Dog sick

I used there flea colar on my little puppy when i first got her she had got sick we took her to the vet they said the flea colar was the cause they took off and got rid of it after a day or 2 she was fine

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  1. My dog got sick after 1 week of using the shampoo it hurt my son and my family and she was only a year old my son had to watch her lifeless body inside the cage shaking from the seizure and she was perfectly healthy until using that shampoo that was like my daughter she obeyed and listen to command I will never have the same enjoyment from a dog again with the pain it brought to my family

  2. Our breeder used Hartz flea and tick and shampoo 3 days after he had seizures. He had epilepsy now and we spent around 6,900 to save his life.

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