Dead Miniature Poodle

I used the Hartz Shampoo on my Jordy and once the bath was finished, he went outside, scratched his back against the grass, and he would constantly get dizzy spells. He would lose his balance and fall while attempting to walk or stand. One day after his bath, he started shaking, as if he was having a seizure. I covered him up with a towel and he died in my arms as I was carrying him.

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  1. I’m sorry for your lost , I have a red nose pitbull and about two weeks ago I gave him a bath with the hurts citrus flea and tick shampoo and a couple days later he had the same symptoms as your dog he lost his equilibrium, had a droopy face , and lost his appetite we rushed him to the emergency vet and thought all the expensive testing they didn’t find the solution , this gives me the clarity knowing that this is probably the toxicity that harmed my dog

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