My cat died

About a year ago my cat Peanut got fleas. I went to Walmart and I saw they had flea drops. They were made by Hartz. I bought them and brought them home. When I put the drops on peanut she did not seem to like it but I just figured no cat likes getting flea drops. After a few hours I noticed that peanut was having a hard time walking. It seemed like she was dragging her back legs. I was stupid, I didn’t make the connection between the drops and Peanut having a hard time walking. By the end of the evening Peanut was completely paralyzed. She slept in a blanket with me and my boyfriend until she passed. Saddest day of my life. I wish I could have saved her but we did not have enough money to bring her to the emergency vet. Anyway beware Hartz products are dangerous.

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