Another potential law suit

My neighbors found a cat and brought it to me. I put the Hartz product on the cat and within two hours the cat was experiencing grand mal seizures.

My vet bill is expected to be over $1,000.00. The cat is presently at an emergency clinic and I will have to pay double tomorrow since it is Easter.

I work for a law firm and was going to simply put this matter immediately in suit via small claims court (any matter below $3,500.00 qualifies).

Our other child in a fur coat

I am absolutely LIVID! Last week we discovered our Maine Coon had fleas. My husband went to PetSmart and asked what flea product they recommended. He brought home Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick DROPS Plus+ 4 in 1 for cats 10 lbs. or less. Two hours after he applied it to our cat’s neck, she disappeared. We couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. After turning everything upside down and moving furniture, we found her behind the dresser in the bedroom wild-eyed, twitching, with her mouth wide open. Her hair was standing on end and she flew out from behind the dresser and started zipping & darting throughout the house. My husband eventually caught her and took her to the vet. I called Hartz & was asked immediately if we had applied the product in the right area on the cat. Obviously they must think calls inquiring about their product makes US appear ignorant. The woman was quite rude and told me to have the vet write Hartz a letter stating whether or not it was their product or SOME OTHER unknown irritant. She then asked me to read the package UPC & product numbers. I asked her if this was customary behavior after their product application. She told me in a very abrupt tone, “I have no idea how it is affecting your cat. I can only respond to what you are telling me about YOUR cat.” Talk about pitiful customer service! We left the cat at the vet for 24 hours observation & a bath. She was treated with Robaxin. Two days later she came home & started hiding again. She has lost weight, will not eat, runs through the room and won’t come when called as customary. Early this morning she jumped on our bed and started scratching wildly which shook the bed. I went to throw the covers off to attend to her and she hissed at me and started shaking her head. I felt something wet hit my face and jumped up to try to hold her. She ran down the hall and as my husband tuned on the lamp, he noticed bood spatters all over my gown and face. She had been tearing out her fur. We found tufts all over the carpet. We waited 3 hours for the vet to open and took her in. The vet said she did not know why the store (PetSmart) continued to sell this product. Our cat is on an IV antibiotic for 48 hours. Now, I am ready to take on Hartz, PetSmart and any other entity that continues to sell this death-by-chemical product. Would you believe some clown at PetSmart recommended the product Zodiac Multi-Purpose Home & Insect Spray, which has the same ingredients as the aforementioned Hartz product. Are they that stupid? Do they really NOT know what they are selling? Or do they just not care? I am appalled that Hartz and/or PetSmart claims no responsibility or even the slightest bit of concern over these horrific stories of what their product(s) are doing to pet lovers throughout the world. If she survives this ordeal, we will be taking her to a new cats-only facility that has just opened in our city. I called them today & they were nice enough to fax me info about the Hartz products & lawsuits. My eyes have been SO opened.

What have I done to my cat ?

Last night I applied, as directed, Hartz advanced flea and tick care. Today, I am worrying about the life my cat will live in the future. My Manx cat was the home for a few fleas, so I applied this product to my 3 year old cat. This morning at 6:00 AM I woke up to my cat having seizures, disorientation,
twitching, etc. After 5 minutes the seizure began to lessen, she was unable to walk for a few minutes, and then when she finally was able to stand up, she walks with a distinct problem with her right side, and head twitching and tremors. We took her to the vet immediately, on the way she suffered two more seizures. Fortunately, but also sadly, the vet knew exactly what had happened. They began treatment right away. She is now at the vet’s, with IV’s, being given sedatives, anti-seizure medication, and is still having seizures and is twitching. We can’t bring her home today, and will have to wait and see about tomorrow. I tried to kill a few fleas, and have destroyed my cat. All of the stories I have read do not give me much hope for a full recovery, maybe Smokey can be the miracle.
I refuse to even buy a Hartz toy from these people,
and will be on a rampage to whomever will listen.
I do not know what will be in store for Smokey, however, we will care for her and love her. Do not let this happen to your animal.


Eric Keller

Healthy 4 year old cat died 4 days after using

My sons cat, DugOut, had to be put to sleep Monday. We used “Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops Plus +” last week, he had some twitching but we assumed it was the fleas bothering him, not the chemicals. By Sunday he stopped eating, all he would do was sleep. We would carry him to his water bowl and he would drink, but, immediatly stumble into his litter box to relieve himself. We ran him to the vet’s first thing Monday morning, he had blood in his saliva, he had gone into complete renal failure, his body temerature had dropped below normal and the Vet said there was little that they could do to improve his life. The vet agreed with me that the best thing to do was to put him to sleep.

I wasn’t even aware of the Hartz problems until I started looking for it specifically on the web. I followed directions for use on the package, applied it at the base of Dugout’s head. Obviously the EPA forced repackaging has not made this product safer.

I will never buy another Hartz product.

Too Many Secrets

I have two cats at my dad’s. We always use Advantage wich is perfectly safe. But this time we noticed the cats had flea’s and ran to the store to get medication. But this time we got the dreaded Hartz flea drops. After a week and 2 times of applying it we still saw fleas everywhere. So we realized that the Hartz medication obviously doesn’t work at all. So today we went up to the Petco and went to get the usual Advantage. But we also wanted to get flea bombs. They have a vet in the store that’s not associated with Petco and asked about what kind of flea bombs to get and about why Hartz doesn’t work. The vet said that the medication gets into the bloodstream and has harmed and killed many cats. When we heard this we were furious! We had no idea. So then she says that the signs of it are the cats might shake or act sensitive or scared. Well are cats did this for about three days scattered throughout the week. So we went back to the house– flea sprayed and bombed it and took the cats to a petcare center down the street and said they could get rid of the fleas and checked our cats and said luckily we stopped using the Hartz in time but many people haven’t been so lucky. So this is what I’m doing to help out. I’m gonna post and hand out signs everywhere —- giving facts about Hartz—- what it does to animals—– why we should stop this product from being produced—- and the adress of this website.

Mistaken dose

On February 24, after a long day at work, I got home and found my Maine Coon and German Shorthair had fleas. Mistakenly I had grabbed the wrong flea stop(Hartz One Stop) instead of a safe presription Advantage and put it on my cat. By the next morning she was disoriented, twitching, and shaking. I came home from work, and immediatly gave her a bath, and called the Vet. I was told to bring her in immediatly and she was put on IV medication, and given medication to calm down the shaking. I picked her up 6 hours later. Today she is still twitching, has trouble with balance, and is clearing not feeling well. I found this website, and got the number to call Hartz about what long term effects this would cause my cat. I was transfered to customer relations, put on hold, and told they have no information on any long term effects. When I requested to speak to someone more knowledgable, she hung up on me. That’s their customer service. I feel terrible what I have done to my cat, and believe this product should be taken off the market.

Much to my horror, I poisioned my own kitties with Hartz Flea & Tick med.

Much to my horror, I just read your article on Hartz Flea & Tick Control. How I wish I had been made aware of this poision BEFORE I put it on my kitties last night! This a.m., I woke up to a kitty that was shivering, vomiting & convulsing. He could hardly stand and could not walk, because he was so disoriented. We immediately called the poision control number found on the pack of the Hartz package but guess what?? THEY ARE CLOSED ON THE WEEKENDS! We then rushed the kitty to the vet, where we found out that I HAD POISIONED MY OWN KITTY. A few hours later, and several dollars later, our kitty is doing somewhat better. We were told to watch him (& the other kitty as well) to make sure the symptoms do not return….if so, then we will have to spend more money at the emergency room to prevent permanent neurological dammage. Can you please tell us where to turn or offer some advice? I should hope there is something we can do to prevent this from happening again! Thank you for your time & Best of luck!

I spoke with a Hartz Consumer relations person today :(

Good afternoon,

I am very thankful to have found your site. For one, I simply disagree with the over the counter sales of pesticides, especially ones directed at pets. I do not purchase the product, but as a cat and dog parent and advocate, I want to see the right and safe methode of care taken place and believe it is the companies responsiblilty to properly educate consumers and Remove unsafe products.

Anyway, I noticed that my local Walmart still had the product in question on the shelf so I questioned why. I was given a number to Harts Mountain and spoke breifly with a relations agent.

She told me that Hartz is in the process of disseminating the incorrect information which has been published. “Incorrect”? I advised her the information I had came from the EPA and she was unconcerned and again stated they are in the process of disseminating that information. I questioned the “recovery process” which she told me was only to be shipment of relabled product after the current inventory was sold. She made it clear that Hartz’ stance on this is very different than the EPA’s. This seems to me a complete disconcern for the law or for the pets that may be exposed to this.

Seems odd to me, a person can not go into a pet store and purchase a low protein food without a prescription, but you can walk out of that same store with a load of pesticides to douse your pet without question.

The EPA assured me they have the authority to enforce their rulings, I just hope they do.

Thank you for the opportunity to rant. And if you get a chance could you perhaps let me know of others experiences with talking to Hartz directly?

Thank you again,
[email protected]

2 Kitties, Same bad drops …

Yesterday afternoon we treated 2 of our cats with Hartz Advanced Care for Cats and Kittens under 10 lbs. Before treating, I read the back thoroughly as I was skeptical as to putting something on the cats that they could lick. I was relieved to find no text regarding illness to the cats except for the line: “Sensitivity, such as slight transitory redness of the skin…” . We left for the day and upon arriving back, I found Osiris, an 8 mo old Aby, having unbelievable tremors. I immediately grabbed the packaging to look over a second time only to find nothing of help. I attempted to call the number on the packaging but they were closed. I also looked online at but was unable to find anything of use. I grabbed my vet’s number and gave them a call. They were also closed but referred me to a 24 hour vet clinic. I called them and they seemed to immediately know what it was without me going into detail. All I had to say was Fleas & Hartz and they knew. They told me to bring him in right away. So we rushed Osiris to the clinic and they took him right away. We waited for about 15 minutes while they gave him some medication to stop the trembling. After that time we were able to talk to the Doctor. She had stated that she knew what it was before she even saw the packaging. She says she has treated over 30 of these over the past year and she’s surprised that this stuff was still in the stores. Well after receiving the estimate for the bill of $980 and an unclear prognosis, we went home. Upon arriving home we realized we forgot to check Cleo, a 26 month old Siamese Mix. We checked her immediately and found that she was extremely scared and that her eyes were twitching. We immediately rushed her to the vet where they began work on her. Again, another estimate of $900+.

We were unable to sleep all night and have continually called for updates on the two cats. During one of these calls we were told that Osiris’s condition was so severe that the Doctor had to use 3 times the medication to stop the tremors & seizures.

This morning we were able to visit them both. Cleo was awake and alert, though still a bit out of it from the medication. Osiris was still out from the massive amount of medication and was still having minor tremors. The doctor believes that both should be fine, but Osirus will have to stay at least another 2 days before they’re totally sure he’s okay.

We were both devastated by this and were just so unsure of what to do next. We found your page last night in between checkup calls to the vet. Thank you for creating this site, as we have found so much useful information and many links to help us in our next step.

-Joey & Courtney