Sick Dogs

My dogs are dying because of Hartz shampoo. My poodle has not been herself lately and I think this Shampoo is to blame. Used puppy shampoo as well as the Oatmeal flea and tick described on earlier post that killed my Rottweiler. Wish I had known before purchase. [email protected]

Hartz Shampoos

Used the oatmeal and puppy shampoos both. Used Oatmeal flea & tick with my Rottweiler & no longer have him after a few years of this product. He suffered all sorts of skin problems including infections and cancer when we finally could tell he was sick it was too late to try to save him

Flea & Tick Drops

I used the flea & tick drops on my dog and ended up having to take him to the vet because he had chemical burns all down his back where the drops were put. I didn’t know there were so many issues with this brand. They need to be shut down.

Mo money

Well we used the rid oatmeal for dog and it caused skin irritation. And month or so ago used again and with in 2 days from using it our mo money died. Then seen this post and just want people to know not to use it if you love your pet.!!!! RIP mo money miss you .

Hartz products killed my bouncy, healthy 9 yr old boxer

August 4th My healthy, bouncy 9 yr old boxer succumbed after suddenly becoming ill after using Hartz products for Ticks and fleas in July. She has fleas so I purchased the Hartz tick/flea shampoo at Walmart as it was the only shampoo available for that in my local Walmart. I bathed her and she still had some fleas afterwards so I put the Hartz collar on her I had purchased as well and the next day she had a stroke or seizure. From that point on, she went downhill and got very lethargic, and just a few days ago I saw she was drinking water excessively. The last few days she didn’t eat. Her gums were white and struggled for strength and breath. She died just as we got her to the vet. I will tell Everyone NOT to buy ANY Hartz products. If they have this many claims against them on their products, they need to take them off the shelves. & is the root of Evil. I am including a picture of her I’m car as we went to the vet. She couldn’t lift her head hardly. Totally wasen’t like that 3 weeks ago.

Hartz flea Dog flea collar

8/1/20- In July 2020 I bought my boxer dog a flea collar and the next day my husband saw her having a seizure. I just thought maybe it was due to her age as she is older even though to our knowledge she had never had one before and had been healthy & bouncy. I left it on and a week later the collar had fallen off so I left it off since I had read reviews and I was scared. She is not herself (not playful. 1 week later I noticed her leaning on the fence post and not herself. A month almost later and she has really gone down hill. Doesn’t walk right at times, no energy, and now tonight I noticed she has vision loss. Don’t buy Hartz products. The cheap cost is not worth it.


I recently bought a Hartz flea and tick collar for my dog. He was fine the first day but then he wasn’t himself, drooling, walking clumsy, and then he had 2 seizures. The first one wasn’t as noticeable but the 2 I thought we were going to lose him it was so bad. I hope there is no lasting effects from this poison

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2 cats

I have 2 cats both 9 years old, I used the Hartz Flea medication on both cats for about 2 months. They both have multiple sores on them now. I had to bath both of them, which is not easy. I can not believe that a flea medication can cause sores like they have, luckily is stopped it when I did. I bought 4 packages of the Flea & Tick medication and now have to throw 2 of them out.