My name is Josh.  I’ve owned and operated HartzVictims.org since November 2002. The site was created shortly after my wife’s and my cat, Riley, fell victims to Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops.  We nearly lost our little friend, but thanks to our vigilant vet, he luckily survived. I found very few resources on the web when Riley was affected by Hartz’s poison, so I started this Website to help others find information and to provide victims with a voice so their stories can be heard.

The purpose of this site is to raise awareness and provide a one-stop website where consumers and victims can find information on the lethal Hartz Advanced Care and other over-the-counter flea and tick medications. It is up to us to get these products off the shelves. There are thousands of us who have paid unnecessary vet bills. I urge you to read the stories that have been submitted to HartzVictims.org since 2002. You can submit your own story right here on HartzVictims.org.  I will review and post your story as quickly as possible.  Please come back to read updates and find new user-submitted stories, comments, helpful links and alternative pet products to keep your four-legged family members healthy and happy!

Please send me any stories, links or transcribed correspondences from Hartz or any other sources. With your permission, I will post them on this site. Please help us in this venture. If you have any questions or would like to advertise on this site, please contact me.

If you want to help us in our efforts, please spread the word about the dangers of Hartz products. Tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know. Post comments in the ‘pets’ section of your local craigslist.org. Contact all of your local media outlets. Post on social media. Use the #hartzvictims hashtag.

To contact Hartz directly, please write to or call:
Consumer Relations Department
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA
[email protected]
[email protected]

Please be advised that I am not Hartz. I have absolutely no affiliation with the Hartz Mountain Corp. I have never worked for Hartz. I don’t know anyone who has ever worked for Hartz. I do not formulate the products that have poisoned your pet. My cat was a victim, hence this website. Please do not send me emails telling me how my product has hurt your pet and that you’re going to sue me. I am not Hartz.

If you have a story you’d like to submit, please do so here.


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  1. Help! My 11 year old bathed our 4 month old pug with just a drop of the hartz flea and tick shampoo today. She’s completely out of it now, very lethargic and not moving much. Is there anything we can do to stop this reaction quickly??!!

    1. Jennifer,
      Please help me with knowing where and how to start. This product has caused many heart breaks.(Hartz Ultra Guard Pro) Flea and Tick Drops for Cats. One day hair on his neck the next day bald no hair. There is a full story to tell I am just to drained at this time to do the whole story. But I am more than willing to do so if this would help others.

  2. There isn’t really “information” here, that is, what it is that causes this problem, how to solve it, what the symptoms are, which products are affected, etc. There’s just a bunch of panicked people writing stories.

    1. Hey Dan,
      There is a reason you came to this site and took the time to make a response. I agree, I am one of those “panicked people writing stories” type, but a true pet owner knows you will do anything to help your best friend(s) and prevent the same thing from happening again to someone else.
      We are all trying to help each other, in any way we can. I completely agree with you that this site has no “”information”” on what causes the problem or symptoms, but I certainly know how to solve it… Ban Hartz Products! Fuck preventable deaths! Fuck Hartz!

    2. How come you all can’t get together and form a class action suit—there are hundreds of dead pets and many that cost alot in vet fees to save them….you should be compensated.

    3. That is what this site is about to write stories of what has happen to their pet and what product they use that cause their pet to pass a way.

      I believe that people fail to read the ingredient and fail to do there resource and want to blame thing on product and claim if we didn’t
      give our pet this that our pet would have not died however if you read the ingredients and study what your pet actually have maybe your pet would still be alive. Giving pet the wrong treatment can harm an animal more than actually helping the poor creature.

      I will not say hartz product is good or that it is safe I really do not know however reading some of the story that people have written about it does not sound like hartz is a good product to use.

      and No people are not panicking they are telling story of what has happen to their pet and what caused it however this site does not provide information on what causes the symptom or how to cure it.

      You can find some information on http://petmd.com and note that Hartz has other product as well and you can read on hartz by going to there official website page: https://www.hartz.com/

      Please note: If you are giving your pet hartz product that you do your resource on the symptom and read the ingredient before giving it to your pet.

      I will not recommend hartz however I will not say to stay away from it however it is best to do your resource before buying product sometime it is the owner fault because we fail to do our resource so however it is some of our fault that we fail to do a better resource.

      If you use hartz product read the ingredient and study them like some pet food you have to be careful because if a pet food has PEA it is harmful for animal because it causes blood stool in cats and animal so always read the ingredient before giving your pet and always consult a pet before giving pet med-off-the-counter.

      People can not always afford a vet and sometime getting med off the counter may seem like a good idea however it is not always best. People are human we make mistake and we have to live with that mistake nobody is perfect however if there is some kind of poison in hartz product it would be best if someone could figure out what causes death in animal and report it to hartz corp or take it to a higher level so that it will not happen to another pet.

      However it is best to take your pet to a vet and there are other option in helping you pet. On Facebook you can do fundraising and there are other fundraiser you can do though yes there a fee however you can set up a fundraiser to raise money in order to help pay for your vet bill.

      Please note: People are giving bad reviews on Hartz Ultra guard and note that Hartz has other product so you really not hearing much about the other product just one product. That is normal every product are not always good and are not always best to buy.

      A buddy of mine said Ultraguard is bad to use however worm med is OK.

      I will agree it would be nice if they added a section on the page on how to cure your animal, what causes what and what symptom to expect however this site was not meant for that it is meant for people who have lost there pet to write story about there pet so you can call it panicking but they are not really panicking it just stories and just cause they write story about it does not make them a panicked people.

      Panic people is someone who is always worry about thing or too much concern of.

      Panic – a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.

      If you are on here to find symptom than you had came to the wrong site because you will not find the information you are looking for however it would be nice that when people are writing there stories that they will give the symptom of what causes there pet and if they used something that has help there pet that people will write that in the story.

      This site claim to help people so that it will not happen to there animal but in all honestly this site does not give much information and I will agree it does not give much information this site claim that it want to help you however there is no help it just people telling story and sometime story help but not always or sometime people tell story but leave out some details.

      – Before giving a product to an animal please study up and do your resource ask your local vet about thing that you are not sure about and study on it –

      1. YOU sound like a rep from Hartz. There is NO cure here to the problem.. because the “problem” is DEATH!!. even the VETS do NOT know how to cure this problem… EXCEPT to STOP selling HARTZ products!! Symptoms can start very subtly,, varying from species to species, animal to animal. READ the stories, they are the best documentation. the real answer, the real CURE… BAN HARTZ FROM AMERICAN SHELVES.

    4. Dan you stated “There isn’t really “information” here, that is, what it is that causes this problem, how to solve it, what the symptoms are, which products are affected, etc. There’s just a bunch of panicked people writing stories.”

      If you read the About Page there is a vast amount of contact information for Hartz itself as well as many other useful numbers etc. Almost every story lists the type of pet (cat or dog or both), the Hartz medication and or treats and the cause is not a mystery hence the web address “hartz victims”.

      Unfortunately I have to come across a solution other than luck.


      your message left out all the shit you bitched about. your point?

    5. Exactly. While it’s helpful to vent and express our grief, this does little more than that. What steps can we take to get this product off the shelves???!!!

    6. I agree. I’ve been conducting research on this topic and of course I’ll review everything, including a site like this. I call bullshit. I can’t find a single case citation showing either a class action lawsuit against Hartz or individual suits, like the alleged suit a Frank Bowers filed in the Texas small claims court. I believe this is nothing more than a case of fanning the flames of sensationalism.

  3. The signs are unmistakable. My cat couldn’t walk or open her eyes all the way. It was almost as she was drunk. Her heart was racing. The only thing I know what to do is what our vet told us and that was to bring them in to be given an antidote and push IV fluids because it also dehydrates them severely. We are still waiting to find out if our cat will make it. They tested her kidneys and liver and it hasn’t affected them yet so hopefully we caught it in time. If you use these products and notice your pet acting sick or strange take them straight to the vet. It has poisoned them.

  4. help! Hartz contact my vet where they are trying to save my babies life and they are offering to pay for this special blood test but they want it sent directly to their labs in ohio, what should I do should I allow this?

  5. We bought this for our 2 year old male cat. He doesn’t go outside so I thought the cheaper meds would be ok. We put it on him and thought all was fine. All of a sudden he started darting around, making weird sounds, walking weird, it was like his front paws weren’t working. He was just freaking out. I gave him a bath and he is doing better. Still seems scared and a bit fidgety. Won’t leave my sight. I am so scared of losing him. I’ve read so many stories of pets dying. I would of never known this stuff was bad till I looked online AFTER I applied this poison. Why is this crap still on the market? Do sad

  6. All of these accounts of what happened are very sad. I have never bought a Hartz product. My gut feeling has always been that their products contain ingredients made in China or they actually come from there.
    The only trusted flea and tick control should come from your vet. Yes, it is costly, however, spares your pet illness and saves you money in vet bills after the fact.

  7. Call your vet if you need advice on flea and tick products to use for our cats/dogs/other (yes other). So many products are safe, this isn’t one of them.

    If you DO come here lookin for help, the best advice I can give is BATHE YOUR PET IN DAWN DISH SOAP to remove the oils and burning sensation, then get them to a vet. Dawn strips oils which is the base off these topical products. Your pet may need additional treatment (such as fluids to flush out the toxins and activated charcoal) but HET THE PRODUCT OFF as quickly as you can.

  8. The photos on your site are not working.

    If you need assistance with getting the photos to work, I would be happy to try to help (though I make no promises). I haven’t used Hartz products on my pets since I was first told about your site back in 2003 (when I adopted my first cat, and someone told me about it in the pet aisle when I was looking at OTC flea treatments/preventatives).

    1. I am guessing many people are asking what is okay to use that is not prescription prevention. for fleas, Advantage II by Bayer is one of the safest out there. it used to be a veterinary only product, but is now available at various pet supply stores and even walmart over-the-counter. make sure you know the age and weight of your cat. always read labels.

      for fleas and ticks, also stick with an older, more trusted product that was initially a veterinary only product like Frontline Plus by Merial.

      Seresto collars by Bayer are flea and tick and work very well if your cat is ok with wearing a collar and it is safe for it to do so. they may seem pricey, but really are not when you consider they last 8 months.

      as for what to do if you used Hartz, Sergeant’s, Zodiac, etc., or anything that has caused your pet to act abnormal in any way, do what Amanda suggested – immediately bathe your pet in plain DAWN DISHwashing liquid to get the product off before it has more of an opportunity to get into your pet’s system! if you can afford it, go ahead and take to vet after you bathe the pet. TIME IS CRITICAL! bathing in DAWN is typically the first thing a vet clinic is going to do to get the product off, then supportive care after that. so, whenever feasible, go ahead and immediately bathe the pet yourself … because the sooner that is done, the better.

  9. Ok so I have 2 cats and I just medicated them a few days ago and I say on one of my kitties a small bald spot where the medication was aplied and then I looked a little closer and saw about an inch and a half in diameter scabbing and red spots and after reading up on hertz products I’m starting to worry, I just rinsed out her fur for about 10 mind and decided to give her a bath. She has been acting completely normal aside from what looks almost like chemical burns. Do u think she is in the clear? Is she going to be ok? Should I worry or am I over reacting? I have used hurts on her before and she has never had a reaction like this before.

  10. A few years ago, my family applied some of the Hartz/Sergeants flea drops for cats to two of our adult male cats. Within a few hours, they were experiencing seizures and liver failure. In less than 24 hours, both had died. Our vet told us that she has seen more deaths from these products than she could count. She said that, for the most part, it is an allergic reaction. She said that this flea medicine contains a chemical that almost every cat is deathly allergic to, but they continue to market it towards cats. A family member, who was there when the other two cats died a painful death, just recently bought flea drops of the same brand, but marketed as organic and natural. When you read the ingredients list, more than half of them are essential oils that are lethal to cats even if it just touches their skin and they don’t ingest it. Some of the toxic oils include Peppermint oil, which can be fatal in even miniscule amounts, and various citrus oils, which are also highly toxic to cats. Why is this stuff marketed SPECIFICALLY for cats if it contains mostly ingredients that are toxic SPECIFICALLY to cats?!?



  12. Hi Josh,

    I am a writer at http://www.thedogpress.com and I found your website while searching for statistics regarding bad flea and tick medications.

    Quite frankly, I am looking for the horror stories. Until there are huge body counts or lawsuits, it is difficult to get action from the FDA, USDA, FSIS, EPA or any other agency, that exists for our protection. Quite frankly, I do not go that way. To solve pet food problems of the past (many more than you have heard about), I have contacted many different people, which included various
    Governors, Senators, and recently, President Donald Trump. While the rest of the media has absolutely no interest, I have attempted to tell the public by way of my Column at THE DOG PRESS.

    In addition, I have an Ebook on Amazon.com regarding more than 2 decades of toxins in the food that we eat and the food that we feed our pets. My Ebook is “THE HARMING”.

    In 2013, I sent a 13 page FAX to the Senator that was heading up the committee to study trade with China, and included a copy of the FDA Inspectors report regarding his trip to the Chinese manufacturer of Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats that had killed many dogs and 1 cat in a six year period. I included a copy of the report from the inspector’s trip to the company that made the toxic glycerin that had gone into the chicken jerky treats. I also pointed out all the reasons for this to have happened and pointed to the people responsible. In a few short weeks, we started seeing those brands of treats stating PRODUCT OF USA on the front of the package.

    In addition to making toxic flea products the subject of my Column, I also intend to take the same approach to get them stopped.

    Any statistics or information that you can supply would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Nell Liquorman

  13. I gave my loving Labrador a bath after a fun day of play and walking. About an hour after I gave Amber a bath she started seizing and we rushed her to the Vet who was perplexed as to what a fun day we had that led to this nightmare. They put an IV in and sedated her but she was even mildly seizing with all they were doing. They told me I needed to leave her overnight so I stayed with her hold my fur baby close to my heart with tears running down my face as nothing was helping and her sad, begging eyes looking at me for help. I was her master, why wouldn’t I help my baby when she was so scared and needed me most. My heart was breaking more every second that slowly ticked by leaving me just as helpless as I was when it all began… why wasn’t I making it all better like I always did. Morning finally came but there was nothing any better except they had totally knocked her out with drugs to give her body a rest for her to wake with the same seizures taking her total body. The Vet sold me several bottles of different meds supposedly to help some with the seizures but all it did was make her more confused and she was trying to get up and was just flailing back and forth so I finally wrapped my arms tightly around her and laid down but her poor eyes wildly looking for me to help and begging for some relief. She lasted until afternoon before passing on her own but if I had any idea what she would be enduring, I would have had the Vet put the extra med in that would permanently take away that horrific seizing, peeing all over herself as she had never had an accident urinating all over herself and me all the while flopping around trying to get to the door because she was just that great of a fur baby that she didn’t want to make a mess all over her bed, blanket, toys, me and everything else in sight. Oh how I loved my Amber so much and how are they able to sell those dog shampoos if even one pet has to go through that.???????????🥵😡

  14. so you note issues with over the counter treatments. What do you suggest in their stead? Vet treatments and their bills?

  15. Has anyone discovered exactly whats in this shampoo that is toxic?….ive read a lot of posts on here where an expensive vet bill was thankfully able to save them but has the vet determined possible causes, has any lab confirmations found any specific chemical, and what are the vets doing to treat your animal other charging you a lot of money?…what i mean is. What course of treatment have they been providing or are they either not telling or are the pet owners not asking these specific questions. Send personal replies to [email protected] if you like.
    Thanks in advance. Trey

  16. This shampoo killed an entire litter of Chihuahua puppies. They all passed their health exam and the morning after a bath, all found dead. I still have the bottle of shampoo

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