My cat

I used the Hartz Earmites treatment on my cat and within ours his ears were bright red and sore to the touch, He had his first ever seizure then stiffened up and fell to the ground. He came out of it luckily but his ears are permanently damaged because of it. After all the reviews Ive read over the last year I can not believe this company isnt shit down and sued. Furbabies are family, shut down Hartz and save our pets! The chemicals in their products are horrible.


It killed our brand new baby kitten. 6 month old grey kitten. After given her a flea bath for the first time with your product. Woke up to her going threw problems. Dead few hours later

1980s Hartz Flea and Tick bath

We lost our beloved FIRST dog Patches in 1987 at 2.5 yrs old. I was seven years old and she was my best friend.

She got fleas and my parents brought her over to a flea bath. The little dogs died instantaneously and the bigger dogs got seizures. Our Patches got seizures and had to be put asleep when the seizure meds stop working(they were maxed out for dosage). During her seizures, she would stop recognizing us when the seizures would happen and scratch the floor, eat it and then vomit it up(and repeat it over and over again-eating the vomit and flooring).

It traumatized me as a person. Please stop them from operating anymore. This has been going on for at least 35+ yrs. I never used their products again because of this.

My Dog is Lucky to be alive

Not even 15 min after shampooing my dog with this shampoo he was covered in a full body burn, started to have seizures and we rushed him to the vet. She told me she hates the line of products and wished the FDA could do something about it because she is seing dead doga daily over it. Lucky for my pup she knew what to do and was able to save his life.
I now hope someone in power can remove these dangerous products from the shelves too!!

This Shampoo Gave My Dog Seizures

I used to use this on my yorkie when he was a puppy and for a long time he had so many seizures and we never knew the cause of them. After reading many of these other stories and the symptoms and horrible experiences they’ve had, I am 100% certain this shampoo caused my dog to have many of the issues he has today. Due to the many seizures he has suffered, especially the cluster ones, his center of balance is off and he has a hard time walking—so much so that we had to buy him a wheelchair to help stabilize him. He walks around like he’s drunk now and falls a lot, which hurts him.

Killed my cat

Put the flea and tick on my cat and she died the next day she was a healthy fun-loving run around the house cat until I put that on her

Hartz killed our cat!!

We lost one of our four cats Friday (August 14, 2020) morning. The two older ones were bathed Wednesday and liquid flea and tick treatment put between their shoulder blades. The two younger ones (each are/were just over a year old) were bathed Thursday night and the same was done. We put liquid flea and tick treatment between their shoulder blades. We have/had 4 cats. I had 3 doses of liquid flea and tick treatment left from last season. The 4th cat got the Hartz that I just purchased at Wal-Mart. We woke up Friday morning to find the one who had the Hartz had passed away. WE ARE DEVASTATED!!!! I wish I had all of this information a week ago!!!!!!

Burns, no appetite

Used Hartz on my 6 yr old pit, the next day he stopped eating. Wouldn’t even eat any treats or human food. But he was drinking excessively. I had scheduled a vet appt on the second day that he wouldn’t eat for the next day. The morning of his appt his skin was raw and flaky and he was losing hair. The vet asked me what I had used to wash him with and when I told her Hartz she told me not to use it again for this reason and even worse complications! Thankfully after some antibiotics he is okay, I’m sorry for those who did lose their baby.

Hartz Flea medicine killed my cat

I used their flea medicine on my 4 year old cat. She was completely healthy. The night I used the medicine, she became lethargic and weak. She died in my arms as I was trying to clean the medicine off of her. This brand is horrible and I don’t know how they’ve gotten away with killing and injuring so many animals.

Killed our dog!

Was giving our hound a bath, with in 2 hours I found him having a seizure, foaming at the mouth, brought him to the animal hospital. The induced a coma and he continued to have seizure activity in the coma. The vet told us after having non stop seizure activity for 4 hours he would not survive. We said goodbye to our dog.