My Cat’s reaction to Hartz Flea and Tick topical

I’ve always owned animals, so an affordable medical supplement/solution was my go-to (especially with so many choices!). I’ve used Hartz-brand Flea and Tick *Small Dog tropical drops on my 8 y/o chihuahua throughout her hearty life and have had no problems, so for the new kitty family member, I had no issues buying the Hartz Flea and Tick *Small Cat topical. Gave him a bath, put it on him as directed after his long fur was air-dried, and that was that until a few hours later. The spasm of muscles, not enough to be considered a seizure, racked his whole body from his shoulders all the way down to his tail accompanied by a hard wet patch; he ingested, somehow, the topical. I was horrified. He acted the same: no mood change, normal appetite, no abnormal bathroom habits, etc. Just the mild convulsions and that was enough to scare the stuffing out of me and get a vet appointment the following day. The online forums created more anxiety then necessary, but directed me towards the common horrors of Hartz products (and this website). A few days pass until his vet visit and the twitching continues with normal behavior. The vet conclusively told me to give him another bath with dawn and to wait it out; the vet had no idea that the Hartz brand even existed and highly recommended against it, surprised it being sold so casually with phenothrin in it. That being said, some permanent damage was noted, he twitches sometimes randomly, but nothing as bad as before and it’s been gradually going away to becoming less frequent. I feel awful and Hartz definitely earned the warnings I’m giving to others about their products. Discontinuing all Hartz product-use rightfully so and highly do not recommend it.

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