I wrote the story on Marcy 6/7/07 my sweet cat passed away today 6/8/07 her seizures became so bad she dies around 3:00pm I am heart broken I feel apart of my family is gone I called hartz and they treated me like I was a number and she was a personal object told me to send them the vets report and bill this will not bring my marcy back I have cried and cried all evening I miss her purring and playing how could this happen I loved our cat and people need to know what hartz products do they killplease email me with any info to help get this killing stopped
[email protected]

HartGard FLea Drops

Well I bought HartGard Flea Drops for my 7 pound toy poodle and used them 2 days ago. She woke up the next morning with the most disgusting yellow liquid diarrhea ever. There had been no changes in her diet so I know this had to be the cause. I have bathed her twice and will Not be using these drops again. I hope she is okay and I Will be purchasing the expensive stuff from now on. Don’t buy this crap it’s not even worth it.


marcy was a vibrant healthy 3 year old cat as of 6/5/07 and on 6/6/7 nolonger a hartz flea collar may take my cats life i never knew that this could happen on 6/6/07 my cat bega to seixure shake all over and act so sick on 6/7/07 i took her to the vet and was told it was the flea collar and it was immediatley removed and she was given muscle relaxers and a special shampoo to wash her and if she is no better by 6/11/07 she goes back to the vet and they will determine if she has brain damage and if so she will have to be put to sleep we love this cat she is apart of our family hartz needs to be stopped I just pray marcy will be ok

Hartz UltraGuard plus 4in1 made my cat ill

I purchased this product at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. I applied it yesterday morning. My cat vomited in less than 30 minutes. She had not licked the product at all yet. Throughout the day, my husband noticed increased lethargy, drooling and continued vomiting. We called the vet, who immediatley knew what the problem was. We brought her in right away, she is still at the vet. We now have a bill of over $400.00 and do not know what will happen to our cat. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT AT ALL. OUR VET HAS SAID TELL EVERYONE TO THROW IT AWAY. THE LITTLE BIT OF MONEY AND TIME SAVED IS NOT WORTH YOUR PET’S LIFE.

Sergents Silver made my cats sick

My husband is severely allergic to fleas so last weekend i bot some Sergents Silver spot on flea & tic medicine. Now both of my cats are very ill. Gracie (1 1/2 years old) was very lethergic for 2 days, walking like she was very sore, not eating or drinking. Last night I got her to drink some water and this morning she actually got up on her own and ate and drank some water. My other cat Cleo (3 years old) is much bigger than Gracie so it took longer for it to affect her. All day yesterday all she did was lay around. She didn’t eat or drink. She wouldn’t even come out of the bedroom this morning. I can’t believe I have never heard of these flea medicines doing this to animals. I feel like a horrible "mom". I’m leaving work now to go home and bathe my babies.

Hopefully everything will be alright.

I went to Petco today to purchase some flea and tick treatment for our 1 yr old short hair pointer since he runs around a lot off lead in wooded areas. i bought the Hartz InControl product. We applied the tube to his back and then I decided to research the ingredients just out of curiosity.
Thankfully I came upon this website. When my dad came back from walking him we immediately gave him a bath. I don’t know if this is helped or not but most of the pesticide was still on his coat and not on his skin. It kind of started to cake there before we washed it off.
My family adopted him about a month ago when someone abandoned him in an alleyway for 2 weeks. Seeing that it has only been a month and I’m already attached to him I truly feel sorry for those that have lost pets due to the negligence of Hartz. I’m very thankful that I came upon this website and to all those that took the time out to write about their experiences so that they can help people like myself.
Not only will I not go near any Hartz flea and tick product but I will not purchase any of their other products.
Hopefully everything turns out well and I wake up tomorrow morning and following poisoning him because of the fact that I was too lazy to research the chemicals I was putting on him beforehand.
Again, I thank all those that make this website possible and tot hose that have shared their tragic experiences to educate others.

I poisioned my pup

I used Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo on my Polmaranian pup Sat. morning, by
Sat. afternoon he wouldn’t eat or drink and by evening was having seizures. After taking to the emergency vet brought him home, but continues with seizures, I poisioned my pup I feel so guilty and so angry I don’t know what to do, I have killed one of the most precious pups I have ever had. Why are they still putting this stuff on the shelves? I have never had so much disgust for a company and hope for the the worst that could possibly happen to it as I have for Hartz. If there was a way to go after this company I would do it but it won’t heal my pup. MAy Hartz rot in HELL.

Don’t use Hartz

I’ve been a vet. tech for almost a year now and cannot tell you how many cases of hartz poisioning I’ve seen. As a pet owner myself, I understand how expensive products like frontline and advantage are. Both products are worth it for the health of your pet. Did you know that the active ingredient in frontline was first used in Europe to cure head lice in infant children? A dog can ingest over a hundred tubes of frontline and be ok (Dont try it though). I own a small cat and a 5 pound chihuahua and the best cheat I have found is to use frontline spray on both. Its more cost efficent over time and lasts one month, just as long as frontline plus top spot. Spend the money for products that your vet recommends. After all, they did go to school to give your pet the best health care.

Hartz 2 in 1 flea dip Kills my Labrador

It started a year ago when we brought home some fleas from my fathers house. The next day I went to walmart and bought Hartz brand flea shampoo and the flea control drops. I washed and applied the drops to My Female 3 year old choclote lab. Never has she had any heath problems. She broke out on her hind at the base of the tail. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought she was biting at the fleas and making it worse. I then got her a E-collar. Problem solved. Last week the fleas came back and in a big way. I bought the Hartz 2 in1 flea dip and followed the directions to the last word. The following morning she was not as energetic when I went to feed her. I thought nothing was wrong though. When I arrived home from work that same day, she did’t come out to greet me. I went out back and that is when I knew something was wrong. She was lying in the kennel not moving and un responsive to my calls. She was lying in a pool of her own vomit and fecies, and barely breathing. Her eyes were drooping and covered in pus. I loaded her up in the car and rushed her to the Vet. Dr. Bailey asked me all sorts of questions about anything she could have gotten into and I told him there was nothing but her water dish, her food and the kiddie pool. The next morning he called me with the bad news that she never made it though the night. He told me that her symptoms were consistant with Pyrethrin Toxicosis. This happens to be the main ingredient in all hartz flea control products. and is very toxic to humans and animals. He said he could not tell for sure unless I had her body sent off to a lab and that it would cost around $400. I could not come up with the money. But both him and I are sure it was the pyrethrin that killed her. EPA or somebody needs to have this stuff yanked off the shelf of all public stores. I wish there was something that I could do, but whatever I do will not bring her back. My male labrador now will not go in the back yard or get in the kennel. He knows she is dead, and it seems he is the most depressed about this whole suituation. If there is anything I can do please contact me at [email protected] I want to see this stuff off of the shelf. It is way too toxic for anyone to handle or administer to their pets.