Killed my cat, and broke my heart

I used the drops on my baby Princess. She started acting weird. Seizing up, she stopped running around and being playful, she couldn’t keep her balance anymore, she stopped eating, and passes away. This product is horrible and traumatizing. This was three years ago. I still breakdown crying because I lost my baby because of this product. It was horrible to watch and this company should take responsibility for the pain they put people and their helpless animals through by releasing a poisonous product.

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  1. I’m so sorry,….
    and disgusted & infuriated !!!
    You lost your cat, just like I lost mine, only mine died in Feb.2012
    and they’re still allowed to sell their products, with the same ingredient that is poison to pets. 😡😥
    It’s Wrong & I don’t understand why they haven’t been held accountable, or made to change the ingredient that causes this reaction.

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