I’ve used this before in my dog, Corky. He was a pomchi. Little white dog. I remember I just thought he was sensitive to it. He lost patches of fur and I never used it on him again and changed to sensitive soaps and test tree oil with a carrier oil to help with fleas.

Still has bald spots

Last year our dog Chi Chi- 10lbs (not sure what breed, was a rescue) was given a bath with Hartz. A day later she became lethargic, loss total control of mobility, appetite, bowel and bladder, was vomiting. She was so weak she couldn’t move and I had to keep her in a laundry basket to contain her accidents. Went in to emergency vet, he wasn’t sure what was going on. Gave her an antibiotic and steroid shot. A day or so later she began to walk and was so wobbly and vearing to one side. Thought maybe she had a stroke. I since have used same shampoo once (not knowing) and around her collar she is bald, areas of her leg she is slowly nibbling the hair off. I had no idea until I read these stories. Almost all were the same exact symptoms.
I have also used on my other dog Chanel- maltese yorkie 10lbs, I noticed after she doesn’t eat her food for a day or so and is distant ( not her normal). Both constantly lick their bodies also…Throwing this shampoo out ASAP. It almost killed my dog.

My Poor Sweetpea

We had a pit/lab mix she was 4 months and 20 days old when we have her a flea treatment for fleas and ticks. We read every label and decided to give it to her because she kept getting ticks, not much later I realized signs but didn’t actually realize then until it was to late. She had trouble breathing and lost her appetite, I had switched her food which is why I thought she was still okay. I then realized she wasn’t as playful but she still tried to play with the other dogs. A few days later my husband had let her outside before he went into work and I would be home in 3 hours she never ran away out of eye sight. During those three hours she had made it to the front door of my mother-in-law’s home where she had been found dead. I am currently pregnant so it’s probably even harder on me than it would normally be. But I loved that dog with all my heart. I cannot believe you people can live with yourselves while out saying your helping animals by killing them. They need to be ripped off shelves