Hartshampoov for dogs

My use this in October 2019 I have notice my dog had a very bad allergic reaction no stop my dog scratch her skin until it bleed

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  1. This is heartbreaking. I use the Hertz Shampoo on my dog and his poor neck is blistered and scabbed over..my Lord I will never use these products again. These burns around his neck came out of no where..now trying to get him better.

  2. My Poor Girl went through the same to the point when she shook off there would be blood on the walls. They ended up putting her down because we couldnt afford her medical care.

  3. My TOY POODLE died December 21 she was my baby she would no if I was sick and new when I was sad I loved her more than I can say I am lost without her I had her for almost 8 years and every day of her life was a blessing to me I have cancer and she took good care of me she will be missed every day of the rest of my life and to think she was took from me because I gave her a bath kill me

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