My Poor Baby Snowball

Snowball(our kitten), came into our lives by walking throught our open front door. He just came in so unafraid and confident, just like he was met to be here. Needless to say his personality won us over instantly. I never have know a kitten to have such a gentle heart. I thought since Snowball was a stray and had been itching quite profusely he had a flea problem. I inspected him and soon my theory was proven true by the sighting of little black jumping bugs. I went to the store with my husband, and purchased Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 for cats 10lbs and under. After applying the medicine within 2-3 hours my poor Snowball was shaking with uncontrolable tremers. We rushed him to the emergency vet office, because it was Saturday. I was very surprised to hear from the veternarian that this is an allergic reaction that happens quite often. I had read the side affects on the package, but I figured it was only something that happened occasionally. The veternarian made it clear that it certainly wasn’t the case. Snowball was given a bath with dawn dish soap, and a shot to help easy the tremers. I sit here tonight hoping and praying that the kitten we have all grown so attached to in less than a week will come away from this unharmed. I was then extremely shocked at the amount of similar horror stories on this website. I am very touched by the stories of people and their pets. I believe no animal or owner deserves to go through this type of preventable pain. Hartz needs to pull this poision off the shelves!

Dogs as well as Cats, BE AWARE

Well as many of you know the Hartz Flea and Tick Control is dangerous. I however was never informed of this and went out to get some for the rest of the year. Since it was late and the dogs were due for their treatment I went to the local 24 hour drug store and picked up Hartz. This AM I put 1 application for dogs 31-60lbs on my 4 year old golden retriever, just as the package says neck to tail. My Retriever weighs 50 lbs. Within 7 hours after application I noticed she was shaky, crying, running around uncontrollably, vomitting and gagging. This is not our dog my wife and I said. I immediately took her down the road to the Emergency Vets office where we showered her with DAWN dish soap. The vet explained what has been going on with the Hartz products and asked me to start filing the appropriate paperwork. I just checked in on my Molly and she is doing better, so far the bill is over $300.00. Which I do not mind paying for, I would do anything for my animals. It is just the fact that for 2 hours now I have read article after article, post after post regarding this product. Is there anyone who can help with getting this known that it also effects dogs. Most of the readings deal with cats. No one should have to go through this ever.


Todd Burda
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Hartz & Zodiac are BAD PRODUCTS!

I have used both Hartz and Zodiac Flea medications and they both are bad. My one female cat had a bad reaction to it and she has turned red badly on the spot where I applied this “poison” and she also has bumps and scabs on her head! Sadly, I also used the Hartz ear mites treatment and regret using it too. I think all stores should stop selling these products! People will keep on buying these products because they are unaware of the dangers involved! I’m glad this website is up to educate people.

My story about Lucky and Katie

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 3:28 pm
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After reading all of the news about Hartz products, I am positive that that is what killed one of our pups named “Lucky”. He didn’t ever have seizures or anything. He started with diarhhea and puking until he got too dehydrated that he just didn’t make it. (That is when I let the hubby tell me that I couldn’t take him to the vet, I have since grown a “backbone” and he no longer controls that!!!!) I had used Hartz flea and tick spray in a can, Hartz flea and tick shampoo and the Hartz flea and tick drops…..Lucky had fleas when we got him. Right after we got Katie she developed some of the same symptoms…..I called the vet and we managed to get by without losing Katie. I started with Frontline and the full set of shots and Heartguard as soon as I got Katie. I made sure Katie went to the vet just a day after we got her to get everything updated, and I have never let the hubby tell me different since then! It wasn’t until just last week when I was reading a post on a message board that it all clicked. I went to the closet and everything that I had used on Lucky was Hartz (I didn’t realize this way back when). The stuff that my friend had used on Katie and sent home with me (which I never used, but stuck in the closet for when I ran out of my regular shampoo) was all Hartz products. I am sure that this is what caused all of Lucky’s problems and what had started Katie’s…..I threw it all out and burned it as soon as I got done reading this thread. I only wished I had found this information before we lost Lucky, but am happy that I have since found it and was able to save Katie. I also wish that I would’ve taken him to the vet and had proof of what had happened! Needless to say Hartz has lost my business and I have told everyone who asks NEVER to use it.

Another Casualty

My one year old cat Zoe died yesterday at the vets after a dose of the Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops and here I am. Amazed that this has been going on for years. I am so discusted. What can I do to stop this.

Thank you for opening my eyes

A couple of months ago I suspected my three cats had fleas and I only had two Advantage treatments left. I was at Walmart later that same day and noticed the Hartz treatment. I had never seen/heard of it before but I bought it and treated the third cat when I got home. She developed a horrible skin irritation where the “poison” had been applied. Her fur fell off and a big yellowish scab appeared. Eventually the scab fell off, her fur grew back and I have not noticed any further problems. I’m ashamed that I did not research this product prior to using it – I’m one of the lucky ones as the result could have been so much worse. But now I’m thinking about how lately she’ll be sitting in one spot and jump up and run to the other room. I know that can be common in cats but she’s 12 and never really displayed that kind of behavior before. So of course now I’m concerned that she has some type of nerve damage from it. I don’t believe she ingested any of it because of where I put it, but how long after being treated have the effects taken to show up in most cases?

Dr. Jill Richardson

FYI Dr Jill Richardson is also on the staff of the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center. The ASPCA’s PPC has a contract with Hartz to handle calls about all this. Does any but me see this as a ‘conflict of interests”?

Jill Richardson, DVM
Associate Director
Consumer Relations and Technical Services

Dr. Jill Richardson
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Pixar’s story – close call – Hartz notified

A few weeks ago I temporarily moved in with my parents – my cat Pixar – an indoor cat…picked up fleas from my parent’s dog. I went out and bought Hartz 4 in 1 for Pixar from Target – hoping that would do the trick. We put it on her Wednesday Night and she immediately started to act strange – running around and twitching her ears. I thought it would pass but the next day I came home at lunch and she wasn’t any better – I immediately looked it up on the internet and saw your site and paniced. I gave her a bath, which wasn’t easy, and let her rest. That night – she still was agitated and twitching – so we washed her again with Dove. I also noticed she didn’t sem to be eating or drinking. The next day – she still didn’t seem much better so I called the vet – they said to bring her in – as an emergency. The vet right away told me that Hartz products, specifically, phenothrin – is toxic to cats. She said its one of the first things they learn about in school. They immediately hooked pixar up to an iv and started give her a muscle relaxer and glucose. They said she would have to stay overnight so they could monitor her but called me and said she was doing better that night. I picked her up the next day and $450 later. She is just about completely recovered and the vet also gave me FRONTLINE to treat her fleas. Now I know what to use. This was a close call and its important to get the word out and write to Hartz. We talked to a woman named, Gia, who gave us a case number and told us to send in copies of the diagnosis from the vet and our bill and the unused portion of Hartz 4 in 1 which I am doing today. I will let you all know my progress.

an update on Smokey

Smokey is doing well !!! He is back to his old self again. The day after I sprayed him w/ the Hartz product I had to cut most of his fur off. The product was very hard to get off even after several baths. My brother and I stayed up w/ Smokey til 2 am and kept an eye on him. He doesnt seem to have any long term side effects from being poisoned by Hartz. I also called the store where I got the product from and the store manager happens to have cats and wasnt aware of the damages that Hartz products do to animals and she said she will see if she can get the product taken off the shelves !!! I also got my money back, but its not like that would have been able to replace my sons’ kitten. I have also copied and pasted the addy to this site and sent it to all my contacts to get the word out. Good Luck to everyone who reads this and w/ all their pets if you have been unfortunate enough to use Hartz