Cat Flea/Tick med

I used the Hartz brand flea medicine on our cat & it was not good…he literally spazzed out, kept randomly hissing, walking funny, panting, & distancing himself, very distressed! I had to trap him in the bathroom (normally he wants held & cuddled & loved on) & spray him with our showerhead to get it off. This was within an hour of putting it on! It was awful…we usually use a different brand but was at Walmart & that’s all they had in. Never again!

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  1. 2019 my cat knife laying here and start scratching my butt well he might need some flea medicine my son by the trio pack the purple color Hartz flea medicine we put it on the back of his neck 3 days later my baby was dead first night she kind of was just laying around which wasn’t him he was drinking but it wasn’t even the second day the second baby came even more Old Navy I kept trying to talk to him just looked at me with you guys and his eyes are coming foggy so I called the vet and ask him and I couldn’t bring a man because I don’t have the money in my car was broke down when to pick him up in my arms became totally Brown he was covered in for you and was eating his skin up what about tonight it even got worse I went through 10 hours of the worst I love my life the very first one we were laying on the couch together anywhere interesting your journey scream really loud eyes bulge out and it fell out the couch and I know he was crippled in the back legs Shadow
    is blind paralyzed I’ve nobody to help me another seizure I’m trying to hold he is trying to claw himself to death his eyes are bulging, holding down God please help me I wanted to died right along with My shadow . Finally my shadow died after 10 hours of HELL PAIN &UNCALLED SUFFERINGS I don’t want anybody ever go through what I went through This is what my Shadow can’t do for me anymore is keep me calm help me through life I couldn’t help him because of your medicine you ‘Killed My Baby Boy’ thats MURDER not right I tried to get a hold of your company I left a message for them to get back to me that was a year ago and nobody even tried to get back to me and I kept calling your Company and founder should be ashamed of yourself don’t ever put an animal name to your name because you don’t love animals you kill animals

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