Hartz strikes yet again.

About a week ago I noticed that my cat (Wally) had fleas. I went and picked up some Hartz Advance Care and applied it as per the directions. A couple hours later Wally’s whole body was shaking and he couldn’t move around at all. I rushed him to the vet and told them what happened. Before I even finished my first sentence saying that “I gave my cat some Hartz…” the vet exclaimed “Oh no” and called back to another vet saying they had an “Emergency Case”. I’m sure some of you know how worked up I was hearing my cat was an emergency case and that this was no surprise coming from Hartz. They treated Wally with an IV antidote and he was pretty out of it for the rest of the day. They said to me that if he started shaking again that I’d have to rush him to the emergency clinic, that made me feel sooooo much better. Fortunately he didn’t start shaking again and he’s back to his normal antics. The vets told me about this site so I figured I would check it out and post my story here. Hartz definitely needs to be stopped. I know it may seem a little drastic on my part but I’ve had a stamp made that says “Hartz can kill your pets” and when I go to a grocery store or wal-mart I like to stamp a few packages because Hartz certainly doesn’t do their part to warn consumers how potentially dangerous their product really is.

Need Your Help


I am trying to collect data on the numbers of cats injured or killed by the use of Hartz flea products.
If your cat was injuryed or has died due to the use of Hartz flea products PLEASE send me a email at

[email protected] or [email protected]

Please include the following information in your email:

Number of cats injuryed directly related to the use of Hartz.

Number of cats which deaths are directly related to the use of Hartz

Each cats sex, age and name.

I thank you very much for your help and am very sorry your cats as well as mine were victims of Hartz.


My cat died 2 days ago from Zodiac flea treatment. I don’t know if Hartz makes it..I wasn’t actually the one that put it on my Kiki. I watched KiKi have seizures and the vet said they could save him but for $800 and I didn’t have it… they wouldn’t bill me… they wouldn’t help. It has been an awful experience and all I want is my Kiki back. He was the best cat and he didn’t deserve to suffer like that. I tried myself to save him and I couldn’t, I had him put to sleep a few hours later. I have never heard of the dangers of this medication… why are they sold? I don’t understand at all but I am MAD and I want these people to understand the pain have caused my children and I. Thank you for this site.


Michele sent her story in today. We’re extremely sorry to hear about your loss. If anyone has any information regarding Zodiac, please submit it to HartzVictims.org and we’ll pass it on to Michele.

Cat spent the night with an IV

I bought the flea drops for cats about a week before I went on vacation. I applied it to one cat (the other was outside) on the neck in back, just as instructed. That cat had no problems whatsoever.

I promptly forgot about the other cat. Then, a week later when we were leaving for a week vacation, I remembered the other cat. I was going to put it on, but I remembered that the box said something about a reaction, so I didn’t put it on because I knew we wouldn’t be there if there was a problem.

Boy was I glad I didn’t put it on then leave!

When I got back, I put it on in the evening. The next morning, the cat’s paws were shaking a little as it lifted them. A couple of hours later, my wife said to look at the cat. It was having tremors over its whole body.

We called the vet, and they said to call poison control (huh? Don’t vets know about this?) Anyway, poison control told us to wash the pet, so we did, and we called back the vet. The vet said to bring the cat in, so we did.

We left it there and went to lunch. When we got back, the vet called us and said the cat would need an IV and to stay overnight, so we did that.

I’m going to pick the cat up on the way home from work tonight, since it’s OK, but yeesh, I don’t wanna know the bill. Probably $400-$500 from what I’ve been reading here.

This cat as a tiny kitten already survived a severe infection when we got him, the vet said he had less than a 50/50 chance. He slept with his little paws on my arm.

AdvancedCare nearly kills consumer reporter’s cat

I have no excuse, except ignorance but now I will devote a significant amount of time exposing this product and the problems it causes.

I used the “spot-on” treatment on my 12 lb cat. I used the product for cats in EXACTLY the manner prescribed on the box. Today my cat is the Er receiving IV fluids. She will live, but bill will probably be 300.00. Hartz will pay this bill and the supermarket where I bought it will also remove the product from it’s shelf if I have any say about it.

NBC Affiliate story on Hartz – needs info

This from Matt Ogg at NBC. Please feel free to contact him.

“I’m writing to you in hopes of speaking to someone about the harm that Hartz is doing to animals. We wanted to air a story on Tuesday, and would love to hear from anyone that could inform us. Again, the story is going to air on Tuesday, and we would love to hear from anyone that can give us some information.”

Here is Matt’s e-mail address if you would like to contact him: [email protected]

Update on Class Action

May 29, 03
The class action law suit filed against Hartz by the law firm of Faruqi & Faruqi on behalf of one individual( sorry name withheld) The unnamed individual and Hartz have decided to terminate the lawsuit and fully settle all claims which are or could havve been asserted by the unnamed individual, upon the terms and conditions set forth in a Confidential Settlement Agreement.
The Confidential Settlement Agreement may also entitle you to certain benefits from Hartz upon satisfaction of certain conditions. You will need to get the affidavit, from the Law firm, fill it out , have it notarized and sent to Consumer Relations Dept., Attn: Dr. Jill Richardson
The Hartz Mountian Corp 400 Plaza Dr, Seccaucus, New Jersey 07094
no later than July 31, 03. Hartz will send you a general release to sign and return, They will reimburse for the cost of the product and reason and related vet expenses

This means Hartz will still be causing serious injury and possible death to cats that this product is used on.

Many are refusing to go along with this “settlement”
You may want to read the EPA’s report.

There is a new group forming at Yahoo’s groups FelineOwnersAgainstHartz-

If you’d like to join, the groups home page is

Hartz has to be stopped before anymore animals suffer from their flea products.

Hartz Flea & Tick Drops Plus almost killed my cats!

I purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops Plus (also known as 4 in 1) on 5/26/03. On 5/27/03 at 3:30PM, I put most (not all) of one tube on each of my two cats, following instructions to the letter.

After I applied the Hartz, I played with the cats for about an hour, to make sure there were no adverse reactions and to keep them from licking at the Flea Drops. They seemed ok, so I went back to work, and they went off to another room.

As a result, I’m not sure when Puddytat’s whole-body muscle tremors started. Orange had what the vet called “hyper-salivation” by the time we got to the clinic. Later, she began to have muscle tremors as well. It’s a good thing I was already at the vet’s!
I was working and didn’t pay any attention to the cats until 1:15AM, when my boyfriend shouted, “Oh my God, what’s wrong with Puddytat?!”. She was having severe muscle tremors. We immediately washed her, but the tremors continued.

When I called the emergency veterinary clinic, they told me to bring both cats in immediately. The clinic assistant said, “We see Hartz product poisoning all the time. It affects their neurological system. If you don’t get them in as soon as possible, they could go into seizure and die.”

I live in the country, so it was nearly an hour drive to get them to help. The ordeal lasted all night and into the next day. I went without sleep for over 24 hours. Both cats had muscle tremors. Puddytat was on IV drip and a number of drugs due to the severity of her symptoms.

My regular vet, who took the day shift caring for them, said that although he’d never personally seen Hartz poisoning, he’d heard a lot about it from other vets. Seeing the severity of the symptoms, he couldn’t believe that I’d used the correct product and asked to see the box. I showed it to him. All he could say was, “Yep, this is the right one.” and shake his head in disbelief.

When it was all over, I had two very weak, terrified cats and almost $500 in vet bills. What really amazes me is that the box says, “For cats and kittens weighing 10 lbs or less”. Not only did I *not* use an entire tube on either cat, but Orange, the cat with the less severe symptoms, weighs *over* 10 lbs!

Hartz needs to be stopped. God knows how many animals have already died after being exposed to their dangerous products.

Bootsie-A Senseless, Cruel, & painful end to an innocent Pet

First of all, I am writing this for my mother (as my mother until the end) as she doesn’t have computer access at this time. She lives in a rural section of Vancouver, Wa. The email address is for me as well, and I will forward any information received.

In October 2002, Bootsie, my mom’s Llhasa Apso, was scratching a lot, and after checking, found that she had fleas. I have owned pets off and on for the better part of my life, and, to help my pet, I went to the store, and chose a product that I felt had a name built up, and (I thought) had a safe, and proven product line. HARTZ.
I chose The blockade spray for pets and carpets as she was primarily an indoor dog.

I sprayed the dog according to the directions, and my carpet as well, and went on about my day reassuring Bootsie that those nasty fleas would stop biting her soon enough.

A while later, I came into the house and found that my dog had had some “accidents”
Vomiting and diarrhea. She was acting very peculiar, and I became very worried.
I picked her up and tried to comfort her/and clean her up. She began having seizures!

I called my vet right away and they said to get her in there ASAP! We did.
The vet did their best to treat her symptoms, and stop the seizures, and finally, they stopped for a while. The vet said that she had sustained severe damage, and they didn?t know if it was permanent or temporary. She had trouble remembering ?how to goto the bathroom?, she had trouble eating/swallowing her food. Bootsie was blind and deaf, and was ?scared to death? She didn?t even recognize my mother by other senses such as her scent. They went home with her and tried to make her as comfortable as possible, but she began having seizures again, and crying and crying. Nothing was helping. The vet prescribed medicines, but they worked only temporarily. The carpets and furniture were cleaned to try to remove any residue from the sprayed product as it was possibly causing additional trauma to Bootsie.

Finally, October 27, 2002, we took Bootsie into the vet and had her euthanized. The vet said there was nothing else they could do, and that the seizures (gran mal they were called) had done irrepairable damage. She would simply continue to deteriorate, and the most humane thing to do was let her go!
Bootsie was 1 ? years old and weighed all of 7pounds. She is survived by her ?mother? Angel, and her ?father? Blake.

A report of the vet?s findings concluding that the Hartz product was indeed responsible for poisoning Bootsie. They even gave a copy of the lab results to my mom. Mom then wrote a letter to Hartz, and sent copies of the information given to her by the vet, including the bill, $430.00. Hartz replied that the information submitted was inconclusive, and they were not liable for anything at all. Sorry for the loss.

My mother is a middle aged woman who is permanently disabled and living on a fixed income. Her dog was a loyal companion to her and this has caused a great deal of trauma, grief, and sorrow in her home. If she has to get rid of fleas, what is she supposed to do? Hartz is supposed to be one of the safest product lines in the business, but after doing some research, I find that they are not as safe as the consumer is led to believe.
Please help my mother. She is not asking for the moon, only just compensation.
Please contact her at the number and/or address I?ve provided as she can provide more details/information/documentation.


Toni Vadala

I am hoping to help my mother in some way, as not only did she lose a pet that was very dear to her, she is financially burdened, and had great difficulty paying this enormous vet bill along with her other bills. She is only asking for just compensation for the vet, and the loss of Bootsie.
Nothing less, nothing more.