Bad experience with Hartz Flea & Tick Conditioning Shampoo

My name is Danielle, and I have had a scary experience with my pet after using the Hartz Flea & Tick Conditioning Shampoo. My story is a little different from most, because I was using this shampoo on my rabbit, not a cat. I discovered that my bunny had a few fleas and a tick on her head and by her nose. I wasn’t too worried about it because she’s often outside in my backyard running around with my two dogs. It’s quite a funny site to see! I thought that because of the heat and humidity, it was just a matter of time before she came across a flea or two. The day after I discovered this, I went to a local pet shop that I trust very much. I told them my story and they said to use this shampoo and that it was even safe for her. That night I went home and gave her a bath using the product. It wasn’t even a 1/2 hour later that I realized a difference in her. While I was holding her in her towels I noticed she seemed a little incoherent, and was having trouble keeping her eyes open. It wasn’t until I put her down on my family room floor that I saw the severity of the side effects. To get around she wouldn’t hop, but walk. And even with her walking she was dragging her back end behind her. I immediatley thought that she had hurt her back while I was bathing her, and could only think of the worst. I had a rabbit before that had died from a back injury, and I couldn’t seem to that memory out of my head. As soon as I saw this I had my dad come see. He informed that a lot of flea & tick products are toxic. After hearing this I began looking up possible side effects on the internet and found this website. I was amazed at the stories, and realized that most of the symptoms that Thumper was showing was identical to some of the animals in some victom’s stories. All I could do was wrap her up to try and keep her from cleaning herself, so that she didn’t injest anymore of this horrible product. While holding her, I noticed she wouldn’t stop shaking. I was so angry because I wasn’t going to have my bunny that has virtually lived forever die from a shampoo. She seemed to become more aware of what was going on around her and opened her eyes more and more. I sat her on the floor to see how she moved, and she started to hop like her normal self. Even though she’s still moving lethargically, I fortunatley still have her with me. I guess I’m just writing this so that people become aware of the horrible effects of these products. I can’t tell you how much sympothy I have for these people that have lost beloved pets from this shampoo. Just seeing Thumper acting that way for only a few hours, and thinking that she wouldn’t pull through was incredibly hard. If anybody has anymore horror stories while using these products feel free to e-mail me. My address is [email protected] Thanks for reading my story.

Hartz poisioning

I do not know the outcome of my cat’s life. She is at a vet, staying overnight. I put Hartz on her for fleas (have used this same product before) the next morning I found her in a closet shaking badly, so I rushed her to the vet and was told she had poisioning from the Hartz flea stuff.

Hartz flea

My sister put the Hartz flea product on the neck of her cat, thinking it was safe she then left to go out. When she returned she found the cat, his whole neck, all the way around was raw, red and bloody. She took him to the vet who told her this is a BAD product. The giant scab in now almost gone but his fur hasn’t startd to grow back yet.


I need as many people that I can get to get a lawsuit against Hartz… Both of our persian cats died yesterday after putting flea powder on them. Princess and Romeo both died!!! I won’t stop until they take this stuff off of the shelves. My daugther Courtney and myself have grieved all night; these were two beautiful indoor cats, that were never sick a day in their lives until we used these products from Hartz..

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I think my dog has become ill from the 4 in 1

I gave my dog the 4 in 1 drops two days ago and she has had bad diahrea all day today. We have not changed her food and we do not give her human food either. My dog is ALWAYS at my side so I know she has not gotten into anything! When my family leaves the house she comes with us so I know nothing else caused this. If anything happens to our family pet Hartz will NOT hear the end of it!

What Is Wrong With Hartz?

Yet again, Another story about the “hartz” company. Last night I purchased the 4 in One Flea & Tick Drops From Walmart… My cat was happy go lucky and “visible” I gave her 2 drops behind the ears and a stripe down the back of her “stripe” she was ok for about 3-4 hours… licking and cleaning herself (which I thought was normal) around 1-2 am I was layin in bed and I saw her try to get on the bed … she grabbed on with her claws and then slowly fell off.. I didnt think of anything at the time. till this morning I saw her shaking. Shes usually a very timid cat.. but always comes to me when I bring her “Temptations” (lol, another product that should be banned… not because its bad but because cats really love it; its the only treats she will eat) she didnt even seem interested in me or the temptations this morning. That is when I went on here “googled” …”Gave my cat hartz flea drops” and this site among others came up. I immediately gave my cat a bath (which she hated.. clawed ME to death) then i read a lil more.. found out that Hartz is “waterproof” so I gave her another bath and then gave her a little bit of milk (because she wasnt drinking anything else)… my husband then found a number on here to Hartz customer service?? While he was calling that number my Posey started vomiting.. This cat is my baby……. and I cant handle the fact that whatever is happening to her is all my fault. For buying that horrible product! Hartz customer service told us to give her a bath.. (we did that already) and that this was a “rare case” so to speak… IF ITS SO RARE HOW THE HECK DID SHE KNOW RIGHT AWAY WHAT ADVICE TO GIVE US?? she was very rude……. and if this many people (like the ones on this site) have a problem with this product why is it still be sold……. If anything happens to my cat… god forbid something dont happen to this HARTZ company!

My cat shadow got really sick for hartz flea & tick drops

In July of 2005 I was at the store and picked up flea & tick drops plus. I thought it would save me a couple of dollars & a trip to the vet to get flea drops. well I thought wrong. I applied the drops to my 2yr. old cat and a couple of hours after I applied the product he was acting funny. I did think nothing of it because he alway hates it when I put flea drops on him. The next morning I noticed he was digging at his neck and licking him self so I washed his neck with soap & water to try and get the flea drops off his hair & neck. I went to work and when I returned home he was twitching and he was very mean towards me. I knew something was very wrong with him, so I called the emergency clinic and told them that I used hartz flea & tick plus on him & I told them what was going on.
They told me to bring him in right away because if I didnt he could died. They told me that it would cost me around $800.00 to keep him in the hospital for treatment.
I told them I didnt have that kind of money. They then told me the min. that they could do would cost me $290.00. I didnt have that in my checking account. I then went out to my truck to call hartz to see if they were going to cover my vet bill. They told me I will have to send them the bill & they will review it and will get back to me in 4weeks. I told them I dont have the money to have my cat treated and that I would have to bring him home and hope he doesnt die on me because you people wont do anything to help. They said they were sorry but that how they do things. My bill for the emergency clinic was $137.00. The next day I brought him to his vet they checked him over and told me to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesnt get any worse. They said the poison has to work its way out of his system. That bill was $20.00. I sent the bills to hartz and I havent heard anything from them. DONT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!

Ate the finish on my wooden table!

I too fell victim to the “not wanting to pay too much money” spell that so many others have. I bought Hartz flea collars as well as the flea and tick spray. Two of my three cats had no reaction to the flea collars, but the third one looks just like the poor pictures of TJ. We have been to the vet for a shot of steroids and are on antibiotics for 7 days. As for the flea and tick spray, we did notice some lethargy, but fortunately that was all. It apparently could have been a lot worse. What is interesting, and a testiment to how horrible the spray is, is that where my cats layed on my dining room table after we used it on them, the finish has been eaten away. I not only worry that my cats have now injested the spray, but also the varnish from the table. ANYTHING that can eat the finish on a table is not worth putting on any pet’s skin!

This Product Nearly Killed My Cat!

I was so fed up being bitten by my cat’s fleas, so I went to the local Stop and Shop supermarket at 10pm (the vet’s office being closed for the evening) to pick up some sort of flea remedy. The only brand was Hartz, so I bought the 4 in 1 Flea and Tick Drops +, thinking it would work just like the Frontline flea drops I had used on my cat several months back. I went to bed thinking everything was ok, and when I woke up, my cat was trembling and shaking like she had Parkinson’s disease. She was lethargic, she couldn’t walk straight, she didn’t even have enough energy to walk down 6 steps. I let her outside to get some fresh air, and she was restless, walking crookedly and weakly, pacing around and around. When I called the vet, the first thing they asked was “Is it a Hartz product?”. I took her in and they are giving her a bath with Dawn dish soap, IV fluids, and medicine to help with the neurological problems/tremblings.

I feel like killing myself for putting this product on my cat. I wanted a quick fix and it nearly killed her. They should have a gigantic label on the front of the package that says MAY CAUSE SEVERE REACTIONS, TREMBLING, DEATH, etc. She is over 10 years old, and of average weight, and I cannot imagine the reaction a kitten would have.

I called the Hartz customer service line, they took my information and gave me instructions towards possibly getting reinbursement for my cat’s medical bills. I called the Stop and Shop where I bought it and pleaded with them to take the product off the shelves. This is a toxic pesticide that is not suitable for pets! I am so sick over this!!!

Immediate Action From Use of Drops

I am old military man that was taught immediate action from coming in contact with Nerve Agents. Basically that is what all of these drops are. In one form or another they are all Nerve Agents that attack a fleas nervous system or reproductive system. Once you see the systems that resemble a drunken sailor or a drunk going thru DT’s, this should give you some idea there is something attacking your pet. Immediate Action in the military was to wash the chemical off to prevent further absorbtion thru the skin. Neutralize any residue. Reccomend you fill a tub with 4-5 inches of cool water, not hot, not extreme cold. This is where you need a helping hand, one person hold the animal in the tub, another use a plastic drinking cup filled with water and squirt about 2 tablespoons of Dawn Liquid dish soap. Pour across the animal vigorously rub animal across the area the drops were put around neck,back and butt. Do this about 3 times but each time cover more and more body parts including paws belly and inside ears. Animals scatch this stuff and get the poison everywhere. Rinse Rinse and more rinse throughly between each washing. Do not cut the animal loose it may hurt it self running in a wet and dizzy state. Wrap in a thick towel and get the animal dry and warm. Your not done yet. The animal must be dry. Get a box of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) and coat the animal heavily, rub it in then shake it off at least twice leaving a good coat of the Baking Soda on the animal, this will absorb and help neutralize any residue still on the animal coat or skin. Hopefully you caught it in time and the animal has a strong enough system to fight it. Usally within 1-2 hours you should see improvement. A good sign is drinking or eating. Keep the animal warm and encourage some activity for 1-3 hours. The circulatory system cleans itself pretty quick as long as the poison has been removed throughly. Any chemical absorbed through the skin can possibly have longer term affects if it is not caught soon enough. I have had with pets before and they all survived. I have 3 cats 4 dogs 3 birds, my advice no chemical that you would not put on a human infant. PREvention!!! Good Luck, An Old Soldier