous. I will never trust the name Hartz for anything ever again.  I plan to spread the word.  This product should not be on the market!

Hartz Ultraguard Pro for Cats, is killing my daughter’s “Snug”


Snug is my teen daughter’s ‘love’..her cat. She’s had him since he was a wee baby, not expecting to live when we pulled him from a local shelter with pneumonia. He survived with her constant love, attention and cuddling. Since then, he has always been her cat. He is now five years old.

Last night, July21,2010 around 8pm, my daughter noticed a few fleas on him. So I took out the Hartz UltroGuard Pro and applied it between his shoulder blades. Normally, we use Front Line for Cats, but money had been tight so I took on this, thinking it would be less expensive.

As soon as we applied it, his skin started twitching between the shoulder blades. I thought it was just because it was cold and wet and reassured her it was fine. He hid under her desk and snubbed her the rest of the night. She went to spend the night with her friend and Snug remained in her room, refusing to come out from under the desk. We all thought he was just not happy to have something cold and wet on him.

This is the account of what happened the next morning July22, 2010, with her own words.

“I got back from my friend’s house at 10am and I walked to the corner of my room where I began to take off my shoes. I saw Snug half way underneath the standing Mirror in my bedroom. So I poked him with my toe and giggled “Get up, lazy.” and he just lifted his head up at me and then put his head back down. So I poked him again and said “C’mon.”. After that I thought he was just tired so I was going to pick him up and put him on my bed. So I picked him up and his legs were dangling and half of his side was wet like he peed himself. His head slumped down and couldn’t lift it.

So freaking out about what was going on, I put him down on the floor and ran out of my room in my panic voice and screamed “Mom, somethings wrong with Snug!”

By the time I made it into my daughter’s room, she managed to get him off the floor and put him on the bed. I could see right away he was in allot of trouble. He had urine all down his side and could barely lift his head. His pupils were huge and breathing very shallow. I ran to the phone, called the Vet who said they could not see him for another hour and a half. I went back to look at him and his eyes were fixed. I tried to see if he would blink but even when I touched his eye there was no flinching or reaction. He breathing became more shallow . We quickly wasted no more time and gathered him up in a towel, ran for the Car and drove him to the Vet. We knew we could not wait any longer.

They saw him right away, and diagnosed him with toxicity from the Hartz product! He spent the day in the hospital medicated and bathed to get any of the remainder of the stuff off.

He’s home tonight, but very very very sick. There isn’t much more they said they could do unless he worsens in breathing. His pupils are still large and he doesn’t blink at all. He just stared at the wall.

I pray he survives this and will be better soon. How can anyone create such a product?? It’s devastating to see him hurting this way and the uncertainty if he’ll even live to see tomorrow!

My Autumn

My sister passed away last August. We had to drive to Oregon. Before I left we bought Hartz Flea and Tick Medicine for both of our cats. Autumn  was not Snoopy’s mother, but constantly mothered her as Snoopy is a big baby. When we put it on our cats Snoopy developed an allergy on her neck immediately. It ate the fur and skin off of her neck. Autumn saved her life by licking most of the flea medication off. A few days later when I returned home I noticed my best friend (Autumn) was very lathergic but blamed it on the heat. The next morning I found her on the floor barely responsive. I put her in the sink and ran cool water on her. She barely responded. My beautiful baby held on for what seemed like an hour but was only ten minutes. I will forever blame myself for picking this product up in an attempt to save money. She was my best friend and the most beautiful soul. She had wisdom in her eyes that communicated to me with no need for words. Her last cries will haunt me forever as she died in my child’s arms. I miss her as if it happened only yesterday. I know my best friend will greet me in a better place but my heart aches. I fight tears to this second and hope I can prevent another tragedy/ heart ache/ nightmare for others.

worst product ever

I recently bought Hartz flea shampoo for my dog the next morning my dog had a bald spot on his head this balding is getting worse by the day and the fleas are still there i am totally ticked off about. not only is my dog slowly going bald but lays around wineing constantly. this shit is not to get rid of fleas its a hair removal for cats and dogs i think hartz figures get rid of the fur and you get rid of the fleas. I am now looking at big time vet bills to treat the ich the fleas and the balding of my dog more info will be posted on my blog site as well as my web site where i will be posting pictures of the damage this shit has cause to my dog i think the fda should make hartz pull every product from shelves world wide

I wish I had known…

I used Hartz brand flea and tick drops on my 9 year old American Eskimo this past Saturday.  By Sunday evening he was acting a bit strange.  I talked to my parents and they told me about their cats having an adverse reaction to the Hartz brand collars and both of them almost died.  I bathed him to remove as much of the poison as I could, but by Monday his eyes and sinuses were swollen, he is constipated, he eats but then throws up, and now he won’t eat or drink.  I called the vet on Tuesday, they said it was an allergic reaction and to give him Benadryl.  I have given him the Benadryl and still nothing is getting better.  His breathing is worse, so I am taking him to the vet this afternoon.  I am hoping they can help him.  I will never use this product again.  I would back anyone who wants to sue these horrible company’s that a re poisoning our pets.


worried about my best friend

I purchased the Hartz product for my 12 1/2 lb, 12 year old frisky happy  Bishion / Lakeland Terrier in April 2010. I bought it because of it’s claim to do what the other stuff I was using, it was less expensive  and  because I thought Hartz was a name I recognized to be around for many years ( and therefore could be trusted?! ” ) I applied it that eve.  My dog did not exhibit any real noticeable change until I applied his second month’s treatment.   I noticed he  lost his hearing, has been lethargic, doesn’t eat AND the fleas are even worse!!! We live on the beach, so the sand fleas can be intense, but it was always controlled by his other treatment, and he had no ill effects with that treatment. Hartz needs to be stopped! I am afraid to treat my dog w/ even his old treatment for fear he has toxicity. My dog is suffering, I am suffering, my dog is in pain, weak and  still covered with fleas. He is lethargic, does not respond to noise yet  and I am calling my vet. I also sure wish I had the foresight to look up Hartz before this treatment, will ALWAYS in the future, and will tell everyone I know!

sergeant’s gold squeeze on 4 cats killed my 2yr old cat 11.30.2009

I have a mission & a purpose, because I have a voice, Unlike my cat and the thousands of other animals that have been injured and or killed by this product and numerous other ones just like it. Just Like many other trusting consumers out there I trusted the fact that this OTC medicine designed to prevent treat and help my cat would indeed do that, but instead the unthinkable happened, I was shocked angry sad a million emotions wrapped into one, but mainly i was just angry…Angry that i never heard of this type of thing happening, angry that this was sold to me by a popular “trusting” retailer, angry that my cat suffered a terrible death, angry that I never got to say goodbye, Angry that my innocent sweet loving cats young life was cut short, and most of all angry with myself that i was the reason her life was cut short or at least thats how i felt at the time and many of you that have been through this same situation probably understand exactly what i mean by that its completely disheartening.  I’m not going to go into all the details of her death but i will say this I KNOW for a fact this medicine is what caused her death I actually  have it in writing from the Veterinarian @ the after hours emergency clinic i took her to it states the following; diagnosis is toxicity from OTC flea medicine in purple tube and anaphylactic shock. I have made a consumer report, notified sergeants gold company & legally they will have to report the incident to EPA, wrote letter to NRDC…and thats just the beginning i want to start a petition and get involved with a civil suit if anyone can please provide me more information regarding anything i can do to put a stop to this or any suits that are currently going on please do !! thanks ~nicole st.charles