Just threw this bottle after reading this! This product needs to be banned
and removed from the shelf!
Washed my 2 dogs with it both seem to have had some kind of allergic reaction.
One dog has missing hair spots now. After reading so many other comments, It’s obvious it the product! Thank goodness nothing more serious happened to my dogs!

3 Replies to “Dog”

  1. My baby dog chewy has developed lumps on his body since I have been using the shampoo what do I do to join this class act against this company that has taken so much love from us by having our dogs and cats die

  2. My bluenose pit skin has developed a rash, it has started to lose hair on its legs and one of its nails and skin has become infected

  3. I just threw away all of mines. After reading this article. Sorry for the loss of everyone loving pets.

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