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  1. Like five years ago I got a black that that me and my son fall in love wit I name her after my mama who die 9 years ago and her favorites color was black give a bath the first time she got home which I give a my cats and at first she was act a little shaky then been again to get better but that was a little wash up not a full bath but year later because I give the two bath at year so for the summer bath time I gave her and my 6 year cat their year bath and my Mz. Lenora look ok at first I went to lay down for my nap and she started to run around the house and come get in the bed with the she would run out very fast come back she was making this sound that I never heard be for and she was shaking like she was cold and I knew she couldn’t be cold cause it was hot outside so I rub she and she was shaking so hard I was so scared then about hours later she was having two many seizures I was crying and calling the 24hrs Vet she said bring her in they said it was to late and to make should u wash your other cat with Dawn and get that off her if my big would had die I wouldn’t know to do I got she Mz. Dorsey right before my mama die
    This company need to be shut down very Quickly and fast it’s killing our baby’s and making money off this Hertz have no color no breed it’s just take our money

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