Sergeant flea shampoo poisoned my dog!

On Sunday I gave my 5 month old female boxer a bath. I used sergeant flea and tick shampoo. Like all of u I believed that since it was such a popular product. Sold in almost every store. That it was a safe product and it was affordable too. But now that I’ve seen the horror and read hundreds of horror stories that people all over have shared about this product. It is now time to figure out some way to not only have these products removed..but also the pet owners who have had to spend hundreds of dollars to save their beloved pets lives need to be compensated. If we had the money to spend on the safer veterinary approved products. Then we would have purchased them instead but many of us are on limited income and it’s not right that those who are poor have to endure the pain of watching our beloved pets ( aka family members) suffer and possible die due to a product made Easily accessible and affordable..that is poisonous and has no antidote! I’m on day 2 of watching my beloved baby girl suffer and scream out in pain! And even though I don’t have any money to get her proper vet care..i have been in contact with a wonderful vet near me and he gave me detailed instructions and told me that whatbive been doing is exactly what would be done to her at his clinic. He also told me there was no antidote for her poisoning and it will run it’s its course in a few days..and even though I deeply appreciated this vets advice..instructions..and the time he took to be there for me in on this time of need..i am outraged as to why this product is allowed to be purchased without a damn antidote!!! Who are these people who are supposed to keep us as consumers safe from buying potentially harmful products?? Why aren’t they doing their jobs to protect us and our families and pets?? Why hasn’t anything been done to stop this?? I’ve never in my whole life been as scared and heartbroken as I am right now having to watch the love of my life suffer and scream out in pain because of something I done to her!! I’m including this video with this post I hope maybe someone will see it and think twice before using these poisonous products again!!!

Almost lost her…

Last night I used Hartz product (Tick and flea repellent Ultra Guard Pro) on my cat. I only used half the dose and 15 minutes later she she was screaming, trying to lick it off her neck and her breathing was very labored. I rushed her into the shower to rinse what I could off of her and immediately went to the ER Vet. She suffered a chemical burn and possibly may have stomach issues because it looked like she was able to lick some of it and it burned her gums! The staff at the emergency veterinarian hospital told me they had two dogs there right now admitted for use of this product as well as 7 other cats that week for use of this product!! I wish I would have done more research before using this product. Today is day one of recovery on pain meds and stomach meds to avoid an ulcer.

Not just flea and tick meds – R-7 EAR Mite also poison

My wife purchased Miracle care R-7 ear mite treatment solution
from Petco. Immediately after using our can started having seizures. Took him to a vet – no surprise at all – they diagnosed
him with pyrethrin poisoning. After spending whole day at the vet he is getting better but vets told us that he is still in danger of the organ failure and death. Vet told us that this stuff should not be selling and they have people coming in all the time with the poisoning. Please beware!


My Cat was given the drops HARTZ Flea and Tick ultra Guard pro.
I came home from work at 430 pm and he was meowing to me when i came in the door. I rinsed off the med on his neck with blue dawn. rushed him to the vet, the vet gave him atropine and over night IV. I picked him up and had him laying on my chest for 5 1/2 hrs before he died a horrific death of growling,-my cat never did that before death- he purred his whole life, walked without a leash on the sidewalk by my side…a REAL love of my life….then he died on my chest. I have it on video……I have PTSD, Cant sleep and when i do i cant go back because i think of him living his sweet life and dying by A PRODUCT I THOUGHT WAS SAFE……BTW, I HAVE HAD HIM BIOPSIED AND NECROPSIED, and he is in MY FREEZER. cant let him go….waiting on biopsy to start lawsuit…. ect…HARTZ BROKE MY HEART BY KILLING MY “BUDDY”….please send me a text if you read this, if it happened to your pet…..i need letters to go to court to get a slam dunk on these Basterds….HARTZ….


My best BUD, BUDDY MY 16 yr 3 mo, 3 wk,3 days…HARTZ PRODUCT KILLED MY CAT after using ULTRA GUARD PRO FLEA AND TICK DROPS….I rushed him to the vet after i got home around 430pm on 6-23-17…they put atropine and IV solution. overnight did not help. I picked him up at 9am sat, he died a horrible growling death in my arms 5 1/2 hrs later. i got him biopsy and necropsy and am suing HARTZ……I have PTSD because of this, so much emotional pain and suffering. i have him in my freezer….he was cross country 20 times, walked with no leash on his own in fla…ect..

Hartz Ultraguard Plus for cats

We gave one dose of this product to our cat 5 days ago. Other than the fleas we were treating him for, he was an otherwise perfectly healthy, active cat. 2 days ago, he became somewhat lethargic, but we had been told flea medications can sometimes make pets feel a bit ill initially, so we assumed that’s all it was. Today he rapidly worsened, started having trouble breathing, and died on the way to the animal hospital. I wish I had thought to google this product before ever trying it, but you assume if it’s for sale across national retailers and it’s a name you recognize, that it must be safe.


Tbis stuff gave my cat toxicity. She is now in the vet fighting for her life. They said she ate something that she didn’t need to that was poisonous to cats. She is alert but still have seizures but they have given her medicine for it. They are keeping her again today and tonight to see how she does but if we wanted we could come visit her. She is walking and alert but wobbling. Our house is cleaned didn’t find anything she could have eaten. They asked us if we used this product and we had a few days before. I am not happy.