Three month flea/tick treatment for cats

I adopted Odyn about a month ago from the humane society. I was told to continue his monthly flea/tick treatment, he already had one done and needed 2 more. They did not tell me what brand they had or what to use. I found Hartz at Target and didn’t think anything about it. I’ve had dogs growing up and we used Frontline to keep them up to date on treatments, never a problem. I never knew to be cautious of this stuff. In under 5 mins Odyn was twitching, howling, and then drooling. My cat had a mild seizure. We immediately washed the area free of this poison. The odor of this is potent. It’s like huffing super glue. Odyn is a healthy cat. He is only about 9 months old and weighs almost 10lbs. He was given up as a kitten with a litter. How can this be sold! There is ZERO warnings for a severe reaction or seizures even though this company has been reprimanded! I’m scared what might happen to Odyn just because of 5 mins. By the looks of it he may end up still dying, having seizures, or get cancer in the near future but reading everyone else’s experience.

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