Flea Collar

I posted a picture of my kitty on Facebook and said that I was very worried about him he’s acting very lethargic and is not purring, barley eating and cuddling which is very odd he is the world’s best cuddler and purrr machine everybody of course started asking questions. I told them the only difference was the flea collar. I said it’s just one of the cheap ones from harts immediately people started chiming in take it off. And then someone sent me the link to here. I am very glad I have found this information. I have since removed it I just hope it’s not too late. He is still acting very lethargic and not himself. I will keep you posted.

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  1. My husband purchased harts flea and tick collars for my dog Bella from the local dollar general and within a week of us putting on her she started not being able to use her back legs. Took her to the vet and without doing an mri on her they didn’t know what was causing it did blood and everything was fine. We took the collar off because it all started around the time we but it on her and over night she I’m proved maybe 70% but she is still not right and regressed a little

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