Trying to save money can end up costing you so much more…

Last summer I bought some Hartz flea products to treat my cat with because I didn’t have the money to buy Advantage.

A few days after I treated my cat I noticed that the fur had fallen out where I had applied the product. Otherwise he was acting normal, and so I gave him the next dose the following month. Again his fur fell out, but this time he also started to have seizures.

I took him to the vet and they said that all they could do was have us watch him for more seizures, and that we should wash all the flea product off of him. He continued to have seizures which got progressivly worse.

We finally took him to another vet becuase our original vet kept saying to watch him instead of treating him. The second vet ran blood work to rule out a specfic ailment, and put him on Phenobarbital. Of course the bloodwork all came back perfectly normal, and now my cat is on anti-seizure medicine for anywhere from six months to the rest of his life.

All because I tried to save $30.