1 1/2 years 3 beautiful happy cats lost their lives.

I have used Hartz products for many many years. I mainly used products for my dogs, I wouldn’t need to use anything for my cats typicslly since they remained indoors. One and a half years ago my male cat, Zero, was 3 years old & very healthy. He was a stereotypical spoiled rotten cat that thought he was in charge and overseen all, I’m sure he would’ve said “You only touch my fluffy beautiful fur when I say, you feed me when I say, dogs will get cut if in my sight, and feel grateful if allowed in my royal presence.” Zero said he was king & ruled on his refrigerator throne, swatting all who opened the freezer door. It was summer & in Georgia the fleas tried to take over and no one was safe. The fleas attacked every yard and house, even the pet free homes. I had to get rid of them fast to avoid a potentially worse infestation. I was blinded by Hartz and retail chains selling the Hartz product line, so I purchased the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Spray For Cats. I read the directions more than once, and I used the spray exactly how it directs. Later that night, Zero seemed sluggish and possibly fatigued. It was hot that day, so I assumed he was just hot with all that beautiful thick fluffy fur. No one moves around much on hot summer days. The following morning I noticed small spots of blood on his fur. I cleaned him up to look for the source or reason his fur had blood on it, but I found nothing. I then figured he may have scratched himself since it was a small amount in patches. A few moments later he was falling over, had no control of his body, it seemed like he was suddenly paralyzed. I knew that he had not ate or drank water in awhile, so I held him and tried to get him to drink the water, but his head just flopped into the water. It really scared me cause he could not hold himself up and he was so very weak. It was less then 30 minutes later he passed away in my arms. When I started to wrap him, I noticed more areas stained with blood. I did everything I could to save him and never knew what happened to him, until today.
A little over two months ago I added 2 kittens into my life. It’s been over 1 1/2 years since I lost Zero and I finally felt ready for another cat. I ended up with 2 tortoise shell sisters. They were playful, happy, beautiful and healthy. I noticed one, Rose, had fleas and it’s summer again, and I still do not want an infestation of fleas. Once again I went to the store to but Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick spray for cats. Again, just like before, I only used a small amount while following all directions. Less then 2 days later I woke up to Rose, laying not too far from me, no longer breathing and lifeless. The day before she just seemed tired, she was never really active. I simply thought it was another lazy day for her, Sadly I was so very wrong.
At that point I still had not put all the pieces together yet. I hate to even think about this, but 2 days ago I sprayed Thorn, Rose’s sister, with the flea spray and once again using only a small amount and following each step of the directions precisely. That night Thorn seemed to not be feeling well, but I made sure she was drinking her water; however she was not really eating anything. The next morning I could not find her, she is always by my side, so it was not normal for her to hide. I did drag myself out to attend my granddaughters birthday. I spent late afternoon until late evening yesterday with granddaughter and a small amount of other family. I finally returned home last night after 11pm, and Thorn was still hiding. Early this morning, the sun had not even rose yet, she was found under the end table. When picking her up I noticed how limp she was; she was not doing good. I layed her down and immediately started getting water, etc… to see if she could or would drink. While getting everything up to put on my bed where I layed her down at, I did try to stand her up and she fell down with no sign of strength and no control over her body. She appeared to be paralyzed, which is similar to how Zero and Rose previously had reacted just before they passed away. Since she could not move on her own, I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. Before I could do anything else she took her last breath in my arms. I again did everything I could, but she passed away as well.
I’m writting this just hours after her passing, still crying and shaking. Shortly after watching and feeling Thorns last very painful breath, I seen the pain in her eyes and in her unsuccessful attempts to cry, I couldn’t figure out why 3 cats passed with almost the exact same symptoms within a year and half.
I then looked over and noticed the Hartz spray bottle. Finally the pieces came together. All the events, the facts, situations, symptoms, timing, all came down to one reason. Zero, Rose and Thorn were sprayed with the same product from Hartz, and in 48 hours or less after the spray initially touched them, their last breath had been taken. Theirs deaths are similar, and almost exactly the same. I am so upset and hurt at Hartz, anyone that sells it and myself for assuming that Hartz cared about animals and even their customers, but they do not. I just today learned that Hartz, FDA, EPA, multiple groups/organizations, companies, news outlets, health departments, and so many others know that these products are dangerous and even fatal. I have used Hartz on and off throughout my life span, buying multiple products. I have even highly recommended Hartz to so many friends, family and even random strangers, honestly the thought of that is litterally burning and turning my stomach. So this morning/early afternoon I started researching the deaths of the multiple animals and even more animals that are seriously harmed with lasting issues because they used products made by Hartz. After everything I read, I can not be any more outraged, upset, hurt, confused and bewildered on why this product and most of their products are allowed to be sold.
This needs to be stopped, it has gone on too many years! Hartz will never be able to fix the sadness and the hurt I have so much of and the thousands of other families that have been affected and hurt as well. The guilt I also feel weighs on my shoulders and mind so hard and heavy, because I am the one who bought and used the blue bottled grim reaper. Not long ago my husband passed leaving me as a widow. There was/is a lot of physical and mental problems from that and other personal reasons. To make things worse I was in severe wreck that a truck hit me and kept going, leaving me unable to work, in more pain and depression got so much worse, that I never leave my room, except event that I am almost forced to attend. My cats were so very loving and almost clingy to me. When I would start to get more upset, they seemed to be trying their best to cheer me up and showing their love by rubbing their face on mine, it was even like they were petting me as well. I would actually smile for a moment. Neither of the 3 cats were ever outside, inside only. They were the only reason I even bothered to wake up everyday, and the reason my stinted heart hurt less. Hartz took that from me and took it from countless others.

R.I.P. Zero , Rose and Thorn.

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  1. Oo my GOD I bathed my puppy with that Shampoo my puppy suddenly got sick and died my GOD how bad I feel when I think that without realizing I killed him with that crap trying to take care of him 😢😢💔💔

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, both angel dye and Iveliss Tatis.

      Re the spray

      This news is not going to be great news you’re not going to like hearing this and it doesn’t make it any better for sure I don’t know if it makes it completely worse because I think that with the shampoo and they would have died but it’s a very important that everybody here that reads this under Rays never been intended to be sprayed directly on a pet not ever ever ever and certainly not with kittens angel I have no faith in any Hartz product so I don’t want you to beat yourself up about this and I have bought the spray myself and came within literally inches of spray my pet before I just for the hell of it felt like reading about it because I was used to in the past going to vets and something just stuck out to me and made me say that’s weird I’ve never sprayed my cat before if you read the back of that bottle it says do not spray directly on pets it says to spray their bedding and make sure they don’t go into it for 6 hours none of this Brazier ever to be put on pets certainly not babies that will kill them so I hate to tell you that but I
      that was a major bad thing that happened not once or twice but almost three times you never people never spray any of his flea and tick sprays on the pet directly absolutely not that will absolutely make them sick they shouldn’t create these products because it’s misleading and it’s hard and sometimes that they don’t really explain that you don’t spray anything except for bedding until the very last tiniest most minoot warning on the back anywhere in either of your post it that you guys figured it out that that said it wasn’t meant for a cat’s and I wasn’t sure until I read about Thorne Angel and it said you said you sprayed her and so then I felt really bad and sad for you and I wanted to just raise that awareness immediately Frontline or Advantage can be bought at Target it’s not the same strength as at the vet but it will save animals allowed you to pinch pennies you can use I would not use personally flea shampoo but some people do and I think as long as it is one of those Brands I just said you’re fine but no don’t use Hearts no matter what just trust that your life will depend on it if you do and decide if you wanted to place. your life and health and wellness in the hands of Hartz.

      Anyway the clear-cut Aziz Ansari on anything we love even it shouldn’t even go on anything they touch.. so

      Now that aside..
      I feel it it’s totally totally something that should be already done but in the event that no one here has done it why don’t we all go to an attorney and get a class action lawsuit going because there may not be enough record of death to have a recall issued without documented many many ducks and those won’t be documented unless we go to court and if we win in court they don’t even have to admit wrongdoing on some accounts that’s not exactly what we want but what I’m saying is if they take a plea deal without admitting wrong they will still be able to at least make some and then to the families of The Lost Ones and maybe they’ll even one seems so many that people gather for that said reason maybe they’ll actually we think this is change some of the chemical weathering molecular breakdown of their products which apparently are life threatening if anyone out there is an attorney and see the light at the end of the tunnel but I’ll mean speak up now!

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