Class Action Lawsuit

Hi all, My kitty Cottonball is a new “victim” of this horrible product. As I sit here writing this he is in the hospital on IV fluids, catheter and undergoing extensive blood tests.
I’d like to know who all is involved in class action lawsuits (especially for CA) as I’d definitely be interested in getting involved!!!
Hugs to all those who have lost a pet, and good thoughts to those with pets in the hospital like mine.

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I CANNOT BELIEVE that these products are still on the market. I had to take my cat to the vet this evening because I used the Hartz flea drops on her a few days ago. She was so “out of it” and was so dehydrated, that she has to stay overnight with an IV to help rehydrate her.

I do not want reimbursement from the company for veterinarian bills. I’ve read way too many horror stories about their products. I want TO MAKE THEM PAY! Not just for my kitty…but all of the others out there. It’s the principle of the matter.

I don’t even know if she’s going to be okay or not. But…irregardless of the fact, I WILL take legal action. This is bullsh$%, and I want to make a difference.

If any of you out there are interested in being involved, please email me at [email protected]


Good afternoon everyone.

I am one of the most recent victims of HARTZ’s awful line of products. I am going to attemp to filea lawsuit. I will be working with a veterinary malpractice attorney, hopefully. I am looking for other to go in on a class action lawsuit. I want my vet bills paid, I want damages for pain and suffering of my family and pets and finally, I want all HARTZ products taken off the market. I am sure others have tried in the past but I am a relentless human being and the pain I felt when my cat was suffering was unreal. I have 2 stories posted on this site one is called “Please Help my Dea” and the other hasn’t been posted yet. It is a continuation of the first. Please contact me via email for more information and any advice you may have. Thank you all so much for listening and I hope no one else ever has to go through anything like this again. This one’s for Dea!!!!

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Law suit help wanted for Michigan

looking for people from Michigan who have used Harzt flea and tick drops. Almost lost our 4 cats because of it.
thanks to our veterinarian Dr Karen Michalski. Poison control was notified about it’s possible deadly reaction.
we are upset for what we put our 4 kids through.
Want to start a class action law suit to remove these products from the market. all help would be appreciated


I had told you about my cat, Smokey and how I had to have him put to sleep. I
have found an attorney that is interested in this. I need to locate any victims
in Tennessee that would be interested. If i could find enough people, he may
take this case. I would appreciate any help you can be. Please put this on your
site with my email address.
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I appreciate your concern and help. Also, as far as my cat, Hartz basically
wants to know if I do have any legal grounds. My vet is sending my cat to
Illinois for an autopsy. Like we don’t already know what killed him. I should
have positive proof within the week. Thank you.

Massachusetts Attorney Outraged

As, many of the other horrid tales here, my buddy Nico was one of the luck

Nico is an almost 12 year old Portuguese Podengo, a rare breed, even though he
is this age, he is extremely alert.

My tale of woe began, with the horror of discovering he had fleas for the first
time in his 11 year life. Not having the time to make an appointment at the Vet,
I saw the offending Hartz product at the local supermarket.

After applying the poison late one night, Nico laid down next to me, and
actually woke me up due to the fact he was shivering as though it was 50 below

I was concerned, but decided to see how he did the next day, I finally called
the vet for an appointment, and mentioned that I used this horrific product, and
she reccomended that I bring the dog in IMMEADIATLEY…

After, being treated, and scubbing that poison off my dog, he is much better
today, however he is still not 100%.

As an attorney I am completely mystified how this product can be allowed to be
on the shelf..there are many Tort law theories which could be used to make Hartz,
and the places that carry this poison understand that this will not be

I cannot give legal advice to anyone outside Massachusetts, however something
needs to be done about this situation. If you are a Massachusetts resident my
email is [email protected]

This would appear to be a perfect candidate for a class action suit.

Kyle is looking for legal advice

Sender’s Name: Kyle
Sender’s Email: [email protected]
Message: I am looking for legal advice or suggestions on how to handle my case of a cat who nearly died from flea/tick spray. Hartz wants the original bottle shipped to them after lab tests proved the presence of lethal chemicals and I don’t know if that’s a great idea. Where can I get help?