Used hartz on my dog

So I was just informed of this hartz problem with killing your animals or making them sick. About 5-6 months ago i bought hartz shampoo for our baby, her name is moonshine. Well she was bathed in it and she got sick she was throwing up and she started to have bloody diarrhea. We couldnt figure out what was wrong with her nobody could, and this lasted for about 2-3 weeks. Well she also started scratching like she had fleas and we searched her over and over but she had no fleas. Still today she scratches but has no fleas like its a long term skin irritation. Well since using the shampoo for the first time on her i assumed it was an allergic reaction and didnt use it again but now i know it wasnt an allergic reaction. Its just that i went into a store and bought a product that i thought was good for our little moonshine and turned out that i bought a bottle of poison technically speaking.

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  1. I used Hartz Tearless Extra Gentle for Puppies on my dog. He is a year old. I did notice the next day he was throwing up. Thought it was from something he ate. Maybe from using this product? Would like to know if there were any other incidents reported using this kind.

  2. So I will not use this on my dog as I had been using it on my dog because she needs a oatmeal for her skin but I don’t won’t her dying and can I take it back to Walmart and get a refund the definitely should be a lawsuit because Walmart is still selling it 🙁

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