Chico The Brindle Mix

Hello, I’m Stormi and I am just 21 years old.
I rescued a dog when he was very young, he was at risk because he was a poi pup (pitbull mix). He is now known as Chico, he’s two and a half. Chico suffers from epileptic seizures.
When I first got Chico, I started to use Fast Acting HARTZ Ultra Guard Fea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs Oatmeal. I noticed he would space out and have very little attention spans, I didn’t think much of it because he was young. Then Chico started to catch flies in the area but they’re weren’t anything.

When I took him to the vet around May 2018, Vets told me he could be epileptic and advised me to put him to sleep. I refused and found a new vet to help.
During this time, I changed everything from care to diets and even exercise, things I read and research that could help Chico stimulate him mind and help him calm from the fly snapping. If I’m honest it really helped. He barley snapped at the air, and he gained his attention span. Because of the great progress and living on my own at 20, I decided to switch back to Hartz because the price was at better value to my budget. Later he began to snap and snap, then he began to snap violently. He had zero attention. He stopped eating, and drinking water. He didn’t sleep. Which all made him aggravated.
So, in September 2019, I rushed to the vet after two days, I really believed it was a phase. They did blood work, and a full examination. ($300++) Then was prescribed a oral medication (Keppra) to be given to him 3 times a day!!
After about a month, with promise it was stop it almost completely, guess what? IT DIDN’T. I went back in October 2019 and was prescribed ANOTHER oral medication (Phenobarbital) to be give 2 time a day with the other medication!!

I pay every month for two medication for the rest of Chico’s life. ($100 every month) And on top of that, every 6 months (around $300+) I have to do blood work because the vets have to check his health and the dose.

I don’t know if it would help prove anything but my older brother was fortunate to adopt Rocco. Another dog from Chico’s liter. Rocco has never used Hartz once in his life, and have no health issues.

I have every record from the first vet visit, every receipt after purchasing the medicine, every revisits to the vets for checkups, and every bill for bloodwork.

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