3 year old Cat

Our precious and beloved cat caught fleas and we decided to go with the Hartz Ultraguard pro treatment. Later that day our cat was acting lethargic and hissing and moaning and refusing to drink anything. This was not like him. We took him to the vet and we could not figure out what was going on so the vet administered something for pain and sent us home to keep an eye on him. His health declined rapidly he could not keep his tongue in his mouth and we spent hours cuddling until he eventually passed away in our arms. We could not afford to go to a vet after hours 🙁 we never understood what it was until a year later and we put a hartz flea & tick collar onto our pup and immediately he started acting lethargic and similar to how our cat was. We immediately took off the collar and washed his neck as per vets advice and on our way to the vet he puked and started to feel better. Thankfully we knew toremove the collar.
I decided to do some research and the amount of people I found that have had deaths and injuries from this company is astonishing. How are they still on the shelves?
Nothing will ever bring our amazing cat back to us but I pray people will know not to use this and possibly save the lives of their pets.

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