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My Angel almost went to heaven

Yesterday afternoon I applied Hartz flea and tick treatment to my one and a half old kitten, who is appropriately named Angel (because that is what he is for me, my Angel). At about 11 o’clock last night he started shaking uncontrollably. I figured it had to be a reaction to the flea treatment, because he hadn’t been into anything new that day. I washed it off and he kept shaking. I called my Mom crying and she recommended a 24 hour vet to call. I called the vet and explained that I had applied some flea treatment and I thought my kitten was having a reaction. The vet replied “It wasn’t Hartz, was it?” I almost died. I brought the kitten in right away. Thank GOD he’s going ok today and I’m about to go pick him up. When I saw all the stuff online about cats and kittens suffering from this product it enraged me! I called the hotline today and got a spiel about it being safety tested and FDA approved. HAH!

Photos of TJ – Hartz collar

This is the letter and photos that Cheryl submitted to Hartz regarding her cat, TJ.

WARNING: The photos below are very disturbing

Per my vet, my cat, TJ, was poisoned by one of the Hartz Cat Flea collars. His neck looks like a turkey’s, his tail, paws, mouth, ears….any place that he touched with the collar, also become severly infected. As he was a very furry friend, until he began to smell, stop cleaning himself and lose his appetite did we take a closer look. With a $200 vet bill, and hopefully a successful next 14 days, he should be back to normal. After receiving steroid & antibiotic injections, fluids via IV, several antibiotic flushes & oral antibiotics (antibiotics will be given for 14 days, flushes at home 2/day and to get him to eat/drink, special "milk" and food "gravy".)

I’ll take him back for checkup in a week. He seems alot better but the pics I am sending were AFTER the vet. He also weighed about 18 lbs. and seemed lighter and more picky about eating…he is down to 14lbs. The vet said that it was definately caused by the collar. I am surprised TJ didn’t die and did so well as he’s no youngster…about 11 yrs. old. Given research that I have done, apparently there are thousands and thousands of animals that are being maimed and killed by your products (example- . I am furious that this product is still available and that I hadn’t heard anything about it until TJ almost died. Please advise.

Click here to see photos of TJ.

My Kitten, Chicken, Almost Went to the Light

I am more than willing to join anyone in Missouri, trying to sue the Hartz company. I am a college student with enough money to pay for shots, etc. I was not prepared to pay for extreme vet bills after my cat, Chicken, was poisened by Hartz Flea and Tick Drops. Yet, I can definitely conjure up enough money from my bank, where I work, to sue the Hartz company. I am in shock that out of all these complaints, they still have their lethal products on the market. I gave Chicken flea and tick drops 5 days ago and 2 days later it started having muscle spasms, which totally freaked me out. So, I took him to the emergency vet hospital and he had a fever of 105.5 F. Anyone who knows cat’s normal temp. knows that once they hit 106 F. they start getting brain damage. So, they put alcohol on his feet and his temp., luckily, went down to 103 F. If his temp. did not go down I would have had to put him to sleep because I do not have beaucoup bucks to put him in the hospital. Anyways, he is still not out of the woods because I have to force him to eat and when his temp. rises I have to put alcohol on his feet so he does not get brain damage. The doctor prescribed him antibiotics as well, so I gave it to him yesterday and he is starting to meow again and he drank water today!!! So, hopefully things are looking up for Chicken. If my cat dies I will sue the [email protected]! out of Hatrtz myself because helpless animals should not be dieing, when taking over-the-counter medicine. This is crazy!

Our Cats Are Twitching Today

This isn’t a news story or anything, I’m not sure if this is where I should be writing, but I applied the Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick care drops to my two cats last night, and now they both have head and ear twitches, and one cat is very lethargic, when she is usually very playful. I had no idea that this could happen, I bought it from PetCo and followed the directions, and even washed both cats off thoroughly this morning. I’m waiting to meet with my vet, and when I called the Hartz helpline, the woman insisted that news stories about the product being bad were false. I’m pretty pissed, thought you’d ought to know that yet another problem has occured. I can’t believe they sold me this.

[email protected]

Saving Coco from Hartz!!!

I am presently at home without my kitty. She is at the animal hospital being treated for poisoning after using the Hartz 4 in 1. I applied it last night and by this morning she could barely walk. Her body shakes non stop and her muscles are convulsing. She is scared and miserable. You can see it in her eyes. My anger is immeasurable. Our Vet said these products should NOT be on the market. He has written to Hartz himself and received NO reply. Imagine that! I intend on calling our Attorney first thing tomorrow along with poison control and the SPCA. She cannot be replaced if she does not survive but I intend to make sure this has not all been for nothing. No creature should have to suffer because of this kind of negligence. Anyone in Alabama interested in persuing this with me please call me at 205.601.0871. Thank you

Bad Bedding?

Like everyone else here, myself and my animal companions of years past have been victims of Hartz products. I can’t begin to tell of the horror stories I have heard and personally witnessed through friends and their families and through total strangers looking for answers to the sudden illness and even death of their beloved animals.

This particular story is not about a cat, but about a colony of mice. I have many animal companions, which range from the feline fancy on through the herptile and aquatic fancy. I also have a colony of breeder mice.

It all started a number of weeks ago. I was looking through bedding materials at Delta, a local private owned petstore who I have been doing business with since I was rather young. They are kind and caring people, very knowledgable and willing to go out of their way to help you. A good old ma and pa shop, if you will.

I knew better than to go near cedar or pine shavings because of the tendancy for said materials to cause horrible respiratory ailments and because of the toxicity (especially to reptiles, as I have several). Aspen is what has always been recommended to me, and what I have seen recommended elsewhere. I have been satisfied with it ever since I started using it as substrate for my animals.

Typically I purchase a brand called Sun Seed ( ) which has an unmistakable yellow and blue lable on its packaging. There came a point when I needed more bedding, but Delta was out of the larger blocks of bedding I normally buy. I decided it couldn’t hurt to see what else they had, and to try it and see if I liked it well enough to switch over.


My kitty Hennessy was a beautiful persian black mix kitty. At barely 6 mos old he was absolutely charming. Last Wed. 2/23/05 I sprayed him with a flea and tick killer spray not ever thinking it would lead to his death. Well by the 2nd day he was coughing and looking horrible. I took him in to the vet Friday 2/25/2005 because when I got back from work he was barely breathing and huddled inside a box in my closet. I took him in at 6 pm by 7:30 pm the vet called me to tell me he had died of asfixiation. I wanted to die. He was my baby. I had adopted him with his brother Alize back in Oct.

Trying to do the ”Right” thing

I wish to let everyone know that Hartz has claimed another innocent animal. I just buried a dear friends cat that she left for me to care for while she was finding another apt. Thinking she was doing the right thing to help her cat she brought her to me along with her bed, toys, litter box wearing a brand new flea collar —– the cat died four days later, without any symptoms, in his bed. After I buried him I went to the supermarket and looked on the shelves and there was Hartz Mountain Flea and Tick collar – the very same type on the cat. Nothing was wrong with the cat as he was just vetted out and all was well. I cannot prove it was the flea collar but if I had the cat examined I KNOW it was the collar. Had I known it was a Hartz Mountain collar this poor cat had on it would have come off immediately.

Another innocent cat dies because Hartz is be allowed to get away with this carnage.

Reaction to Hartz flea drops

I was so glad to see this web site!
I am relieved to know that at least this problem is regognized and there is a support for victims.
I have had my cat Marley for almost 12 years. It has always been a priority for me that Marley his side kick Frankie are comfortable and healthy. They are indoor cats and have been most of their lives. I have usually been able to avoid flea problems. There has been probably eight or so incidents where I have had to bath and/or treat the cats with meds for fleas. The cats have always been good when I bathe them, and on the two ocassions when I used a treatment, I used Advantage. Advantage flea drops worked like a charm, and neither of my cats had a reaction.
Unfortunately, this last incident came at a time when I am very pressed for money. I am a student going for my teaching credential and Masters degree, and am very strapped for cash for the next year or so. So, I opted for the cheaper solution to the flea problem that I had on my hands, and bought Hartz flea drops in the green tube, for cats weighing over 10 pounds.

After slathering on the goop from the tube onto the back of my cats heads, I noticed imeediately that the odor was more offensive than Advantage’s. The next day, I noticed that the product still had not absorbed into their coats completely. Their hair was sticking up in a manner that made them look like little punk rock cats. I decoded to give the product a little more time to work. The cats were still itching and licking themselves. Not only did they not seem relieved, they seemed lethargic and uncomfortable. They both huddled nervously in front of the window all day. They rarely moved, even to eat.
So, I decided, two days later, to wash them with a flea soap (Also a Hartz product) to remove the first product that was offensive to myself, and my cats (or at least they seemed offended). I also thought that the flea soap would remove the fleas, which the first product had not yet seemed to do.
I thought that would be the end of the ordeal, but, to my surprise, the next day Marley was suffering from irritated skin and hair loss. On his chest he was missing a palm size amount of hair. Cunks of cat hair were laying all over the floor and he was licking himself as if he were in some sort of manic state. I was so shocked at the site of the hair loss, and so concerned for his health that I began to cry. I also noticed that his ears were twitching uncontrollably, and at that decided to call the vet hospital in Los Osos.
I told the assistant there that I had no money to take my cat to the vet, but was scared for the health and life of my long time companion, Marley. I recounted the events of the last few days with her and described the symptoms. “Did you use Hartz products?,” she asked me when I had told her the story. I was again shocked. How did she know this? Was Hartz really such a bad product that it had made a name for itself in veterinary emergency rooms?
She explained that the hospital had seen many cases of allergic reactions to Hartz products. She told me that all I could do at that point was “let it run it’s course”. Which I have.
MArley is doing a little better now. He is still licking himself a little. He lost more hair between his shoulder blades. His hair loss has slowed down and his ears do not twitch anymore. He doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable, but he favors the area on his chest when it comes to cleaning. I cannot wait for him to heal.
He is my best friend, and I am glad that he still has his life. I think, after reading the other stories at this site, that Marley could have had it alot worse.
Hartz should seriously reconsider the business they are in. Aren’t they supposed to be in the business of keeping animals healthy? Because that doesn’t seem to be what they have in mind when they sell products that jeopardize the life of our animals. That seems to be a motive of greed and money, not of love and concern.
Shame on Hertz for promotong poison for our pets.