Call their medical line!

I had no idea about the history of Hartz flea and tick prevention products causing harm to cats. Now I do.
At first she seemed fine, the product smelled quite bad I noted, but after about 6-7 hours, my cat was shaking severly. I immediately called my vet and thank God they took her in. I believe they saved her life. At which point they told me they personally do not recommend Hartz pet products for this reason. My cat had an overnight stay at a pet ER, but now she is in stable condition.
Calling the Hartz pet medical line was a hassle. The number is actually 1-833-289-4305. Your first knee jerk reaction is of course your need to vent and be upset, but please try and be calm. I tried to be. It’s a very hard thing to say that, “I’m sorry, but this product nearly killed my cat.” The lady I spoke with remained calm also, and she seemed to care about my situation as she asked for all the details and info of what happened. She gave me a claim number and asked to submit photos to the e-mail address that takes these claims. I am hoping they can pay for 600+ dollar vet bills. Reading these other stories I’m devastated this happened to so many. My heart cries for the ones who were not so lucky. I am so, so sorry for your loss. We could not have known or predicted it would happen. You purchase a product for your pet and trust it to work and not kill them. But then you find out it is known to cause severe adverse reactions. The best thing we can do is stay calm, phone them, and yes, tell all your fellow pet owners your experience so that change can happen. Thanks, and take care.

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