After our pets had skin reactions to the flea collars we switched to the drops. Within minutes both dogs were running through the house acting like they were on fire. We immediately took them outside and thoroughly washed the areas with dawn dish soap. Thinking it was again a skin reaction we gave them both Benadryl. One dog seem ok, the other became lethargic. When we picked him up he whined like he was in pain and was limp. We rushed him to the vet and were told that this was not uncommon at all. He was nearing organ failure. Thankfully after days at the vet he was able to come home. The vet told us drops are a terrible treatment and to avoid all Harts products.

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  1. Used Hartz flea and tick cat drops on our cat, Murphy. The next day, the cat lost use of his hind legs. We took him to a vet who tried to save his life but he died by that evening.
    Hartz is owned by a Japanese company who puts profits before anything else including your pet’s life. This company has to pay for every animal they have killed.

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