A new company to fight

Sumitomo buys Hartz Mountain for $365 million

6/18/2004, 11:27 a.m. ET
The Associated Press
SECAUCUS, N.J. (AP) ? Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo will purchase pet product producer Hartz Mountain Corp. for $365 million, the companies announced.
The deal is to close next week.Secaucus-based Hartz Mountain was started by German immigrant Max Stern in the 1920s. His family sold it to investment group J.W. Childs Associates LP in 2000.The Stern family continues to operate Hartz Mountain Industries, a real estate and property development company in Secaucus.The pet products company has six manufacturing plants in the United States and Brazil and employs 2,100 workers worldwide, including 850 in New Jersey. It makes toys, flea and tick treatments and grooming supplies for pets, as well as edible treats for birds and other small animals.Hartz Mountain had net sales of $319 million last year, according to Sumitomo, which reported sales of $4.1 billion in 2003.Sumitomo said Thursday it will seek to increase Hartz sales to $500 million within the five years by increasing its products.Sumitomo’s holdings include chemical plants, mining interests and financial services.Sumitomo said it “decided to acquire Hartz in order to make inroads to (the) steadily growing U.S. companion animal industry,” which it estimated at $8 billion.?__On the Net:

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Please do contact them and protest Hartz flea products.

To sign the petition and please do we need as many signatures as we can get go to

For more info www.geocities.com/againsthartz

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Flea collar problem …30 years ago!!!

I came across “Amy’s” story about her cats in Rockledge FL , in my local newspaper. It reminded me of an incident 30 years ago when I first moved to Florida and hearing about the serious flea problems I bought a Hartz Flea& Tick Collar-(about the color of your website border). After about 2 or three days my dog who was 10 yrs old, started acting like she could’nt walk and got real spastic. The vet said her nervous system was reacting adversly to the collar. He told me you won’t find Hartz or Sargents products in a pet shop….I guess he knew what he was talking about 30 yrs ago….

Hartz’ Long History of Apathy

Twenty years ago I used Hartz’ “Once-a-Month Wormer” on my Golden retriever. By the next day he was having seizures and developed ataxia – trouble standing upright. As a physician I knew that the active ingredient in this product sometimes causes neurological side effects in people when used to treat parasites. I phoned Hartz hoping to get some information about what to expect, what treatment might be helpful, etc. They absoutely refused to provide any information or put me through to anyone who might offer any information – instead simply denied that their product could cause any problem whatsoever. I kept trying to explain that as a physician I was well aware that this drug could cause these side effects – but I was completely stonewalled. I was very, very angry and have never trusted this company again. -sb

hartz advanced flea and tick medication (WARNING)

I bought hartz advanced flea and tick medication and applied as directed on the box.
With in 2 hours of application my cat got under the end table and did not come out for the rest of the night.
I checked on her the next morning and found her still there with her feet , neck and ears twitching.
I washed the product off of her.
I went to work and when I returned she was still acting the same way.
I took her to the vet and he gave her a shot for the muscle convulsions.
He advised me to watch her and bring her back if convulsions continued.
I never thought an over the counter product could be sold that caused this severe of a reaction.
I will never use hartz products again.
Please use caution with this product

We just saw a case of this last week

I have worked for a veterinary hospital for over seven years now and we saw a case of this last week in an otherwise healthy cat. Let me suggest some tips:

1. Do not EVER use a product labeled for dogs on a cat. Pyretherin, among other chemicals, can cause a reaction like these described with the Hartz cat product.
2. The more expensive products (Frontline, Advantage) use a different delivery and chemical base. Yes, they are more expensive but they work very well and both come with guarantees from the manufacturer. It is money well spent on prevention rather than vet bills afterwards.
3. Read all the fine print. Carefully observe your pet’s behavior after application. Call your vet if you have questions- and don’t be embarrassed. We hear all types of questions, and we take them all seriously.

As a person in the veterinary field, my heart goes out to all the persons and felines that have been put through emotional and physical duress, and from someone who has comforted the owners who felt horrible about applying this product and not anticipating the outcome, I understand the extreme importance of the recall and discontinuance of this product. Please understand that there was no way you could have known how dangerous this product could potentially be.
Shame on you, Hartz. This is inexcusable.

My sweet angel, almost taken

I had been in wal-mart, looking around in the animal dept. I have 4 dogs an 3 cats and I usually do not use flea stuff on My cats, just My dogs, but this summer is bad so I saw the Hartz and thought hey, it does not cost that much and maybe it will help a bit. I only wanted to make My babies more comfortable an in doing so I could have lost one. Booger, My sweet little girl, I foun her in the rain at the grocery store. She is almost two now and I love her dearly. I put the drops on all three cats early afternoon and went about the day. That evening, all the cats were lathargic and cranky, but booger began having seizure acitvities. I would have never noticed but My Aussie do kept following her around. I got up to see why and booger was shaking and trembling, her eyes fluttering, she was scared and miserable. It was midnight now, I called the vet and she said she had seen this on several occasions with this product. She told Me to bathe her, place her in a blanket and then lay her on top a heating pad. I did this…..the next day she was somewhat better but still may need to go to the doctor. She is still lathargic and not eating well. I do not know what I will do if I lose her but I know this Hartz has to be stopped. How many animals will suffer and die before someones sees…and why I wonder is the SPCA not on board here…..I hope, somehow….something can be done to stop this madness.

Hartz strikes again!

Decided to give my cat a quick treatment with Hartz Flea/Tick 4 in 1 Drops in order to protect her before my move. Thought it was a good idea because I love my cat. She threw up in the car, foamed at the mouth a bit too. I thought she was car-sick. Lethargic for the rest of the day and she slept through the night…..unusual for my 2 year old cat who is always chasing something. Anyways, the next day I noticed ears twitching and back spasms, also she began batting at her head with her paws. I started to worry, things seemed to get worse and more frequent. She no longer was meowing, eating, or going to the bathroom. I gave her a long, rigorous bath. Then I took her to an emergency clinic @ midnight, after visiting this website and others. The vet gave her a muscle relaxant and told me I did the right thing by bringing her in right away. He said that he has seen multiple cases of seizures and some death from this horrible product. Luckily my cat’s case was a relatively mild case and she will pull through. My sympathies to anyone who lost a pet due to an irresponsible company like Hartz.

Cat with Hartz Fea overdose & still has fleas.

Took my cat to the vet last Saturday because we accidently overdosed her
with flea Hartz flea repelaint for 10 lb cats. She is a 6lb cat. She is recovering but she still has fleas. I noticed that when I washed the flea repelaint off that she still has a lot of fleas. She is a long hair cat and she is still digging herself. So what should I do to her to get rid of fleas and how long should I wait. I found that she will allow me to wash her so that is not a problem.
Oh yes, I have also noticed that she has stopped drinking water since this ordeal. At this time she is still taking vet medican and is still not walking very good but she is improving since last Saturday.
She still walks like she is drunk.

A friend told me that using head and shoulders shampoo will get
rid of the fleas. Is that true and should I use it?

thank you,
[email protected]

daughters kitten was almost a statistic

I normally use Frontline on my animals but this time Hartz drops were used on my daughters 5 month old kitten, Princess Dandylion. It was applied at appproximately 1030 pm 07/04/04 and everything seemed okay. She was last seen at 230 in the morning. At 730 am 07/05/04 I didnt have her at my feet as usual so I went looking. We could not find her anywhere nor would she answer our clicks or calls. She was found in my daughters closet hiding behind boxes shaking severely. When she tried to walk her movements were jerky and she seemed like she could not control them. I immediately knew something was wrong. When I tried to pick her up her ears went back and she swayed away from me. I immediately tried to call the vet but no one was in office yet. It hit me it could be the flea drops. I looked online and found this site. I immediately bathed her with Dawn dishsoap to remove any residue. I was able to call an alternative vet as mine decided they needed an extra day for Fourth of July celebration. (I am now switching to this vet) I was able to get her seen immediately. They bathed her again and gave her a muscle relaxer. I also got the lecture about Hartz products and what they can do. They kept her for the day. She is home now and improving by leaps and bounds. I learned it attacks the nervous system. I could not believe that a product with so many problems could even be on the market. I put my faith in Hartz. Today has been a nightmare. My cost….bath 15.00 shot of Robaxin….15.63 vet exam and daily fee 34.00 telling my 8 year old daughter her cat would now survive PRICELESS!
I know God answered my families prayers. Hartz will now have to answer to me.

My vet bills have so far cost over $1000

After applying Hartz flea “medicication” to all 3 of my cats, within 24h I noticed them foaming at the mouth and having tremors and seizures. I immediately rushed them to the veternarian emergency room to be told that this was a common problem and the vet had witnessed several cases in the last week alone….this is extremely disturbing information and I am shocked that this so called medicine is still on the market. My vet bills have so far cost over $1000. We must get this product off the shelves!!!!