Working at a vet clinic shows many Hartz Victims

I work at a vet clinic. One week in particular, our local K-Mart had Hartz flea/tick drops on sale and advertised in their local ad with the Sunday paper. Only $7.00 for a 3 dose package. Well, compare that to Frontline or Revolution and boy, those darn vets are sure making a killing on flea products, huh?

Only, it is the Hartz that is killing. That week we had more cases of Hartz overdosing than ever. 3 young kittens had seizures, luckily all recovered but one still has “twitters” in her muscles and will permanently have that problem because of this product. One cat died. Hartz called our office when this was reported, they wanted to know why we told the owners that, because it wasn’t true but they would have the owner deliver the cats body for examination and would make their own determinations. How insensitive?!

I am against any products made by this company. My cat had a Hartz flea collar once and it left open sores and wounds where the collar was. That was before I knew what responsible pet care was. Now I know that you get what you pay for. My pets are important and I will pay more. It is after all, their lives.

Thank you,