Hartz flea drops made my cat sick

We used Harzt flea drops on our kitty and in a few hours she was lethargic and felt really hot to the touch. We took her to the vet the following day, she had extremely high fever. The vet kept her there overnight, luckily we didn’t loose her.

Why is this product still in the market?


The  EPA told me that if it isnt reported to them directly they cant help , they said it doesnt matter if there are thousands of reports they have to be reported directly to Epa for them to help , also call hartz file a complaint save your case number they must report all  adverse effects ,    We  cant save some of our pets but maybe we can help some other poor animal from suffering this terrible  death

Beloved kittyboy passed away

“My beloved Kittyboy, an indoor cat passed away yesterday just two days after I applied Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Flea Treatment. His death followed the course of an obvious poisoning. He was the most beautiful affectionate loving cat anybody ever knew. He was only 6 years old, in excellent health and died just two days after I very regretfully administered that poison Hartz Ultra Guard. Is there a class action suite that I can join? I am heart broken. I was present when this cat was born and he loved our family through a divorce and move. He knew no trauma until I put that poison on him. I am profoundly sad, and now enraged. Murderers. There will never be


I just gave my 5 month old kitten some hartz flea med and within 15 seconds or so she began to freak out, running around and acting really skittish. I ran upstairs where she had gone and found her up against the wall with a gel like substance coming out of her mouth and looking like she was dosed on a tranq. I immediatly ran some water on the spot and took her to the er. Thats when I was told about this lawsuit and want nothing more to join and get this crap off the shelves. This is absolutly ridiculous how they care only about money and not the lives of innocent animals.

Dangerous Pet Products! Stop the use of highly dangerous pesticides in pet products!!!

Hello to all,
I created the petition “Dangerous Pet Products! Stop the use of highly dangerous pesticides in pet products!!!”
Our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures (or more) and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/dangerous-pet-products-stop-the-use-of-highly-dangerous-pesticides-in-pet-products
We need to get these dangerous pesticides off the shelves and off the market for GOOD!!! I need 10,000 or more people support so my Mayor, Governor and other state, federal agencies will listen and get these pesticides removed!!!
Troy Kurtz (Miami Beach, FL)

My Five Kittys!

I used Sargeants Flea & Tick drops for dogs on my five kittys.  I ran out of Advantage and thought this would be ok until I got to the vet.  I split 2 doses between my five cats, what a HUGE MISTAKE.  I applied small amounts to all of them around 7:00 PM, by 9:30 PM i noticed the smallest one had tremors, twitching, trouble walking and stayed in a crouched position not even laying, just crouched.  I though she must have licked some of the medicine off her back some how so I tried to induce vomiting with proxide as suggested.  That did not work but, I also bathed her again with dish soap to get the oil off her.  I kept her in bed with me as she had labored shallow breathing.  By midnight one of my other cats came in the room to lay but started having a full blown seizure and foaming at the mouth.  At this point I realized there had to be something more serious than I thought.  I rushed two of them to the Pet ER and they admitted both of them and proceeded to tell me that this is VERY COMMON with the product.  I was told to go home and wash my other three cats with DAWN dish soap to get this off their skin and watch for signs of tremors, twitching, foaming of the mouth etc.  I was able to wash two of them but the third cat was already out side for the night and could not locate him.  Once I picked up the first two cats from the ER and brought them to my local pet hospital for continued support my other cat came home and was shaking, had tremors and some what lethargic.  I rushed him to my local pet hospital with the other two for treatment.  Two of them were released after being treated with IV fluids and sedation and the third one that had the seizure is still in critcal condition with inflamation of the brain.  How can this product still be on the market with all the complications noted on the intranet.  I wish I would have done some research on this before putting this on all five of my cats……

Hartz Flea and Tick Guard Gold almost killed my 3 dogs

After reading all of the other stories here, I feel fortunate that my dogs aren’t dead! I used this stuff on our three chiuhauhaus ( I don’t know how to spell it ) and I’m, our family is still really upset.

Our dogs started puking, trembles, involuntary jumps and kicks. They are also obviously hallucinating too. Biting at their toes and feet. Acting like they’re being attcked by fleas that don’t exist. Our oldest and smallest one 13yr old fmle, couldn’t stand up. We recognized association to the topical flea med and bathed them all again two and three times. Have had to lay with them almost constantly to comfort and calm them.

Luckily they kept eating and drinking.  Eventually resumed doing their business outside too. They are still far from normal more than 56 hours later. There should be a class action suit on this!

I truly fear my kids will never be the same again, ever!

Hartz Flea & Tick

This stuff should be off the market it kills.  My little doggie died 11/7/10 at apprx 4pm.  After 2 weeks of suffering from this stuff being out on him.  We didn’t know it was harmful, why is it still being sold?  This is just horrible.

My Yorkie

11/2/2010..I need help. I sprayed hartz 2and1 Flea tick spray on my Yorkie yesterday. Last night my dog was laying and couldn’t get. I toke him to vet they did x rays and blood test and determined his having a reaction from this spray. I have bath him with dish soap. I feed him and gave him water, but he still can not stand up. Is their anything else I can do? and how can I make Hartz pay for my Vet bill? and my missed work? My Yorkie cost me 1000…My email is [email protected]

I miss my Dylan!

After using Hartz flea drops my kitten Dylan died of poisoning. He didnt even live to be one, and he has a twin brother that is now alone and looks for his brother every day. I burried him and put rocks on his grave and wrote little messages on his grave. I miss him sooo much and I’ve been crying for the past month. He was like my son, and now hes gone. He died of internal bleeding and was in severe pain during the last 24 hours of his life including crying etc. I feel sick to my stomach, I didnt eat or sleep for weeks after it happened. All I want is for Hartz to go out of business and to raise awareness so that no other innocent lives will be taken. I like to Dylan is up in heaven and that when I die eventually Ill be reunited with him. He was truly and extraordinary young man and I still cry every time i think of him. People who work at Hartz, Maybe it’s time someone you love got poisoned so you can see what it feels like to have the love of your life die. I hope you people realize what your doing and STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS! THEY DONT DESERVE IT!!!!!!!