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  1. I lost my Beautiful Babygirl Peekaboo. I gave her a Bath in Hartz Oatmeal Flea & Tick as I always did because I believed it was the best for her and gentle. I always noticed she acted sick for several days after each bath. I always thought it was because she would get herself worked up. Then the last bath I gave my beautiful girl about 3 Hours later she started having seizures and as I was rushing to get my shoes to take her to the ER she passed away. She is suppose to turn 7 next month. This place took my BEST FRIEND, MY DAUGHTER, the one who always makes me feel ok. I am HATING MYSELF for all the years I have now made her sick and now know why she would act so scared to get a bath. It’s because she knew it was making her sick but could not tell me. HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE!!!! THEY TOOK SOMETHING AWAY FROM ME I CAN NEVER GET BACK. My beautiful little Angel. It’s a PAIN I can not explain. How can they do this?? They MURDERED MY BABY!! They made my big boy sick numerous times by the grace of GOD he is still alive but has suffered tremendously However his twin Brother did not make it. He started having seizures and went from such a loving amazing big boy to a boy whom turned violent which he would NEVER EVER do before. I’m wondering if ALL the seizures he had caused brain issues that made him turn into something he was NOT. He was only 2 years old. This makes me completely sick and angry. PLEASE HELP ME GO AFTER THEM. They need to see what they have done. THEY CAN NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.

  2. Yes, my Shihtzu Mopsy developed IMHA and had to have a blood transfusion and was sick for years. She’s passed now but this stuff is garbage and so dangerous

  3. This has raised some questions. My JRT passed away from IMHA. We had him groomed at PETCO for years then changed to a service that came to your home. The person running the service had a broken finger and couldn’t groom our pet. We washed him for 3 months using Hartz shampoo. He developed IMHA within 3 months and died. If this product is the cause, my wrath will never cease.

  4. I have this shampoo still. I havent used It in months. But my dogs has seizures but can’t get her in the Dr to see them at the time of seizures. They said she has to be having one to prove it. She don’t have them alot but she has them. Can some one help me

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