Her beautiful coat,

Due to coronavirus I was unable to bring my 8 month old cat to the vet to get weighed and flea treated. Not only was it closed to all but emergencies, but I was having financial difficulty due to this virus. So I bought Hartz ultraguard one spot flea treatment for cats and kittens. Thoroughly read the labels etc. The first two doses, nothing happened. She took them fine, and was all good.

Now it says apply once a month, I wait a month and a half. This third dose made her lose a lot of fur between her shoulders. It’s been 2 days since I gave it to her, and I wish I noticed sooner. Her skin looks a little reddish, and she’s missing a ton of fur there. And that’s saying alot considering she’s a double coated cat.

I’ve read some of these stories and I’m truly truly sorry for those who lost loved ones. This is heinous. They should be nailed with class action lawsuits. I’m infuriated.

Luci sends all of those who lost fur babies lots of love. Or maybe not because she’s a cat and has no idea.

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