My Rottweiler pup was a victim

My pup was about 2 months old and very active. Long story short we bought the Hartz brand shampoo to bathe him after a muddy play day, within an hour he started convulsing. He was foaming out the mouth and the convulsions continued for the next 2 days. He lost his eyesight throughout this and could consistently shake. He would whimper so much… we couldn’t do much else but cuddle with him and try to make him feel loved. The vets were basically useless. He passed within 2 days. I hate this brand and anyone associated with them.


My yorkie poo, Killer, started having seizures due to this flea and tick shampoo. He had them for over a year, I didn’t know he was having seizures, before I realizedit and took him to the vet. I looked up hartz shampoo and all the bad reviews and asked the vet about it. The vet tried to tell me that it wasn’t his shampoo. Thousands of dollars on tests and medicine over 6 years. He is now seizure free and we have not used that brand in 6 years. The amount of money and heartache this has caused is not okay and something needs to be done about it.

Pup choked on Dental Duo shard

My min pin loved the smaller bone of the Dental Duo, so I bought this. He was chewing on the larger bone when a sharp shard slid down his throat. Thankfully, I noticed his distress (and thankfully was home!) in time. Once I pulled the piece out, he could breathe but was obviously scared and hurt. The shard hurt his throat as well. Must have sheared off of it and slid right down. I’ve contacted the company, let’s see what they say. The piece in the Pic is what my 10lb min pin had in his throat.