I had bought one of these bottles since that was the most recommended, I’m glad I stopped when I did cause he lost some fur. Triple antibiotic is slowly helping his fur grow back. Even my mom had purchased a bottle and was gonna give her new puppy a bath but I told her not to use it just in case.

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  1. We lost our shin-su hours after washing him and 2 dalmatians days later, after bathing them with that crap.

  2. I bath my dogs in this due to not being able to get to groomers and when i did my shorkie had a reaction and the whole back side of her turned to open sores and her tail turned black

  3. My baby boy Brownie (shihtzu) used this all brand shampoo. He has now passed away and I would have never guessed that it was his shampoo that was making him sick. There needs to be something done about this

  4. My Dog got sick after I took him a bath with that shampoo and has not been the same, My poor dog is surfurring because of this

  5. My doberman uses the oatmeal kind and has developed multiple tumors on his body. Do not use this product, it’s dangerous!!

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