Hartz Shampoo killed my dog

I had 2 chihuahua/yorkie mixes one male one female. Both in great health running around playing eating drinking and just normal pets. My daughter and I bathed them and within an hour of that bath using the Hartz dog shampoo my female was lethargic, short of breath, immobilized, jaw held shut, we tried everything and anything to nurse her back to health as it was a weird episode. Hydration didn’t help we literally sat and watched and tried helping her for 2 hours post bath as she slowly died on us. As a family of 5 sitting trying to help her and watching all the way through this was so hard. My male had a seizure but recouped. Never again will I use hartz brand anything after reading former complaints, law suits and experiences from others who have used their products. Our pets are our family and after having lost our 15 year old chihuahua to old age just a few months before and finally deciding to get another pet we had to endure loss again.

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