My Fight to save Lor’s Life

On April 3rd I bought an over the counter Flea & Tick Plus that Hartz’s sells in my
local Wal-Mart store. I had purchased FrontLine online and was waiting to receive
it in the mail. The fleas on my cats (both got sick) were getting worse so I bought
the Hartz’s product thinking some of the fleas would be gone by the time I received the frontline in the mail. I put the product on both of my cats a little before
midnight (I am a night owl) on April 3rd. When I got up for work around 7:00 am on the 4th, I noticed LOR (Lord of the Rings) was shaking. His eyes were darting
back and forth and something told me it was the Flea Product. I knew it was a neurological reaction so I ran them both to my local vet. One look at my cats and my vet said “You gave these cats a Hartz’s product didn’t you!” That’s when our long journey began almost 2 months ago. Gollum my other cat seemed to recover nicely but LOR had a harder time. He was in & out of the vet’s. I have fed him his food through a eye dropper. He would get better only to get sick again.
Any type of cleaning product or poison (roach spray, flea spray, etc.) gave him a reaction (even removing LOR from the house and returning him after many hours did not work).
He seemed to get sick almost immediately after returning to the house. Then we
would be back in the vet’s for medicine. I could not even Capstar my other cat
unless I kept him away from LOR for at least 12 hours. It has been a major night- mare. I could only bathe LOR with Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid to kill his fleas.
I found a site online that sold only natural pet products and became one of their
best customers. The products seem to work great and I think I will stick to the
natural products with my cat Gollum. They contain no poisons so there is no harm
that can come to your pet. Wednesday (May 25th) I had my house sprayed for
fleas so once and for all my flea problems would be solved. But, as soon a I brought LOR back home he became very ill. He spent his last few days fighting for his life at the local vets. He never got over the initial poisoning with the Hartz’s and it made him become so sensitive to any other products. I cannot believe that a product is sold on the market that is so harmful to your pets. Why one cat got
better and one stayed so sick is a mystery. The only thing different was their ages.
Gollum was born in July and LOR was born in October. The product said it was safe for kittens and I trusted that it was. Now I have lost much sleep, spent every
waking minute and almost $1000.00 to save a cat that has lost it battle. I pray no
one else has to go through the 2 months of hell that I just went through. I lost a
wonderful little kitten who was just becoming the cutest little friend. Now I will never know how wonderful a friend he would have become. I have always had pets and I am proud to say all of them have died from old age. This has taught me not to buy not one item over the counter. If it doesn’t come from the vet or is a natural product it will not go in or on my pet.

bad reaction

i was putting the drops on my cats neck. i have two cats. about a day later,i noticed large clumps of hair laying around my house. the cats shed alot so i didnt think it was something to worry about. i noticed my black cat,mr bebe scratching his neck alot and i saw the amount of hair that was falling off. i looked and he had a patch of skin showing the size of a half doller and his nose was very hot. i took him to the vet, they gave him a shot and some antibiotics. the vet asked me what i had put on him. i told the vet i put the hartz flea drops on him. the vet informed me that earlier a woman had brought her cat in and the cat had died. the woman had been putting the drops on her vet told me not to use the hartz flea drops. ive used advantage or front line ever since. this happened a year ago. i had no idea that the drops were making so many animals sick.

Bio spot killed my cat

I have bought Biospot flea control from Drs Foster and Smiths web site many times and at the time thought it was a good product. I did notice that the last time I used it on our dog that he seemed to get very confused and stumbled around for a few days. I thought that he might be allergic so I changed to Frontline. I however did continue using the product made especially for cats on my cats.
Sunday I applied it to our outdoor cat who was perfectly healthy . By Tuesday evening I noticed she was lethargic and sounded different. On Wednesday she had trouble focusing her eyes and sounded awful, and appeared weak. That evening I gave her a bath to scrub off the Biospot and planned to take her to the vet as soon as it opened the next day. I never got the chance as she died that night. I know that Biospot killed her and am heartbroken that I am the one that poisoned her. This product is poison and I cannot understand why someone who calls themselves a vet would dare carry such a product. Too late I did a search on the internet and found many more cases where Biospot had killed or seriously injured pets. My vet says they have seen many similar cases also with tragic results. To whoever reads this PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET- IT CAN BE DEADLY!
I have written to Fosters and Smith and asked to return my unused portions for a refund, but noone can ever replace my cat who was a member of my family. I have also written the company asking that they take the product off the market or at least put strong warnings on the packages. I doubt seriously that I will be listened to as the bottom line is always money. If I can save one person from doing the same to their beloved pet it is well worth the time spent- please do not use BIOSPOT.
Sincerly, JoAnne Turner

3-in-1 fleas and ticks control product by Hartz

My two cats had muscle trembling, and their pupils were dilated the next day after being given the 3-in-1 fleas and ticks control product by Hartz on Wednesday evening 5/25/05. What have I done to my two cats!! They meowed so much as if they were crying. One of them seems to be recovering, but the other still has his ears twitching constantly. He hid underneath the couch or in dark corners. I hope both of them will recover soon.

I thought the worst thing about using over-the-counter stuff is that it just doesn’t work. I didn’t thing that it can possibly kill my cats. I learnt a lesson but unfortunately at the expense of my cats’ lives.


Good afternoon everyone.

I am one of the most recent victims of HARTZ’s awful line of products. I am going to attemp to filea lawsuit. I will be working with a veterinary malpractice attorney, hopefully. I am looking for other to go in on a class action lawsuit. I want my vet bills paid, I want damages for pain and suffering of my family and pets and finally, I want all HARTZ products taken off the market. I am sure others have tried in the past but I am a relentless human being and the pain I felt when my cat was suffering was unreal. I have 2 stories posted on this site one is called “Please Help my Dea” and the other hasn’t been posted yet. It is a continuation of the first. Please contact me via email for more information and any advice you may have. Thank you all so much for listening and I hope no one else ever has to go through anything like this again. This one’s for Dea!!!!

EMAIL ME AT [email protected]

From A Vets office

I worked in a Vet’s office and had a pet owner come in for an emergency visit after applying Hartz flea products. A young cat was dead and a cocker spaniel pup was blinded. I tell everyone to avoid the OTC products, consumers think that they are saving money, what is your pet worth?

People, wake up & get real

Hello Hartz victims, Below is 100 % truth

This is part vent, brutely honest and not for the faint of heart. Listen to these words I know what I am talking about. I have been fighting Hartz since 2001.
The cat victim is damaged but is living, for which I’m more than thankful for. Had he died I could have never been able to handle the guilt.

Now let me explain the big picture here. From the case numbers from Hartz and the Poision Control Center( PCC), I’m reasonably certain that there are well over 30,000 Hartz victims out there. That is a lot people.

Unfortunately, once your victimized,even if your pet dies, you may write some letters maybe make some phone calls, maybe join my Against Hartz group. You might get your Vet expenses back, but only if your pet lives. If Hartz offers to have an autopsy done and pay for it, it will be done at a Vet school Hartz donates millions to each year. The results WILL BE INCONCLUSIVVE! You will not get the remains back either.

By the way Sumitomo bought Hartz for 365 million dollars last year. I’d say Hartz is making unbelievable profits by injuring and killing our animal companions. Because Hartz flea products are PESTISIDES NOT DRUGS the EPA is how Hartz got to sell this poision to us.

Hartz donates major bucks to all the right places, vet schools, AKC, CFA you name it if it has to do with animals they have donated to it. Unfortunately $$$$ means so much to the people in charge to these major animal organizations, that they won’t say Hartz kills, but no breeder dog or cat I or anyone I know would ever use Hartz flea products.

I want everyone who reads this to say ” THANK YOU, JOSH! He’s the sole reason this web site is here and continues to be here to try an inform people before it’s to late about this horrible situation that kills and injures thousands of animals.

AgainstHartz which is one of my ways to do something to try to get this stopped isn’t a .com or .org So it’s harder to find on the net. Anytime I have asked anything of Josh regarding any stop Hartz project, he’s bent over backwards to help. He has my total respect and not many people do.

Facts from the poor petition that still doesn’t have enough signatures to do anygood to send, figuring nothing under 10,000 will even get noticed The petition was set up orginally by a person no longer involed in so,. rather than a manditory signature/ address, it has a place for comments if you want to make them. I read all of them and have collected these stats from those comment. I think it’s at 7298
Out of the 7175 signatures people have stated that :
1111 cats have required ER vet treatment to save thier lives,
224 cats have died,
99 dogs have required ER vet treatment,
50 dogs have died,

28 News stories
Amount for Vet costs for 63 victims $ 35,801.50 ( from 63 people)

Ok I did a news story in Los Angeles, I was in the only class action filed against Hartz, which turned out to be a joke. News stations who do stories Hartz slaps law suits on. Hartz has no moral integrity Hartz is evil because they say they care about animals, they do not. They have the $$$ to basicly do what ever they want to without any justice or control. No one person is going to be able to stop this I don’t think Bush could. But those 30,000 victims alot of whom come here cry out thier stories and don’t even leave a contact source, if magically they all stayed angry enough about this and all got together they may just be able to get this poisionoff the shelves. If not that they could save a ot of animals and thier owners from the fate far, far to many of us have had to deal with.

Get angry about this a major player is hurting and killing animals you love and costing you thousands of dollars, sometimesin vane to try to save your animals. Stray mad about this , don’t let this slide. Every time you think ” oh well I can’t doing anything, it’s hopeless , I don’t have the time”. You go back and read these pages or go to my site. I have some from kids who found thier animals having seziures or worse dead. Then you get yourself mad and you keep writing letters, and handing people flyers, making phone calls. You do something to anything you can. Tell people you see buying this stuff how dangerous it is. Save maybe just one animal and I promise you’ll feel a bite better about yourself and we will be a little bite closer to bringing Hartz down! Please don’t give up, we need you to do this and this has to happen. You want a a talk email me at any address below Put Hartz in the subject I’ll reply

[email protected], [email protected]

Hartz paid my vet bills

I am like all you you, and gave my cat the Hartz Flea and Tick Drops thinking that the product would be safe.
My cat immediately began to shake and salivate heavily. I brought her to the vet and he told me that every year, he gets a cat with this same reaction; and that this medicine is 10 times stronger than perscription “Frontline.”
Luckily, my cat survived, but has suffered permanent neurological damage.

I contacted Hartz, and after months of going back and forth, they did reimburse me for my vet bills. They denied all wrong-doing, but said that “as a gesture of goodwill, we are enclosing our check to reimburse you…”

Had I known so many others have fell victim to this company, I would have prusued this matter further.

If your pet has been hurt, make the effort to demand compensation from Hartz. Money cannot heal my cat, or take away the pain she had, but it will cause a pain to Hartz.

Yet another Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick victim…

Yes… another one… This sweet little girl that we adopted a few days ago is now fighting for her life due to Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick for Cats & Kittens. I followed the instructions to the letter and she became lethargic and eventually fell into tremors. We rushed her to the vet, where she is being cared for. She made it through the night and we hope she’ll make a full recovery. However, if we had not acted so quickly she would have certainly died. It is unacceptable that this product is on the market, as its effect is so unpredictable. We used it on one other cat at the same, and he lost some hair and had skin irritation. I will never buy another Hartz product as long as I live.

kitty convulsions from hartz!

my two dogs and two cats reacted very negatively to their hartz flea treatments yesterday. they were rubbing themselves on everything they could find to get it off. today the dogs seem to be alright but my biggest cat is twitching and convulsing, his eyes keep closing and his entire body is shaking!! he has tried aggressively to lick off the hartz and we have fed him some hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up and have rinsed off the nasty chemicals but he still is shaking uncontrollably and has facial twitches. 🙁 i hope he gets better. i’ve had him for 9 years.