Caused neurological paralysis

I had a healthy 3 year old female cat. I bathed her with Hartz Gold and she became paralyzed in the back legs in July of 2016. She was healthy and active until that time. She lived over 3 1/2 years dragging her back legs until five days ago her skin and bones body gave out on December 21, 2020 This product should be taken off the market and a huge lawsuit should be filed against the company. I’d gladly sign the petition How many pets have died or suffered like my Ki-kat did? I’m sure too many to count. I’ve submitted photos of how she was before She got paralyzed She had no muscle and was just bones when she passed. I want to remember her the way She used to be. She lived two years after the paralysis still eating and Purring and wanting to live until lately. My heart is broken. RIP My sweet girl

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  1. omg i feel for you. My cat passed in the same manner, although it wasn’t because of Hartz. He developed a blood clot that caused his back legs to be paralized…..and i have to put him down.

    Good on you for giving that cat extra life for 3 years. I didn’t know what to do, they vet told me that there isn’t much we could that ouldn’t require 24 hour care to make sure hes okay. I wasn’t using Hartz, but the memory of my poor guy running around with his front legs, confused on why his back legs won’t work, will forever be burned in my head.

    my condolences, and HOW IS HARTZ STILL ALLOWED TO OPERATE.

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