Initially, I wanted to comment on the HARTZ Delectibles product. Thus wanting to say I cant BELIEVE the cost of the little packets that ONLY contain MAYBE a tablespoon of what?? My cats seem to like it. However, I am not willing to pay $1 for each packet. That’s absurdly, greedy on your part.!! My cats will get along just fine without it. Also, after I googled ur website to relay my thoughts/comments, I came across all the reviews regarding your products and all the people who have had misfortunes using your products. To my disbelief you r still in business!! Well I have to say that it doesnt matter what my initial complaint is/was, I am making a point to never, never purchase any of your products again. I’m also going to reach out to all my friends & family to make sure they dont either. Once upon a time you used to be a household name (I think maybe with a good reputation).However, after reading all the sad pet stories after using ur products, & the way you dismiss the allegations, over & over again!! Its just too much of a coincidence that u claim ur not responsible!! With that being said I’m hoping your company will be dissolved as a result of covid19. I hate saying this as i know u have employees & I dont want them to suffer as a result of your unwillingness to make things right. SO HELLO, MAKE IT RIGHT! Otherwise, take ur losses & be done with it!! U can be productive if u r willing to chg ur formularies of products to not only be environmentally safe but also healthy and safe for all animals!! If not then I hope that we as a community will shut you down!!

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  1. Killed my 3 yr old GSD!
    Not knowing it was the flea meds, used it on new GSD, burnt skin, blistered, scabbed & DID NOT KILL FLEAS! Killed
    My dogs!

  2. Hartz collar killed my 1 yr old Callee Ann

    On 4/30/20, I purchased the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick (purple collar for my cat.)

    On 5/1/2020, Callie’s 1st birthday, I then removed the collar from the package, and stretched and unrolled it to activate the product, then immediately applied the collar around her neck per the package instructions leaving room around her neck for comfort.

    On 5/2/2020, I noticed that Callee was walking slow, just not her playful self. She went to sleep hiding in a dark room that night.

    On 5/3/2020, I noticed that Callee was not eating her food and her water bowl was going untouched. I feed her a few morsels and she ate them very slowly, then she walked away a few steps and then stopped to rest, like she was having trouble standing. She went back to hiding under the bed. I put her in the bed with me, later that night she had jumped down and went to another room and slept for most of the entire day.

    On 5/4/20, Callee had not yet eaten any food or drank any water. Could she just be tired of her current food? No! something was wrong with Callee Ann and she became lethargic. – I realized she was having a severe toxin reaction to the Hartz collar. She had diarrhea and vomiting that night. I removed the collar and washed Callee’s neck with some recommend Dawn soap around her neck area. She is not one for baths, but this time was different, she laid so still and let me wash her neck, it was painful for her to move I noted. She started having labored breathing and I called the Bannister Veterinary emergency hotline and was told to remove the collar immediately (I’m thankful I removed that collar – but it was already too late). I was told to bring Callee Ann in the next morning to be seen right away by her Vet. I stayed up all night watching Callee breath and meow in short breaths and spurts. My heart hurt as I watched her suffer and knowing that this Hartz collar that has caused an adverse reaction and affected her health and wellbeing. I checked her litter box and she had thrown up inside (greenish).

    On May 5, 2020, I took Callee Ann to see her Vet at the Bannister Veterinary Clinic as soon as they opened (with mask and gloves) due to the current Covid-19. Right away, My Callee Ann was provided with the following services as indicated on the Invoice# 160460.
    Callee Ann was assessed (heartrate/weight/Temp @ 97.5f) – she was given an IV to provide her w/Fluids – Sub Q and noted as dehydrated. Convenia Injection & PenG Inj was administered. She is not eating, so I was given concentrated high-calorie food, The Vet told me that if she wouldn’t eat it, I could mix it w/water and force-feed her with a syringe. I did get a tiny bit of food into her and water, but she was evidently miserable. Now at home w/Callee Ann, I did everything that I could at home that evening. I knew she was given fluids, but she had not yet voided anything.

    On May 6, 2020, Callee Ann had not yet voided or urinated in 2 days. She meowed loudly, and was getting worse in my opinion. I just didn’t know how worse, as she wasn’t able to move around. I called Bannister Vet again, and was told to bring her back into the Vet immediately for a TBF. At the Bannister Vet’s office, they provided the following: Blood test were done to provide important information about the overall health of Callee Ann at that moment. Callee Ann was given a full blood scan:
     Temp @ 93.7f Callee Ann was critical, with pale gums and her hematocrit was below 5%. (see notes attached)
     Calle had developed quickly to a low hematocrit and was not able to walk, eat and drink because her cells have slowly adjusted to the decreased oxygen- supply. Difficulty breathing, oxygen was not being carried around the body.
     Liver, lungs and heart failure w/cellular deterioration, and she would die without an immediate blood transfusion!
     A blood transfusion for Callie was cost inhibiting for me at this time and
     A Blood transfusion also carried life threatening risks and the transfusion benefits did not justify the risk
    Death was imminent, I made the Painful decision to have Callee Ann put to sleep to stop her suffering from the toxicity of the Hartz Collar.

  3. I just gave my bunny, who was perfectly fine a bath using the soap. Nowhere does it say ONLY for dogs and cats and so I figured it would be fine. Within minutes he started acting weird then gasped for air and was gone. He died in my arms. Now I have to break my nieces heart and tell her the rabbit I was caring for for her died.. a few months ago my grandpa put one of the flea collars on his dog we had just giving him and died 2 days later…

    1. Rabbits are physiologically COMPLETELY different from both cats and dogs…not to mention physically smaller and generally a much more sensitive species. No company should have to list everything their product DOESN’T do…that literally makes zero sense. Next time, call a veterinarian.

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