Delusional puppy

My 4.5 month old puppy had flea problems. I followed the flea and tick treatment as directed for his age and weight. Almost immediately he started to whine. I watched him for 10 minutes and checked his skin, no redness, but he was clearly unhappy. I decided to wash him. As I was getting things ready, not even 2 minutes later, he started losing his balance while walking, played on his side and his eyes rolled back. I freaked out and immediately got him cleaned and awake. Gave him water and food. Right now we are 2 hours later and he is still dizzy but is up and moving around again. I just realized the shampoo is a Hartz product as well so we will be giving him another bath shortly with Dawn Dish soap as recommended by the vet. I’m scared for my puppy… the 24 hour hotline provided on the packaging says no one is in office…

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