Dog died day after bath

My 2 year old Pitt died from a massive seizure the day after having a bath with the Hartz Oatmeal Flea and Tick shampoo. The seizure was intense and the dog continued to have seizures for about 6 hours before he finally died. ❤️ broken.


I bathed my Lilly in this the night before I woke up to find her dead. It was so horrible she had foam around her mouth I can only imagine the pain this caused. Why has this not been taken off the market.

Pup choked on Dental Duo shard

My min pin loved the smaller bone of the Dental Duo, so I bought this. He was chewing on the larger bone when a sharp shard slid down his throat. Thankfully, I noticed his distress (and thankfully was home!) in time. Once I pulled the piece out, he could breathe but was obviously scared and hurt. The shard hurt his throat as well. Must have sheared off of it and slid right down. I’ve contacted the company, let’s see what they say. The piece in the Pic is what my 10lb min pin had in his throat.