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Follow up to “I feel so stupid” story. All my pets are doing fine, we are so happy about that. I don’t want anyone to experience what we have all have.
I have contacted my local newspaper and in todays paper was an article about my story. I also contacted my local new WPBF channel 25 in West Palm Beach, FL and they interviewed me. The story will air tonight. I even went as far as emailing Oprah. Please help spead the word contact everyone and anyone who will listen. We all know what bad publicty can do. Thanks again for this website.

my cats experience with hartz

(im the owner of the cat in the newest story on the page, my mother posted that, i have a little follow up though)

I currently work at a supermarket in southern california, and after having this experience with hartz, I decided to bring it up to some of the higher personnel. Upon hearing my story, they called either the buyer or hartz themselves (not quite sure), and the next day i received a call at work from a hartz representitive who wanted to ask me some questions about my cat and what had happened. I was told by him that they were going to cover all vet bills and that they would call me back in a week or so to follow up on the incident.

I guess it shows that we can do something to either make hartz revise their products, or try to get them pulled from shelves!

Close call

My son used the Hartz one spot flea treatment last month and noticed unusual twitching of his kitty’s ears. The second dose came with some scarry side effects! The kitty would climb really high to get away from the ground, along with unusual shaking and fear of my son. We found this website and immediately washed the cat and went to the vet. Much to our surprise, the vet had not heard of these problems with Hartz. I copied off a few pages from this website for him in hopes to warn other innocent animal owners. Fortunately, with fluids, antiobiotics, and a thorough bath from the vet, the kitty is much better now. He doesn’t think there will be any long-term effects. We were lucky. There has got to be something we can do to stop this crap from being on the market!!

I feel so stupid

I put Hartz 4 in 1 on my 2 cats and my dog all in the same day. My dog threw up within 10 minutes.
I didnt pay much attention because she does quite a lot.
My 13 year old cat threw up the next day again I didn’t get alarmed because she coughs up hair balls often but my 2 year old cat has it the worst. She keeps scratching her left ear, whinning, twitching and shaking her head. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until my husband said it looks like she has a nervous twitch.
So I got on Hartz website and the first thing I read is the president writing a letter that their products are safe…… A light bulb went off and made me do a little more research. Boy do I feel stupid. I am even embarrased about writing this letter. When I stumbled on, I can’t even explain what I felt. I grab my cat and told my husband to help me and we washed her twice. Then I washed the dog and the older cat. When I realized that I could have lost all my pets in one day. I just started to panick. We need to stop Hartz from selling their products. I hope my cat does not have long term effects from this. I can’t believe how out of touch I felt when I read all the information out there. I keep asking myself why didn’t I ever hear about this? Thanks for this website


My son used this on his cat. I came to this site to see if there was any helpful information. I found nothing about caring for victims, or any helpful information regarding treatment.
Perhaps a section on treatment or care would be of use.

Molson going to be investigated

After seeing my vet, she contacted the Animal Posion Control Center “ASPCA” and the Better Business Bureau of PA. I have recieved a number of phonecalls including one from Hartz themselves. It first was a message on my machine, the woman was so sorry about my lose…blah.blah,blah.. and she left her phone number. I called her back, she again apologized and was trying to be sympathic, over and over… she finally said she was so sorry to hear about my dog!!! Can you believe it.. I was like “it was my cat that passed away!” She studdered and was like I am so sorry, we hear 100’s of cases a day…..proves a point.. 100’s of cases a day! Anyway, I then contacted Animal Poision Control and spoke to a very wonderful vet. he contacted Hartz and they are paying to have Molson looked at and examined. He told me his professinal opinion is that HARTZ was defintly the “killer” for my cat. So I am sending his corpse on Monday and only time will tell! I will not stop untill I have answers— sincerely DETERMINED!


My wife purchased Hartz kitten (10lbs or under) flea drops from Walmart. I used it on Chaz last Sunday around 2:00pm. Later that night I went to check on him before bed and he was hiding. Chaz is the most out-going cat we’ve ever owned. Loves attention, plays all the time. Runs to you evertime you’re around. But that Sunday night he was hiding from me. Once I found him I could immediately tell something was wrong. His eyes twitched and he couldn’t walk without shaking his legs and feet. All he wanted to do was find a place to hide. I knew it had to be the flea drops. I immediately washed him and tried to get him to drink something. He turned his nose up to water, but did drink some milk and that appeared to help some. But still all he wanted to do was hide / sleep. The next morning all was well. He was back to normal. I still can’t believe they can sell this stuff over the counter.

Law suit help wanted for Michigan

looking for people from Michigan who have used Harzt flea and tick drops. Almost lost our 4 cats because of it.
thanks to our veterinarian Dr Karen Michalski. Poison control was notified about it’s possible deadly reaction.
we are upset for what we put our 4 kids through.
Want to start a class action law suit to remove these products from the market. all help would be appreciated

The conclusion to our Hartz nightmare

Hi Hartz Victims people!
I posted a while back about what happened to our cat when I put the 3 in 1 drops on him. The very next day he was shaking uncontrollably, so I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with “Hartz toxicity”. He was immediately bathed and given an IV to flush the poison out of his system. The total bill was about $300 (he had to stay overnight because sometimes the seizures can be life threatening). I contacted Hartz, and after having to document everything and provide two signed veterinarian’s statements, they finally (months later) reimbursed us. I had to provide not only the signed diagnosis, but then they asked for a signed statement by the vet that the specific cause was the hartz medication (which was pretty clear in the first signed diagnosis!). Anything to prolong the process. And each letter we got from hartz was explicit about the fact that their products are safe as can be, and they admit no wrong-doing and the only thing they admit to is some incorrect labeling, at the very worst. Yeah, the label, that’s it!!!
Maybe the letter I sent with a picture of our cat and a re-cap of what we went through finally got to someone there because they finally relented. Of course the check had all kinds of legal conditions, which meant that once cashed I agree never to pursue legal action, etc. Of course I was shocked that I got any money from them at all so I just said screw it and cashed the check. Obviously I will never use another hartz product. If anyone wants more details on our experience you can email me at [email protected] Oh — I also had to provide the packaging from the drops!!!
Hope this helps someone out there; hartz is evil and must be stopped.

Hartz killed my kitten Bozly Bear

I had bozly for 4 months and moved into an apartment that had fleas I took him to the groomer, and she mentioned that i should get flea drops to help control the fleas from comming back. Well I purchased Hartz flea drops and flea spray since every counter was full of that brand I figured it must work, boy was I wrong! I applied it on bozly I did notice that he was acting strangly the next day. Two weeks passed and he got much worse he would hide under the bed and would climb to the highest places to avoid touching the floor. I still didn’t think that the flea drops could possibly be the problem since Wal-Mart is selling it. Well two weeks after that he could barly balance, lost a tremendez amount of weight, and would have paralizing moments which were just heart breaking and the vet still could not figure out what the problem was after a month of tests and x-rays and tons of medicine. Well I didn’t trust the tests so I took he to two other vets which saw him fall over and said there was nothing wrong which was ridiculous considering he was paralized on the table. I was so upset because they said he was stable and the next day his eyes dialated and he was seizuring like crazy at the emergency clinic. They did nothing for him and guessed that it was a nuerological problem and it was not treatable. I stayed with him on Christmas day at the clinic and the next morning he was gone. I still had to pay a $600 clinic bill for my dead animal that was not treated when I asked to give him anything they can since money was not an issue, I came to find that they also never gave him an I.V after they said they would. You think you are helping your pet when in fact the Hartz company is taking our money and beloved pets because they are ignorant and selfish, but they should know that karma was made for those who poison the rose. We miss you bozly and never gave up on you. Love mom