Seizures, Rashes, and Immobility.

Our dog, Niko had a seizure in the past despite being a completely healthy dog. I noticed the shampoo we owned at the time of the incident was Hartz, but we simply thought it was a seizure caused by the heat. We continued using the shampoo. Now, our dog Foxy has been going limp for a short amount of time every other week or so. She temporarily is unable to walk, her back arches, she shakes, and her front legs can’t move. Today, she wobbled over to me in distress, once again going limp. This time was different than most though because it took way longer than usual for her to recover and go back to normal. Felt like 30 minutes or so. I finally decided to look up the shampoo brand since I remember seeing the exact one we own in a post that warned all pet owners not to use. We are so thankful that we noticed just in time that the shampoo was slowly killing our dogs. There may not be signs of this early on into using the shampoo, but eventually it appears. Learned that the hard way. If you care about your pet and don’t want to support such a corrupt company that profits off of dead animals, then stop buying from Hartz. Please. (Image is of Foxy, taken a week ago, she is not limp in the photo.)

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