1year female pit

Used this on my dog when I first got her just to make sure she was clean, and to help try prevent any fleas/ make sure she hadn’t already had some on her. Ever since then she has been scratching so much she’s shedding horribly and licking or chewing around tail and lower back area.

My baby

My baby was a yorkie .she had 4 babbies.but she got fleas break bad so I got her a flea collar.the one I got her was Hurtzs .she had it on for one day and it started to take the hair off her neck.She got real sick I ended up taking her to the vet.Long story short she is blind and deaf case of that stupid flea collar

Dog and cat died

Had a dog and cat die after using that product and also the flea spot treatment put a cat into seizures and died and flea collar also kills ,I wrote the company and they never got back with me but I have tried spreading it to my friends and family not to use the products!.my email is [email protected]

My yorkie almost doed

My 3 month old yorkie had to be rushed to the emergency after her bath with this shampoo. She couldn’t stand she would just fall over and drool like crazy. Also wheezing. It was so scary . They are keeping her over night to watch for seizures.

My Persian cat has never been the same

My Persian cat “Peenie” (very tiny) wore a hertz flea collar 2 years ago and now has loss of hair, tremors, and can only sometimes clean herself (most of the time she licks her paw and waves the air missing her face. I will never put a flea collar on any of my pets again!!!

Kazon 5yr old pittie

Kazon my husband’s 5 yr old pitbull was washed with Hartz sensitive skin vanilla oatmeal with in two days his hair was falling out he had quit eating and would drink constantly to the point of vomiting we took him to the vet they kept him over night went the next day to pick him up the vet said he had suffered chemical burns down his back it permanently affected his kidneys and liver functions it left a permanent scar down his back


My Pitbull Lizzie has had chemical burns and really bad skin reactions , could figure out why. Then realized it flared back up everytime I washed her with that shampoo. I’m so glad I know now and have thrown that away. She’s on an antibiotic cream from her vet till it goes away. Could find anymore pictures of her skin. But it was all over her underside and partially into her fur

This Product killed our cat!!!

We had recently just got a puppy and used your product on our puppy and our cat was so happy and healthy. He loved playing with the puppy. He even had his own room to go to if he got tired of the puppy. Well we had never seen him act like this before he became very lethargic and stopped both eating and drinking even after us trying to get fluids in him ourselves. The next day we found our cat dead on our living room floor. We will never buy your products again. We lost our baby kitty who we raised from 6 weeks because of your products. From one upset cat mom.

Unbelievable and Outraged

I had a older golden retriever of good health and a 2 year old labradoodle who basically up and died on me in the same way, a few years ago. My golden who just got a clean bill of health from the vet the week before was very lethargic and week, I took him to an emergency vet, who could not figure out what was wrong, I took him home. He started having seizers, and died at the end of my bed. I did not know my doodle was sick. I found him dead in my closet in the morning. Another time I had used flea medicine on my cats, the drops, and I remember that is smelled so bad, like I had dumped a bottle of pesticide on them, that I knew it did not smell right, so I immediately washed them to get it all off, good thing I did, or I may have not had my cats, either. This is horrible. My hear goes out to all the people who have lost their pets so unnecessarily, like my Tuffy, I had him since he was six weeks old, and he died horribly, and my angle Sully, who never had a chance.

My sweet baby

I had a puppy after using this product die I thought it was something I done or hadn’t done I have beaten myself up over her death I have cried and cried now I am so relieved that it wasn’t something I had done it was a product I bought to protect her against fleas ugh