The product is a cat killer not a flea killer

I was wanting to tell people of the misery my cat Dexter has gone through because of these products. I gave him the prodauct for the back of his neck and within a day he came in with a big spot of his hair and skin missing right above his tail. I thought he had gotten bitten by a dog or something. And with in a few days he started to lose his hair on the back of his neck. I talked to the pet store and they said it sounded like an allergic reaction to fleas and I should get a flea collar and spray. So I went to walmart and bought the hartz products and now my cat is very sick. He does not want to move much, he was laying on my bed and fell off and landed on his back and then crawled under my back and layed there and peed under my bed. He is walking around like he his hunting for something. He stands up and his back legs and is wobbly. I want to take him to the vet but I can’t afford to pay the bill right now and there is no payment plan for the bill. I am very stressed wether or not he is going to live. All I can do is prey. Thank you for reading to my story and I hope that someday those terrible products will be off our shelves and quit killing our loyal, loving & long-life friends.

Returning hartz drops right away

Hi, my husband bought the hartz drops tonight because they were on sale for $6.00 rather than the$45 for the other brand. We decided to read about them online before opening them to use them. I am so glad we did. We found your site and the “victims” who wrote on your site most likely saved our kitty and doggie from much pain and health problems. We wont take a chance now and we will be returning the drops tomorrow. unopened thankfully. God bless and thanks for your site . It has really helped us.
signed, Calmer in California

Trying to save money can cost your cat death or illness

April 27, 2005, I bought hartz flea and tick drops for all 4 of my cats. (I was a little low on cash and didn’t want to pay $44 for 4 tubes of advantage from my vet like I usually do). Two packages of Hartz was about $10. On May 2, one of my indoor cats was vomitting and very lathargic. My outside cat seemed to be fine but wanted constant attention (very odd for him). I checked online for information about the hartz flea and tick drops thinking maybe there was a problem with them. Boy, was I shocked to see all the stories. I called my vet and they said to bring “Cleopatra” in. They determined that she was out of the woods as far as convulsions, etc…because she would have already had them, but had an upset stomach due to licking the poison. They gave her 2 shots to stop the stomach upset and vomitting. (Vet cost $24). When I came home, I discovered a new pile of vomit (obviously not made by Cleo as she was with me at the vet). So, one of the other 2 indoor cats was sick. About an hour later, “Mary”, one of the other cats had horrible diarrhea. Called the vet again and they said watch her and make sure she starts to eat and drink and has a regular BM in the next few days, if not bring her in. (She still had diarrhea at night). May 3, Cleo seems fine. She has ate and is playful. Mary has only licked the gravy off some canned cat food and is still very lathargic. Hope she gets better. The outside cat seems fine, but
still wanting more attention than usual. Only one cat seemed to be unnaffected by these drops and that is because on April 30, I noticed she still had fleas and gave her a bath. I am lucky that my cats didn’t get desperately ill (or die), although, still not sure about Mary. But the heartache of watching them so ill and worrying about them is awful.

another cat with chemical burns

I had heard that Hartz flea drops were bad for cats so I told my girlfriend to get Advantix. She misunderstood and got the Advanced formula of Hartz. Now my cat has a chemical burn and scabbing and no fur on his neck. He’s lucky that’s all that has happened. (We give him showers as needed–he likes them more than baths). He happened to get a shower the day after the flea medicine went on. Then another when we noticed hair missing. This stuff is cruel.

Cat very ill from Harts Flea Medicine

Yesterday, we put Harts Flea drops on the back of our 2 year old Manx cat and this morning we found clumps of hair all over the house. Our cat had pulled out all of the hair on the back of her neck and she is extremely ill. She is lethargic and will not move. Also, she is dry heaving uncontrollably. It has been about 36 hours since the application and she is still extremely ill. We washed her real good in the tub and removed all of the product. We called a animal hospital this evening and they were well aware of the problem with Hartz. As you can imagine, we are very upset with Hartz and gravely concerned with our cat. We are angry with Harts and are sending our story and opinion to Harts legal department, to put it lightly. Something has to be done to stop Hartz. We will continue to read this web site and try to find out more about the product and how to remove it from the market. We need a class action lawsuit against Hartz.

Minnie and Tux suffer thanks to Hartz!!!

A stray cat left a litter of 5 in my backyard, so I’ve been feeding and caring for them as they are all so cute. Last Tues. I took 2 of the females to my vet to be spayed. After their surgeries, the vet wanted me to keep them in the house for 2 or 3 days to give them time to recover. On the 3rd day both were doing fine so in my infinite wisdom I decided to put Hartz flea drops on them before letting them go back outside. Imagine my horror upon arriving home from work to find 2 previously lively kittens huddled in the corner twitching and shaking and one couldn’t even walk. I immediately took them back to my vet who kept them overnight for fluids and medications to reduce the tremors and shaking. So $228 later I had my kittens back, what a great way to save money and torture my poor sweet kittens who had put their trust in me to take care of them. My vet also said to never use the products again (not that I would) because each application will produce more severe results.

Yet another hapless victim

On Sunday we tried to do something nice for our cat Kestra – prevent fleas. We bought the Hartz Advanced Care drops and applied one tube as the directions specified. We read the warnings but how were we to anticipate that our cat had a “sensitivity”? It’s not like there was a small tube of the stuff to test her with, so we squirted the whole thing on her neck. The next morning she was scratching and meowing at our bedroom door, and when I saw her I was shocked because she was shedding like crazy from the back of her neck where we had applied the drops, and it felt like a chemical burn on her skin. Later my husband and I decided to wash her with soap like it suggested on the label. It seemed to get the majority of the oil off, but then we started noticing her shaking her hind legs like she does when wet, so we think we should bring her to the vet. I am so mad right now, yet at the same time I feel guilty for putting my friend, Kestra, through this. Why is Hartz getting away with this? There needs to be a penalty for this sort of thing; it’s tantamount to ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! Let’s try to figure out a way to get this “product” off the shelves and away from other unsuspecting pet lovers!

Suzanne Aldrich

Two more victims

Last night, 5-1-05, my girlfriend Kelly, put the hartz stuff on our 3y/o Maine Coon, and 6 m/o Gray Tabby. This was given to us by her VET!!!!!She called me this morning at 5am and told me that both cats were having leg spasms. I told her to immediately bathe both of them, and make sure to do their backs, then put them in the bathroom and turn on th heat to make sure they stayed warm. When I got home, the spasms had stopped. I called my vet (185 miles away) and they immediately went off the deep end. They told me to keep a good check on them to make sure that they acted fine, and didn’t have any mre spasms. I think they are going to be fine as the tabby is playing.


About a month ago, my boyfriend use Hartz flea drops on our cat Goblin, who’s about 10 mos. old. Goblin got totally lethargic and skittish, but we thought he was just unhappy about having something wet and strange smelling on the back of his neck. Overnight, he curled next to us as tightly as he could, and I tried to comfort him, but it still never occured to me that he could be ill.

The next morning, my boyfriend noticed that Goblin was still lethargic and began having muscle spasms in both legs. Mike washed the product off him a bit and went online to see if he could find any information about what to do for him and why he was reacting that way. What he found, of course, was horror story after horror story about what Hartz has done to people’s pets. Mike washed Goblin thoroughly and called the vet, who told him, “Bring Goblin in right away.” I raced home from work and we took him to the vet, where they told us that it was very good that Mike had washed him and he should be ok, although the kept him on an IV for two days.

The vet bill was almost $400, but luckily, Goblin is fine. I am SO grateful to Josh and everyone responsible for this site, because without it, Mike wouldn’t have known how serious the effects of Hartz products can be.

I can’t imagine the pain of those who lost beloved pets and I find it absolutely APALLING that Hartz knows about the deaths, traumas and illnesses they’ve caused yet fight tooth and nail to continue to sell these deadly products. I’m particularly outraged about the grossly inadequate “relabeling” that Hartz was required to do by the EPA: our package merely reads that pet owners should consult a vet before using their products IF your pet is “known to be sensitive to pesticide products.” Why would Goblin have a “known sensitivity”? He was only 9 months old at the time!

I am a magazine editor and writer and since Goblin recovered, I have wanted to write as big a story as I could lambasting Hartz for the trauma they have caused and continue to cause. I am in particular need of sources with legal backgrounds to comment on why Hartz can continue to sell these products or can at least offer background on class action suits against large corporations. If this fits you or someone you know, please get in touch with me. I would also like to speak with anyone who would like to discuss their experience with Hartz products (good or bad) and/or their dealings with the Hartz corporation.
Thanks very much, Virginia (please email: [email protected]

Hartz Flea Drops Are Toxic to Cats

We purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops Plus in April 2005. It is labeled “For Cats and Kittens Weighing 10lbs or less”. We applied it to the back of the necks of our two adult cats, both of whom weight 10lbs or more. Both had severe and ongoing reactions, including tremors, salivation and apparent halluncinations. We have bathed the animals repeatedly to try and remove all traces of the product. The vet’s were shocked that we had purchased this product. This product and all related products are to be avoided. If you applied these products to your animals, bath them immediately and rinse repeatedly. We notice that the reactions seem to occur after the cats wash behind their ears. Despite repeated attempts to remove the product from the fur, we can still smell the residue.