Bootsie-A Senseless, Cruel, & painful end to an innocent Pet

First of all, I am writing this for my mother (as my mother until the end) as she doesn’t have computer access at this time. She lives in a rural section of Vancouver, Wa. The email address is for me as well, and I will forward any information received.

In October 2002, Bootsie, my mom’s Llhasa Apso, was scratching a lot, and after checking, found that she had fleas. I have owned pets off and on for the better part of my life, and, to help my pet, I went to the store, and chose a product that I felt had a name built up, and (I thought) had a safe, and proven product line. HARTZ.
I chose The blockade spray for pets and carpets as she was primarily an indoor dog.

I sprayed the dog according to the directions, and my carpet as well, and went on about my day reassuring Bootsie that those nasty fleas would stop biting her soon enough.

A while later, I came into the house and found that my dog had had some “accidents”
Vomiting and diarrhea. She was acting very peculiar, and I became very worried.
I picked her up and tried to comfort her/and clean her up. She began having seizures!

I called my vet right away and they said to get her in there ASAP! We did.
The vet did their best to treat her symptoms, and stop the seizures, and finally, they stopped for a while. The vet said that she had sustained severe damage, and they didn?t know if it was permanent or temporary. She had trouble remembering ?how to goto the bathroom?, she had trouble eating/swallowing her food. Bootsie was blind and deaf, and was ?scared to death? She didn?t even recognize my mother by other senses such as her scent. They went home with her and tried to make her as comfortable as possible, but she began having seizures again, and crying and crying. Nothing was helping. The vet prescribed medicines, but they worked only temporarily. The carpets and furniture were cleaned to try to remove any residue from the sprayed product as it was possibly causing additional trauma to Bootsie.

Finally, October 27, 2002, we took Bootsie into the vet and had her euthanized. The vet said there was nothing else they could do, and that the seizures (gran mal they were called) had done irrepairable damage. She would simply continue to deteriorate, and the most humane thing to do was let her go!
Bootsie was 1 ? years old and weighed all of 7pounds. She is survived by her ?mother? Angel, and her ?father? Blake.

A report of the vet?s findings concluding that the Hartz product was indeed responsible for poisoning Bootsie. They even gave a copy of the lab results to my mom. Mom then wrote a letter to Hartz, and sent copies of the information given to her by the vet, including the bill, $430.00. Hartz replied that the information submitted was inconclusive, and they were not liable for anything at all. Sorry for the loss.

My mother is a middle aged woman who is permanently disabled and living on a fixed income. Her dog was a loyal companion to her and this has caused a great deal of trauma, grief, and sorrow in her home. If she has to get rid of fleas, what is she supposed to do? Hartz is supposed to be one of the safest product lines in the business, but after doing some research, I find that they are not as safe as the consumer is led to believe.
Please help my mother. She is not asking for the moon, only just compensation.
Please contact her at the number and/or address I?ve provided as she can provide more details/information/documentation.


Toni Vadala

I am hoping to help my mother in some way, as not only did she lose a pet that was very dear to her, she is financially burdened, and had great difficulty paying this enormous vet bill along with her other bills. She is only asking for just compensation for the vet, and the loss of Bootsie.
Nothing less, nothing more.

Both Cats at Vet…Hartz Plus is Dangerous!

We recently moved to a new state and were told that our cats should have flee medication, as they were in abundance here. Both of our cats are 7 years old. I was at my local pet supply store and purchased the Hartz Plus for both of them. Sunday night, we applied it to both of their scruffs (following directions to the letter). Monday, after our vet told us that we shouldn’t use that product with children in the house, we decided to wash it off both of them. Too late…one of them had a massive burn around the application site and had lost all the hair there. The other one appeared fine, but a little tired. We hoped that washing it off would work. Today, I woke up early and discovered the one with the burn patch had gotten much worse and was twitching her ears and bobbing her head. The other one still seemed fine. I rushed the sick one to the vet and had to leave her there for treatment. This afternoon, I came upon the other one having seizures. She is now at the vet as well. I found this website and now I am just sick. I wish I would have investigated this before giving them Hartz. Our vet said that Hartz is paying the $40 I was charged for the vet to call Poision Control and the office exam! I was surprised by that. I have no idea how much this is going to cost me in the end, but I am on a mission to let everyone know that Hartz is DANGEROUS! I took photos of the burned area and plan to take them to the store where I purchased this product. I am sure it will make little difference, but I have to do something. I will keep you posted on their health once they return home. Both of these cats were healthy before this incident. I am very angry that such a product is being sold to unsuspecting consumers.
Guinness and EleEle’s owner

a very unique orphan may or may not die tonight

tonight, my little 8 month old kitten fights for her life in an emergency vet clinic because i used hartz brand flea drops on her. she had an almost fatal beginning to her life. i volunteered for a local rescue group and we recieved a call that a small kitten was living wild in a pile of large stones next to an apartment complex. my friend and I went on the rescue. what we found was terrible. this baby was one of three ( from what we could count) littermates. her mother was hit by a vehicle and her littermates starved. this tiny little one was literally eating her dead littermates to stay alive. she was a survivor with a tremendous will to live. she was also an orange tabby. which is rare to have an orange female. they’re usually male. this one was also a quadroped, ( has six toes) however this little one had EIGHT toes on each foot. usually we will allow their strength to recover and give the kittens the “work-up” before allowing adoption. however, i took this one home and for five weeks, woke up every three hours to give her the necessary feedings for such a tiny kitten. ( she was only 2-3 weeks old upon rescue) she has since grown to be a perfectly kind and healthy kitten and wants only to relax and be loved. we have small children in our house and she would never even think of harming them.. seems to be the perfect feline.

last night i noticed fleas on her and went to get her flea drops. I bought them, administered them by the exact directions in the package and this afternoon i found her in the midst of a severe sezure in front of my 6 yr. old. now, we have already paid $200.00 and will most likely have to pay the same amount more for the overnight stay. needless to say i’ll have to find the money to pay this bill somehow, because we had exactly $209.00 in our account before this happened. i am upset about the money, however there is a very precious kitten literally fighting for life once again because hartz refuses to take it’s products off the shelves. i am well aware that they knew about the poisonings that occured in pets from their products. why didn’t they just have a recall?? why did they keep this product on the shelves KNOWING what it does to our precious pets?? i WILL take action against this company. BBB will be called in the morning and a report filed. Hartz will be called and i will not rest until our pets are safe from their harm.

Hartz flea spray

I just found this website and wanted to share my story about Hartz products. A few years back, I bought a Hartz flea spray at WalMart for my rat terrier. I used it according to instructions. About 15 minutes after I sprayed my dog she tried to walk across the room and kept falling on her side and her eyes were rolling back into her head. I immediately called the emergency vet service we have and was told to dilute the spray by bathing her and if that didn’t help her then to bring her in asap. Bathing her helped and she returned to normal within minutes. I returned the spray to WalMart and told them what happened and they said that they had alot of complaints about the Hartz products.

Hartz Flea Drops are Deadly

Last summer, I purchased Hartz Flea & Tick Drops Plus from Walmart and applied it according to directions on our three cats. Within a few hours, one cat (2 yrs old) was staggering and undergoing serious seizures. Another cat (1 yr old) had similar, but much milder symptoms.

Our vet was contacted and urged us to immediately bathe the cats to remove the flee drops. The first cat’s life was in jeopardy and she had to be admitted — the vet bill was estimated at $300 to save her life. We could not afford the treatment, so as my crying teenage daughter held her convulsing cat, we made the sad decision to have the cat put to sleep.

The vet got on the phone to Hartz and was told by the Hartz rep that the drops are safe — that this toxicity incident was most unusual. Our vet was irate as she has personally witnessed animals die from these Harts drop applications. Her persistance got her through to the Hartz doctor on staff who authorized a full reimbursement for our vet bill. So our cat was treated — and her life was saved. But in the end we lost her. There were men working nearby cutting trees as we retrieved her from the vet clinic — and the noise so frightened the cat that even in a severely weakened state, she burst from my daughter’s arms and ran across the freeway behind the clinic. A year later, she remains lost.

Our second cat experienced twitches in his eyes and unsteady walking for a several weeks following the application with the Hartz drops even though we bathed him within hours to remove the medication.

Our vet (Dr. Peggy Leishar from Sycamore Vetrinary Clinic in Joelton, TN) will gladly verify this incident. Her office has a large news article documenting a great number of toxicity indicents due to Hartz and similar flea drop products.

I emailed Walmart to notify them of the danger of this product that they stock in all their stores, but received no response. My daughter and I were absolutely devasted that our efforts to kill fleas nearly cost our cats their lives. We are upset that so many respectable stores carry this Hartz flea drop product. Our vet explained that the Hartz product enters the cat’s bloodstream and does a poor job protecting against fleas. It is difficult to understand how a company dedicated to pet care would produce and market such a cruel product.

We are now using Advantage Flea drops recommended by our vet and our cats have no adverse reaction.

Sincerely yours,
Marjorie Lewis
Pleasant View, TN

rather keep the fleas

i usually give my cat frontline when i see she has fleas but now living in a military base i don’t have much choice as cat products. i found hartz care flea and tick drops and decided to give it a try. the first difference i noted between frontline and this product was that frontline limits application to neck area or between shoulder blades while this one was suggesting to put it all the way in a straight line from neck to base of tail. so i did like they say.
my cat was o.k. first day but now a day afterwards she has itching and tries desperately to lick it off. so i decided to bath her like the lable instructs with mild soap and plenty of water. -didn’t work- today she is still scratching and bleeding in all the area i applied the product. i went on-line and noticed that i have an old version of their product, they changed the instructions newer version says to apply like frontline to only neck area.
i rather keep the fleas and see her scratch once in a while that seeing her scratch all day and bleeding.
-and they call this formula gentle!-

A Hartz flea collar almost killed more than just fleas!

My cats name is Shadow. Last week I purchased a Hartz flea collar (as I always do this time of year) and 6 hours later he started howling and limping. he also was running into walls and was very, aggitated. I took him to my veterinarian Dr. Gaylon Simms here in Pell City and was told he had a stroke. He is paralyzed all the way down his right side. We take life day by day, he seems to be responding well to the medication, although we still have a long road ahead of us. I cannot imagine life without my “best friend”. Dr.Simms and I think it was the flea collar ( it was the only “new” thing done or given to him). Dr. Chastain, also here in Pell City, just had a similar case reguarding a Hartz flea collar, that story does not have a happy ending. Please DO NOT use Hartz products until we can find out what is hurting and killing our precious pets!

Hartz apparent harm to my Boxer

Bradley is an 89 lb 4 year old previously healthy Boxer. Started using Hartz Once-a-Month Flea & Tick drops UPC 3270098085 two months ago because it was cheaper than Frontline at Walmart. Shortly after the first application Bradley experienced a seizure like episode that appeared that he was in a zombi like trance condition. a few days later his previously beautiful brown coat became discolored with black and bleached out streaks and blotches only on both sides of where the Once-a-Month was applied as per instructions. The loss of hair and discoloration has continued for 2 months. Yesterday I applied the 3rd dose of the third month treatment at 5PM. About 5 hours later he began panting very heavily and drinking large amounts of water even though it was only 55-60 degrees. He stared out in space, again in the zombi like state, with no energy and would almost collapse, fall and stumble at times. He was panting like it was 100 degrees with his tongue hanging out as far as it would go. After providing as much comfort as possible over night he appeared himself the next day, almost. He is still panting more than the temperature would dictate. At this point after reading the information on this site and another, I have scrubbed the Once-a-Month off while also losing 3 big clumps of hair on a short haired boxer. You may have saved Bradley’s life. In any case thanks for making me aware of the danger. I would never have known other wise. My vet has dismissed it as a possible hormone change or allergy. It only happened after application of Once-a-Month.