My precious Huckleberry died right after giving him a bath

I gave my 4 month old puppy a bath with Hartz Groomers Best with oatmeal at 10:30 pm tonight. My baby died in my brother in laws arms while he tried desperately to resuscitate him at 1:15 am. I had put him in his crate for the night and he started making a funny breathing noise. I checked him and he was limp and nothing I did helped him. My baby was gone within minutes of making this noise.

My poor fur baby

The first time I used hearts N the last time… I used the flea powder for my cat within a few hours he was suffering with seizures back to back I immediately sought vet help bit at this point they couldn’t do anything I lost my poor leo an felt so completely empty😭😪 he was a emotional support animal an my baby

Hartz flea application killed my dog

In 2009 I used Hartz flea application once on my Aussie Shepard. Right away he started to act differently. He became lethargic and even started to look pal. Weeks later he was limping. I took him to the vet thinking that he hurt his foot chasing after a squirrel. To my horrible shock the Doctor informed me that he had cancer. It had spread from his neck to his upper part of his leg, and into his head. I couldn’t let him suffer.

My Collie/Retriever, Penny

Last year (2018) we found a flea on Penny, (our at the time 5 year old) Collie/Golden Retriever mix. We bought this from the pet store and within hours we noticed her behaving oddly. She laid down for a nap and awoke in violent tremors. We called the vet and they insisted it was nothing to worry about, could have been a night terror. The next day it was the same, another seizure. This happened for days. I researched what could cause seizures out of the blue and 1 article I read stated to check products used that normally we wouldnt. The shampoo. I tossed it. I took her to the vet, and she seemed to slowly get back to normal. It’s been a year, and no seizures since.

HARTS almost killed my puppy

We got this 5 week old pup yesterday who came from a very unfit environment. When we got him home we realized he was infested with fleas but very playful and loving. He was fine for the first few hours. After giving him a flea bath and lying him down to comb through him he became a completely different pup. Completely exhausted. When I could get him to wake up he just tried to wobble off on his own falling everywhere, even just trying to sit he would fallover. I couldnt get him to eat or drink. He seemed like he was dying! We rushed him to the vet in the middle of the night over the highway in a snow storm. When we got there the vets diagnosed him lethargic, inappetant, and showing abnormal neurological systems. He had to be hospitalized over night where they had to bath him to remove any remnant of the Harts shampoo, and insert an IV catheter to give him fluids. About 8 hours later they called to let us know he had stabilized and was coming back to life, but not without a cost. We were then served with the $1000 vet bill but a much healthier pup. HARTS almost killed this poor 5 week old puppy! This product should be taken off the shelves. It’s not just their shampoo, it’s also their flea collars and all of there other products that are known to have fatal reactions to animals.

Lost my cat

My Cat Tigger has fleas so I gave him a flea bath with Harts flea shampoo and when he was dry I put the monthly Harts flea treatment on him to keep the fleas away. He started acting weird. Within the hour he had a massive seizure and died in my arms. I was heartbroken for months. Please don’t ever use Harry products on your pets. It’s not worth it.

Service dog

I was the owner of a 4yr old fully trained service dog named Casey. He was trained for onset diabetes and could detect 8 different fatal viruses. Among the other approximately 180 different commands. He was worth about $15,000! But to me he was pa priceless lifesaver and best pal! I bathed him once a month in Hartz flea and tick shampoo. He was diagnosed with cancer and I had to put him to sleep to end his struggling and suffering. Hartz IS the only product I used. Please use caution along with common sense if you decide to continue using this product!