hartz killed my cat

my cat was treated with hartz flea treatment last night. Today I got a call from the vet saying he died of internal bleeding. It caused him to seizure and loose control of his nervous system. I will never forgive myself for giving it to him.

Cat Flea & Tick Spray

I used the Hartz Cat Flea & Tick Spray

on my 4-year old cat. A day later, I noticed she was acting VERY odd (even for her). She would dart from one side of the room to the next at any little sound, and I also noticed that she was drooling profusely. By day three, I noticed that she wouldn’t raise her head to look at something, and it looked as if her head was slumped over her left shoulder. After further investigation, it was apparent she could barely move her head, if at all. I called my vet and she told me to give her a bath immediately and to get the flea spray off of her fur. I did, and she seemed better by the end of the week. She was moving her head like normal, and she seemed like her playful self again, so I thought it was all over.

Two weeks later (yesterday) I noticed my cat wasn’t around much, and her food bowl was nearly full. I found her lying on the floor. She had died sometime after I had fed her Saturday night. Her muscle mass was normal, so she had not been dehydrated; she was lying in a pool of her own drool which suggests neurological disfunction, most likely from poisioning.

My 2 cats affected- possible solutions I am trying

I used Hartz one spot on my two cats (1 yr old 6 pnds) and (6 yr old 12 pnds) two weeks ago. BOTH cats are now missing fur in the area where the hartz POISON was applied. Both cats have developed itching swelling and scabs in those areas where it was applied. My six year old cat has been lethargic, does not want to be touched, and BOTH cats drink ALOT of water all of a sudden- All symptoms reported by other pet owners here on this site. I thought perhaps the cats were just having problems with fleas WHICH BY THE WAY ARE STILL PRESENT… I happened upon this site after realizing that the areas where they are missing fur are the areas I applied the hartz.
Now, the ONLY reason I believe these cats are not dead or Even worse off is because I SPLIT the dose between them… Yes, I split ONE TUBE for the both of them, as I HATE to use chemicals on my cats..
NOTWITHSTANDING my kitties are having a VERY hard time- especially the older one.
My theory is that ONE: The younger, lighter kitty drank alot of milk that had accidentally spilled onto the floor about 2 hours after I put the Hartz one spot on her.
Milk is often used immediately after accidental poisonings. My older, heavier cat did not drink the milk.

I have not bathed them yet as I just found the site, and will do so tonight.


I am going to call them first to explain the situation, but, being familiar with human detox kits I think this may help the kitties tremendously. I am making sure to use a kit SPECIFICALLY designed for PETS ONLY.. Will report back the results, please, if anyone else has had or does have any luck with such, reply to my post.

I also just gave my older cat some yoghurt to coat her stomach and try and replace some of the naturally occuring flora which helps her digestive system…Healthy bacteria cultures in the yoghurt should help, and I am quite sure anything that was in her system has been killed off by the pesticides used by hartz.

THIS IS HORRIFYING and I hope Hartz is shut down for good sometime soon.

cat at death’s door

I put flea drops on my cat and she is certainly poisoned, shakes and can barely walk. She’s super sensitive to noises and bolts and falls. I researched the morning after and found this site unfortunately too late. I can’t afford a vet. At least some of the stories gave me hope that my cat may survive this. She’s drinking lots, eating salmon and I’m bathing her repeatedly. I will keep praying for her and all the other animals that have suffered, Cathy Hershey

My cat is very sick now. Nothing I can do.

Well about four days ago we gave our cat Sophia, Hartz OneSpot. Flea and tick product. Ever since she has been feeling ill. Basically shes lethargic. She does not really move unless its to eat a little bit or drink a little bit. Oh and to use the litter box still. She also seems really sensitive to touch. She growls if I touch her too much. I thought at first that it was kind of a temporary side effect or what not. But I noticed her getting worse and worse. We called a vet and basically they said all we can do for her is bathe her and keep her warm and hope for the best. So to save us some money they told us thats all we could do and thats all they would do.
Im feeling very angry and sad because my baby is sick and theres nothing I can do but be patient. Im not a patient person. I also feel guilty for even giving it to her. I cant lose her. I will be filing those complaints. I will spread the word about these products and their effects. It would be a crime not to do so.
Thanks for listening.

Stephanie from Rockville Connecticut.

Hartz didn’t kill the fleas, but it nearly killed my cat

I had lived in the same rental home for a few years with no flea problems, but in 2003 we got a cat and a flea outbreak. We were itchy and needed a solution.

My family had used Hartz Flea Soap on our dogs when I was a kid, and I’d never heard anything bad about the brand. So I picked up a couple of Hartz products at the store — a topical product for Jackal, and a spray-on product for the carpet and furniture. It’s been so long, I couldn’t tell you exactly what we got, but I had faith (ill-placed, apparently) that Hartz was safe and reputable. Jackal was roughly a year old, and the products seemed to be indicated as fine for adult cats. We treated everything — the cat, the sofa, the carpets, bedding, etc. The house was stinky, but that would be a small price to pay for no more fleas!

About 12 hours after using the products, we noticed that Jackal was shivering. Something wasn’t right — she was shaking and seemed unsteady on her legs. She made low moaning noises and we immediately panicked. This was not the usual behavior of our healthy kitten! We sacrificed our themometer and took her rectal temperature, which was quite high. So it was time for an emergency vet visit.

The vet ran blood panels and did a physical exam. He couldn’t find signs of any specific illness, and thought that she seemed to be reacting to a poison. When we told him about the flea chemicals, he came to the conclusion that they were the root of the problem. Jackal got two baths, steroid shots, and a lot of nutritive paste to get her back on her feet. We threw out a lot of belongings that had been treated with the flea spray, and cleaned everything else thoroughly. And we still had fleas.

We feel very lucky that Jackal was alright at the end of this ordeal — clearly, these products are toxic and have contributed to the sickness and death of other animals. We switched to Advantage soon after the incident, and have never had fleas (or a poisoning) since.

I recently started a job with a cat-loving officemate, and she lost one of her kitties to a flea product poisoning. I don’t know if it was Hartz, but it was a drugstore topical treatment for fleas. Her sister, a vet, instructed her to bathe the cat immediately… and the poor thing died in the middle of the bath.

It devastates me to see other cats suffering similar fates, and Hartz building their business.

Hartz Food Killed Our Rat

We just buried my roommate’s pet rat. The food he was eating was so hard that his teeth got broken off, and he swallowed them. When we found him in is cage, he was barely moving and would not respond to us. The poor baby wasn’t even six months old yet. We had feeding him LM Animal Farms Classic Mouse and Rat Food. When we got him out of the cage, we started looking up the food online to see if it was the problem because the rat had diarrhea. It’s a Hartz brand, but Hartz doesn’t list it on their website anywhere and you can’t find it to buy it anywhere online at all. It’s almost looks like they want to make it disappear. Something was wrong with that food, and now Hartz has claimed another life. I know this isn’t connected to the flea and tick products on this website, but it is another Hartz victim. And now my roommate has lost her best friend.

Two Puppies Die from a bath with Hartz Shampoo

We gave our 2 month old Jack Russell puppies a bath with Hartz dog shampoo. Within a half an hour, the littlest one had a seizure and died. It couldn’t walk or drink or anything. We weren’t sure what was happening, and she was gone.

Shortly down the road and the second puppy progressively got worse everyday. I honestly believe it was from the shampoo. Her chest area was bulging but her stomach was real thin. (even after she ate) I thought it was strange, but now I know that she was sick from the shampoo. The poison in the shampoo killed both of them.

Unfortunately, we found this site after the fact. But I thank God you are making people aware. After all, the dog breeder we got our pups from now know to warn others, and I am sure have saved several animals lives from hartzvictims.org Thanks. Melissa [email protected]

11 wk old kitty with hair loss

I just recently adopted a kitten from the local amimal shelter, and when i got home i noticed she had a good bit of fleas. I was out of town for the holidays, so i wanted to get rid of her fleas before i brought her back to my home in Florida, because i have a dog as well, and i didnt want Gena(the kitten) to give fleas to Lucy(the dog). So as a last minute decision i went to Walmart at like 9pm, to get some of the Hartz for Gena. I figured I’d used the flea collar on Lucy so I didnt think twice of harm being done. Well the next day, my boyfriend had to take his cat to the vet bc of an injury. So while he was there he asked the vet what else we could use on Gena to get rid of her fleas. He didnt mention the Hartz he just said we’d tried some things that didnt work. We used the product that is the same concept as Frontline. I dont remember the name. Well the vet gave my boyfriend one dosage of Advantage. Well on our way back to FL, my boyfriend called me and told me that Gena had a bald spot on her back where we had put the flea medicine. We didnt think much of it, we just figured it was too strong for her fine hair. But when we got home i called the emergency vet and asked them if that was normal. I told them we had used Hartz and Advantage, explaining that hartz did not work and advanced seemed to be the one that knocked off the fleas. But as soon as i mentioned the name Hartz, she told me never to use that product again!! She also asked me if there were other symptoms besides the hair loss. and i said no….I felt so guilty about it! i wanted to go back and take it back! I wish I would have waited to get Frontline. But i researched it more the next morning, and i found this website, that explained that more could happen. So i’m thankful that thats all that happened, but i’m still very angry and guilty. I hope her hair will grow back, i’ve been told that its not gauranteed. She does have peach fuzz on the bald spot, but its very tough and has some pus. So i’ve been washing it with antibacterial soap, and putting neosporin on it. Shes goin to the vet for her first shots and stuff so, hopefully the vet will have something better to do to help it. If anyone has anymore info on what i can do to help her injury, please please please let me know!!

Shes my first kitten and i feel so terrible about what i have put her through, even tho she is not suffering from anything neurological. Just a bald spot, but still its a terrible feeling everytime i see it. Please help.

I cannot even believe that will all these problems its still on the market! It just shows what people will go to to make money!! I hate it!! We need to get this stuff off of the market!!

Flea meds caused skin damage

Recently I used to hartz flea drops on my cats. I noticed they were trying to get it off of themselves as much as possible, and the next day the flea dirt (digested blood bits) seemed worse. I washed the cats who were reacting the worst, and went to the vet and bought the Advantage flea control. When I went to apply this to the younger of my two males, I noticed that he had blisters and his skin was peeling off where I had applied the Hartz product. I think this company should be put out of business!